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A Heavy Weight For Small Hands


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A Heavy Weight For Small Hands

  1. 1. A Heavy Weight For Small Hands By Morgan Bessette
  2. 2. A Brief History of Child Soldiers Sparta • Spartans were well known for recruiting boys at a young age • Children subject to violence and cruelty daily
  3. 3. The U.S. • Children in the Civil War were recruited to be drummer boys in battle • Aged 9 to 10 years old • Many severely injured or killed
  4. 4. During WWI and WWII • Boys younger than 18 would be encouraged to enlist in their nation’s army and used to dig trenches and fight in battles • Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) recruited from 1923 to 1940
  5. 5. Globally… • Colombia • Myanmar (Southeast Asia) • Afghanistan
  6. 6. The Child Soldiers of Africa Recruitment • Abduction • Appeal
  7. 7. A Few Countries… •Eritrea (G) Key • Algeria (P,O) •Ethiopia (G) G: government armed • Angola (G,O) •Rwanda (G,O) forces • Burundi (G,O) •Sierra Leone (G,P,O) P: paramilitaries • Chad (G) •Somalia (all groups) O: armed opposition • Republic of Congo (G,O) •Sudan (G,P,O) groups • Dem. Rep. of the Congo •Uganda (G,O) (G,O)
  8. 8. • Well Known military groups who use Child Soldiers: – The LRA (lord’s resistance army) – The RUF (revolutionary united front in Sierra Leone, well known for violent tactics) – The Burundese Military – SLA (Sudanese Liberation Army in uganda) – A “youth militia” called the National Youth Service (Zimbabwe)
  9. 9. Treatment of Child Soldiers • Once abducted, the child usually goes through a sick “initiation process” • Harsh living conditions • Forcibly given drugs and alcohol • Girls have a high risk of being raped, sexually harassed, and/or abused • Subject to beatings, punishments, and humiliation
  10. 10. Duties in the Army • Fight on the front line during combat • Lay or scout for mines and explosives • Act as spies
  11. 11. Continued… • Servants (girls often used as military “wives”) • Guard the base camp • Used as “human shields” by higher-ranking members of the army
  12. 12. The Testimony of a Child Soldier
  13. 13. “Future”
  14. 14. “Being Lead at Gunpoint” “Cutting Hand”
  15. 15. Current Support Groups • The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers • Amnesty International • Unicef • All actively fund DDR programs (disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration)
  16. 16. A New Solution 1. DONATE • People need to personally get involved with giving donations or pledges to pre-existing support groups (as mentioned earlier) • This can help the organizations to provide more assistance to child soldiers
  17. 17. Continued… 2. CRACK DOWN • Harsher consequences need to be implemented upon offenders • Countries that import essential goods into specific territories in Africa needs to be cut off • This method has been proven successful in the past
  18. 18. To Find Out More Information, Visit… • Amnesty international • Save the Children • Global Use of Child Soldiers • Invisible Children (film documentary of children in the LRA)