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Brief introduction of Morgan Clark & Company, who we are, what we do. Interested to meet us? Call +31 20 737 05 37 or e-mail You can also visit our website:

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Company presentation Morgan Clark & Company

  1. 1. Company Presentation2013
  2. 2. We are a IT consulting firm founded by former businessleaders, serving senior clients in three industries and ondifferent Business IT topics Deep hands-on business …leveraged in three …and in different and IT knowledge due to industries… areas of significance experience… Founders have significant Telecom/Utilities  Program management experience as senior business - large programs and IT leaders (i.e. 20+ years) complex projects - Innovation priority & More than 30 consultants portfolio man. from top global companies (and growing) with 4 profiles  IT architecture - Partners (ex. CIO, CTO’s) Banking & Insurance - E2E architecture - Managing consultants - Migration strategy (15-20 yrs. business experience)  Business processes - Senior consultants (10-15 transformation yrs. business experience) Manufacturing & Services - Redesign, Lean - IT architects (deep content - E2E design experts) - Business-to-IT mapping 2
  3. 3. We are specialised on execution and delivery ofIT business value in our areas of expertise Capability Business – IT IT Governance IT Sourcing/IT Maturity IT Strategy Alignment / IT Framework Cost Reduction Framework / IT Audits Enterprise / Application / Architecture Business Integration IT Roadmap / Technical Architecture Principles Rationalisation Architecture Infrastructure Data center / Workplace Network / Cloud Technology Telephony IT Services Program / Business/IT Program / Carve-outs / Business/IT Project Portfolio Project Post-merger IT Transformation Management Management Management Integration 3
  4. 4. Our approach is tailored to our customer Key characteristics  Dedicated programs are our preferred delivery method Joint program  We prefer setting up a joint program staffed by your and our delivery professionals preferred  Clients find our small team approach easier to work with and integrate to their own programs  We make sure that content & process together deliver results Balanced  We ensure an optimal balance between the project Program manager, architect and the business process consultant Leadership  We don’t use inexperienced associates, all our consultants are hands-on with a minimum 10 years experience Value based  We want our fees to reflect the value created for our client fee structure  We are pro-actively looking for a performance based fee structure, depending on our clients preference  We organize ourselves in the most cost efficient way Cost efficiency possible and we focus on managing your project in same way focused  We are honest to our clients, no matter what; we believe that always pays off.  We eliminate overhead and hierarchy of traditional firms, so we can offer partner level impact consulting for less 4
  5. 5. Difference matters - Our way of working is focused onexecution through our 5-step approach Think specific Think disaggregation Define Structure problem problem Communications Prioritize issues Synthesize findings Plan and conduct Think impact analysis Think ‘so what does this imply’ Think evidence Why MCC Why MCC Why MCC Program manager IT Architect IT-Business Consultant In-depth matter knowledge  Understand technology world and  Speaks Business and IT language Plan and communication focused is able to translate and  Able to understand business on impact on the specific business communicate to all levels, bridging requirements and translate into IT owner the gap between technology world functional and technology Execution team built for customer and business management specifications success and not only project  Use in pragmatic way different  Applies IT CMF - Focused on the success architecture frameworks to create business value delivered by IT Execution based on hands-on customer specific IT architecture experience within large enterprises  End-to-end detailed customer specific architecture designs 5
  6. 6. We have undertaken a wide range of business IT projectsin our areas of expertise Services industry: Services industry: Manufacturing Services industry: World-wide shared IT Strategy 3 year IT strategy service center for services: Mobility Shared IT service plan vision & roadmap center strategy IT Banking & Insurance Services industry: Telecom industry: Telecom industry: industry: Insurance B/OSS Architecture technology Future ready Fixed/Mobile infrastructure architecture & transformation architecture architecture roadmap architecture & framework roadmap Services industry: Services industry: Telecom industry: Services industry: Infrastructure 10.000 virtual Virtualization/rati Set-up of new data Relocation of data workplace onalization IT data center center environments center Banking & Telecom industry: Program / Banking & Insurance industry: Telecom industry: Insurance industry: Rationalization Project New IT architecture ERP portfolio Managed service Management implementation in Transition blueprint management several countries 6
  7. 7. We are committed to deliver the result withimpact, rather than simply provide our client with apaper with three possibilities to choose from. Nesko Jancic & Damir Hajdarovic Managing Directors Tommaso Albinonistraat 7 1083 HM Amsterdam The Netherlands M: +31 651 098 542 M: +31 651 255 201 Tommaso Albinonistraat 7 1083 HM Amsterdam, The Netherlands T: +31 20 737 05 37 I: