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2011 SAC smartphone report


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Published in: Education, Technology
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2011 SAC smartphone report

  1. 1. EduTech !nnovators Meetup Wednesday, December 7, 2011
  2. 2. EduTech !nnovators Meetup Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Don’t you tell him to poop on my head!Thank you Dan!
  3. 3. Lydia Gensheimer Im a former education policy reporter who recently graduated with an MBA from the Yale SchoolEduTech !nnovators Meetup of Management. I am new to Denver and am looking forward to Wednesday, about ed tech7, 2011 in learning December ventures the area.
  4. 4. Daniel MorseI teach Clingon to the Chinese... EduTech !nnovators Meetup Wednesday, December 7, 2011
  5. 5. 2.5 million children andteachers have xo laptopsone laptop per child
  6. 6. M-pesa, a mobile money transferApp first used in Kenya, is the mostused app in the world, running 200transactions per second.
  7. 7. Huawei unveiled IDEOS smartphones via Kenya’stelecom titan, Safaricom. So far, this $80smartphone has found its way into the hands of350,000+ Kenyans, an impressive sales number ina country where 40% of the population lives onless than two dollars a day. August 16, 2011, August 16, 2011,
  8. 8. S|A|Cmobile|merit|learning Sol|Afri|Con Sol|Ameri|Con Sol|Asia|Con
  9. 9. S|A|C mobile|merit|learning Solar | African American Asian | Conservatory Sol|Afri|Con Sol|Ameri|Con Sol|Asia|ConS|A|C is a late-stage idea / early-stage start-up offering mobile merit learning to NGOs via their on-the-ground agents, coordinators and entrepreneurs in developing economies.Powered by advanced SMS and smartphone technology, and deployed with solar-powered cell phonechargers, we provide airtime rewards for learning that lead to jobs, careers and business development.
  10. 10. S|A|C Proposed Pilot Project Partners S|A|C think impact S|A|C payg mobile|merit|learning móviles | mérito | aprendizaje
  11. 11. Growing|Leaders|Naturally* Learner Mentor Scholar Fellow Innovator
  12. 12. Mobile Curriculum Pedagogy S|A|C iNITIATION iMMERSION | iNSPIRATION | iNNOVATION mobile|merit|learning iMPACT Hopefully Sponsored by:
  13. 13. S|A|C mobile|merit|learning EDUCATION | EMPLOYMENT | ENTERPRISE MOBILE | MERIT | LEARNINGPHASE ONE | mLEARNING PHASE ONE | Recognition PHASE ONE |Coursework CompletionS|A|C provides basic curriculum content via For novice learners, rewards for The outcome for this first learning experience can includemobile applications and widgets (apps) that coursework completion is based on the completion of basic literacy, language and math skillsallow novice learners to get their basic skills simple and enthusiastic congratulations, appropriate to the situation at hand and learningaccomplished, like reading, math, art, social providing positive reinforcement and objectives provided by the sponsoring agency.studies and health. encouragement to foster the desire to continue on their learning journey.
  14. 14. S|A|C mobile|merit|learning EDUCATION | EMPLOYMENT | ENTERPRISE MOBILE | MERIT | LEARNINGPHASE TWO | mTRAINING PHASE TWO | Rewards PHASE TWO|Training CompletionS|A|C provides training apps appropriate to For intern, volunteer, assistant and The outcome for this second learning experiencethe on-the-ground social enterprises and apprentice learners, rewards for provides measurable training outcomes related to thetheir home-office sponsoring agencies coursework completion can include training goals of the sponsoring agency. For socialappropriate to internship, volunteering, tangible goods such as mobile airtime, enterprise in health, education, business training andtraining and apprenticeship. This allows simple souvenirs, and low cost fun other livelihood improvement activities, these internsclients to gain important soft skills related gadgets. Rewards may also include and apprentices will gain valuable life skills that canto eventual employment. appropriate life-skill tools such as improve their odds of being successful workers and health care and nutrition goods. For entrepreneurs. advanced interns, rewards may include significant prizes such as new cell phones, bicycles, clothes and other goods.
