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  1. 1. Morgane Daurel Flat 32, 15 Portinscale road SW15 2HT Mobile phone: 07 492 245 224 Email address: Personal statement Thanks to my study of English at university, I’m able to speak this language fluently. And my experience as an au pair also developed my tolerance and ability to work hard for long hours. Moreover, I worked each summer, for 4 years, in a summer camp with children between 2 and 13, so I’m able to work as part of a team. Furthermore, the opportunity to speak with people from multiple cultures has also improved my adaptability, and ability to express and understand differing points of view. Now that I’ve been a full time French teacher in the Club Petit Pierrot for over a year, I’ve had the opportunity to teach children from 1 to 15 years old (GCSE level), using the immersion method. This job has been a real rich experience and a precious opportunity to me as I’ve been able to teach in very various environments such as nurseries, primary schools, after school clubs and gave private tuitions. I’m also in charge on one after school club, in Saint John’s wood. Every Friday, we meet witht he rest of our team to discuss the previous week and the following week. So we are being coached and trained all year and thanks to this job, I really developed my organisation and teaching skills, alongside being even developing my ability to be part of a team or to take initiatives. It goes without saying that working with children is an important responsibility and I’ve been trained to teach them while I was very well of the Health and safety protection Act. I gave private tutelage in French and English for a few years to children from 10 to 16 years old and have also taught English for a month in a secondary school during an internship, so I discovered what the job of a teacher was and developed my teaching skills. Besides, I will start working in September in a “FLAM school” as a teacher of French every Saturday, in “L’école Tricolore”. Teaching and helping children are one of my passions, indeed. This is why I would like to become a French teacher and will take my PGCE, next year as I wish to gain some more experiences in the teaching field. Moreover, since the beginning of my work in administration, I have gained knowledge of communication and new verbal skills, as I was in connection with a lot of companies either on the phone, or face-to-face. Working in the administrative sector taught me rigour and organisation which are important skills when you are a teacher or a teaching assistant. My previous experiences in the childcare sector as well as my own drive and self-motivation led me to apply as a French teacher as I really want to take my PGCE in a couple of years, with UCL, using the salaried route, but before then I need enough experiences in this very field that I particularly enjoy. The opportunity to further stretch my English-speaking and teaching skills is a great motivator, as is
  2. 2. the chance to learn from my students and to share my culture. In exchange, I can bring my already good communication skills, drive and ambition. Work Experience French Teacher with “Club Petit Pierrot” (from 4th September 2015) As a teacher, I teach French from toddlers to teenagers, using the immersion technique, that is to say, I speak French only. The children learn by empiricism. I create everyday life situations, and we communicate in French only. They do some activities adapted to their age groups, and some games that introduce the activities. They learn also a lot thanks to a specific routine and some songs. When they really are young, I am very focused on materials that they can touch. To feel objects, to work on sensorial feelings is the most important when they are young. Attended a conference on Pedagogy ( 7/06/2015) I’ve attended this lecture on “ how to differentiate our pedagogy according to what each student needs. This lecture was delivered by Pierre Yves Roux, in L’Institut Français. As I am always eager to know more about how to teach well and efficiently, being attentive to everyone. Au Pair, England (April- July 2015) As an au pair, I am required to mind two children aged 18 months and 5 years old as well as doing some housework, grocery shopping and to pick the baby up from the crèche and her sister from the school. Thus I need to be organised, caring, patient and attentive to their different needs. Au Pair, Ireland (July- August 2014) As an au pair, I was required to mind children aged 6 and 9 as well as do housework and anything else that might be needed. I also had to give them some homework to do in the morning (maths, writing practise, reading and I taught the eldest a bit of French, as well.) This required that I be responsible, methodical and enthusiastic. Secretary, Bordeaux, France (June 2013) I worked with an attorney, Maitre Puybaraud-Paradivin, so I was required to write letters, and to reorganise the archives, which necessitated both a good work ethic and attention to detail. I was also in charge of the management of the daily mail and of her diary. Moreover, I was required to help Maitre Puybaraud-Paradivin to write the essays concerning the jurisdictional litigations. Working as a secretary also demands rigour and discretion and a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office. Besides, my editorial abilities and my ability to summarize gave me the opportunity to hold this position. Secretary, Mios, France (July 2013) While working in the Mayor’s office, I was required to write the letters and take minutes, which gave me a further opportunity to develop my skills with Microsoft Office. I also worked with the archives to classify them, and had to call the partners so as to set up appointments, which necessitated eloquence and a good telephone manner.
  3. 3. Besides, I had to set files up so as to help the general secretary. I also managed his workload. I posted the most important mail and prepared partly the questions that were on the agenda for the advisory board and the city council, as such, good interpersonal skills were required. Group leader, Audenge, France (summers 2012, 2011, 2010) I worked in a summer camp where I had to mind children between 2 and 13 years old. I was required to organize crafts, sports activities, and to plan a few outings. I also had to greet the parents when they arrived and to help the younger children to have their lunch. Cleaning work was also necessary. Further to the work itself, as a Group Leader, I had to be comprehensive, responsible, enthusiastic and dynamic. Childcare assistant, Mios, France (September 2010 – June 2011) As a childcare assistant, I worked in a pre-school with children who were normally between 3 and 6. A childcare assistant is required to help the teacher to prepare the work to do, to help the toddlers during these activities, to clean the classrooms and to give lunch to the children. Being a childcare assistant requires a good sense of initiative, to be responsible, dynamic and patient. Education Lycée Nord Bassin, Andernos, France Baccalauréat littéraire (A Level, option: literature) – September 2007- June 2009. Bordeaux Montaigne Bachelor’s degree in LLCE anglais (English and US American literature and history) – September 2011- May 2014 Other achievements 2011: BAFA Qualified (allowing for childcare work in Summer Camps) 2012: Further study of English Language at Swan Institute (an affiliate of Cambridge University) References available on request