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Aso barcamp


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App Store Optimization at ASO Barcamp, London 2015 (

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Aso barcamp

  1. 1. App Store Optimization Unraveling the Black Box Moritz Daan @moritzdaan
  2. 2. ASO Funnel Discoverability User needs to see you — Search, Charts or Featuring Pre App Page User needs to choose you — Primary assets App Page User needs to install — All assets @moritzdaan Localization and 3rd Party App Store Distribution add to the TOTF LocalizationConversionDiscoverability
  3. 3. ASO Tools Distribution Discoverability Conversion LocalizationAnalytics @moritzdaan LocalizationConversionDiscoverability
  4. 4. ASEO @moritzdaan LocalizationConversionDiscoverability Pick keywords based on Traffic estimations Keyword difficulty Keyword length (shorter = better) Common sense multiplier (ie. ambiguity, long-tail combinations, etc.) App Store SEO (ASEO) can be a game changer, definitely for the Apple App Store.
  5. 5. ASEO @moritzdaan LocalizationConversionDiscoverability How do you know which keywords people actually find you on?
  6. 6. Importance ASEO @moritzdaan LocalizationConversionDiscoverability Source: ASEO not a game changer for all apps.
  7. 7. A/B testing @moritzdaan LocalizationConversionDiscoverability Testing your screenshots with an ad. Test conversion to install via AdWords/Facebook Downsides Out of context (!) Not the actual size of a screenshot You have to follow the Ad Network rules (“Sexy”) No way to test description, title, icon, etc.
  8. 8. A/B testing @moritzdaan LocalizationConversionDiscoverability Traffic Serve & Measure A/B ie. HTML5 Landing page Create your own “App Store” Build your own landing page: HTML, JS, CSS Integrate A/B testing tool Send traffic to there and measure A/B Screenshots first 3 lines of description
  9. 9. A/B testing LocalizationConversionDiscoverability Results already huge for a trusted brand like SoundCloud. Smaller apps should be able to profit even more. All A/B-tests combined: > 10% conversion increase = 5.000.000+ extra installs (hypothetical) No resources to build it yourself? and now built this as SaaS (untested) @moritzdaan
  10. 10. Localization @moritzdaan LocalizationConversionDiscoverability Every App Store region falls back on English Depending on if you supplied a en_UK localization, they will use that, otherwise en_US In the US you will be found on es and en_US China & Hong Kong index you for English, Chinese Traditional & Simplified In Japan you will be found on both en_US & en_UK Indexation for several locales in App Store.
  11. 11. What’s coming for ASO Looking ahead @moritzdaan Paid Search More insights on iTunes Connect and Developer Console (A/B Testing!?) Alternative App Discovery (remains to be seen…)
  12. 12. . Moritz Daan @moritzdaan