  15. 15. S|A|C mobile|merit|learning EDUCATION | EMPLOYMENT | ENTERPRISE MOBILE | MERIT | LEARNINGPHASE THREE | mWORK PHASE THREE| Compensation PHASE THREE | EmploymentS|A|C provides a smartphone, tablet For interns who become employees, the merit The outcome for this employment experienceand PC deployed employment derived is monetary compensation for work includes important employment skillssupervision and management completed. Mobile banking is central to this appropriate to the client’s work, correspondingplatform, including assignments element of the clients livelihood. The various to meeting the mission objectives of thetimesheets work management, elements of earnings are managed including tax employees sponsoring agency.communication and other payments, employee benefits, advancementappropriate workflow apps. opportunities and “perks”.
  16. 16. S|A|C mobile|merit|learning EDUCATION | EMPLOYMENT | ENTERPRISE MOBILE | MERIT | LEARNINGPHASE FOUR | mLEADERSHIP PHASE FOUR | Profit PHASE FOUR| EntrepreneurshipS|A|C provides smartphones, tablets, For seasoned workers and creative, For the employees and other individuals who haveaccessories and airtime to on-the-ground social aspiring entrepreneurs, stellar workers learned basic and advanced work and business skills, aenterprises via their home-office sponsoring and enterprise leaders can earn the platform for providing meaningful enterpriseagencies. ability to build independent networks, development is provided, allowing business leaders to develop financial and resource skills and adopt good business skills necessary for them to build consequently participate in business successful, profitable businesses. incubators and accelerators.
  17. 17. iNITIATION +initiate immerse ! inspire * innovate impact think impactFacebook Learn My New Kaloleni Swahili Family Map
  18. 18. CrowdRise Engineers Global W/O Borders Mojo ! think impact immerse inspire * innovate Finance Training My KickStarter kiva Prototype
  19. 19. ENTERPRISE My Invoice2Go PayPal Mint Sales Force L’Backpack My Mobile My L’Backpack Company Bank Coordinator Design !immerse inspire * innovate impact
  20. 20. CRM & Training Pilot Project with Community Enterprise Solutions S|A|C SolAmeriCon
  21. 21. Growing|Leaders|Naturally S|A|C mobile|merit|learning Intern móviles|mérito|aprendizaje Worker Scholar CommunityEntrepreneur Leader
  22. 22. La Escuela Mobile De Gabriela Frijole Twitter Mi Tareas GMail FacebookPatrocinadores Mi Clases Mi Notas Mi Mentor Mi Progreso ¡Bienvenidos!
  23. 23. kopesha Components Diagram S|A|C mobile|merit|learning móviles | mérito | aprendizajeTransaction Based Central Platform
  24. 24. S|A|Cmobile|merit|learning Sol|Afri|Con Sol|Ameri|Con Sol|Asia|Con Morey Bean,
  25. 25. S|A|Cmobile|merit|learning Sol|Afri|Con Sol|Ameri|Con Sol|Asia|Con Morey Bean,
  26. 26. S|A|Cmobile|merit|learning Sol|Afri|Con Sol|Ameri|Con Sol|Asia|Con Morey Bean,
  27. 27. S|A|Cmobile|merit|learning Sol|Afri|Con Sol|Ameri|Con Sol|Asia|Con Morey Bean,
  28. 28. Mike Duchen, Global MoJo Advisor S|A|C mobile|merit|learning Sol|Afri|Con Morey Bean, S|A|C Sol|Ameri|Con Sol|Asia|Con Principal Architect Morey Bean, Founder Debra Kopp, S|A|C CEO Liz Galpin, payg Solutions Consulting PartnerBrian Howell, payg Solutions Consulting Partner
  29. 29. S|A|Cmobile|merit|learning Sol|Afri|Con Sol|Ameri|Con Sol|Asia|Con Morey Bean, Founder