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Horror Character Stereotypes


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List of Charater Stereotypes in horror films

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Horror Character Stereotypes

  1. 1. Horror Character Stereotypes
  2. 2. Hero (Protagonist)O Nearly always a male character of a strong and a masculine build.O This character shows little emotion throughout the film and stays strong and supportive to the rest of the charactersO In most recent horror they have started to use female as the hero characters making it challenge older traditional conventions.
  3. 3. Villain (Antagonist)O They have many forms like a serial killer, ghost, monsters(Zombie, werewolves etc.)O If they are human they always wear a mask so the audience cannot make a connection to them and this then plays on the fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown also applies to monster and demonsO These characters are much more tougher then the other characters as they are often stabbed or hit with an object and they keep getting up again.O This character has the most impact on the audience and strikes fear into them.
  4. 4. VictimO The role is mostly played by a woman.O The character is portrayed to be stupid and annoying. The victim is not usually the first to die but will be killed.O This character is used in horrors to build suspense as the character is jumpy and easily scared. Which makes the audience
  5. 5. Non-BelieverO The role can be played by a man or a womanO They are usually the second person to be killedO Typically quotes “There are no such things as demons” and “No one in their right mind would come out here”O After saying these sorts of lines they are killed or someone is killed which starts the killing spree
  6. 6. Loved up CoupleO They are male and female characters, that have separated from the group when they are killed or one of the others is killed.O At this point, the audience are often shouting at the characters, and are frustrated at how oblivious they are.O They have an impact on the audience, as they get frustrated at them, putting the audience on the edge of their seat, building up tension further.O They have an impact on the audience, as they get frustrated at them, putting the audience on the edge of their seat, building up tension further.
  7. 7. The HelperO This character as the title suggests “Helps” the hero with tasks.O Is similar to the donorO Appears a critical moments throughout the film.
  8. 8. The DonorO This character often gives the hero something special to help with their quest of task.
  9. 9. The False HeroO This character pretends to help the hero and the group but it turns out later that they are helping the villain (Antagonist)O This character can sometimes be mistaken to be the hero