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Our programme for Chinese students


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Our programme for Chinese students

  1. 1. Achieving Excellence Together 共同追求卓越
  2. 2. • Independent co-educational 3-18 day school(独立合式学校。学生年龄分布在3-18岁)• Exclusive Private Education (200 students)(高级私立教育(200名学生))• Excellent 35 minute rail links from Central London and International Airports(从伦敦市中心乘火车35分钟,和国际机场)• Milton Keynes : a vibrant and dynamic new town米尔顿凯恩斯:一个充满生气和活力的新城 Achieving Excellence Together
  3. 3. • World Class GEMS Education(世界级的环球教育)• Academic Excellence(学术追求卓越)• A Culture of Success and an Ethos of Excellence(成功 的文化和卓越的校风)• Selective and Exclusive(选择性和独家) Achieving Excellence Together
  4. 4. • Highly Selective and Successful Sixth Form(具有高度选择性 和成功的预科)• Only 20 students in Y12 and Y13(12和13年级一共仅有20名学生)• Hand picked A /A* Profile Students(精选A/A*简历学生)• Exclusive A Level Private Education(独家的ALEVEL私立教育 ) Achieving Excellence Together
  5. 5. Achieving Excellence Together
  6. 6. • Only 4 Sixth Form places a year reserved for strong academic and promising Chinese Students(每年只为学术好,有前途的中国学生预留四个ALEVEL学生名额。)• iPads given to all Sixth Form Students as a highly effective interactive tool for learning(就读ALEVEL的学生们会每人发一台IPAD,作用是让学生们高效率学习的工 具)• Specialisms in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Economics, Accountancy, Art and Music.(专攻数学,高数,物理,化学,生物,商学,经济,会计) Achieving Excellence Together
  7. 7. • Personalized flexible learning programmes(个人灵活学习项目)• Small A Level class size : average 5 students per class(小班教学 平均每个班5名学生)• 1:1 Teacher tutorials(1:1教师教程)• Individual academic mentoring, monitoring and tracking student progress(个人学习监督,跟踪学生进度) Achieving Excellence Together
  8. 8. Achieving Excellence Together
  9. 9. • Academic Booster Classes at no extra cost(学习提高班,无需额外费用)• Intensive IELTS & IGCSE Second Language English programmes as standard(加强的雅思和外语课程项目)• Wide GCSE and 27 AS / A2 course options(多样的GCSE课程 ,27种ALEVEL课程供选择) Achieving Excellence Together
  10. 10. Achieving Excellence Together
  11. 11. • Outstanding A Level examination results(杰出的ALEVEL考试成绩结果)• UCAS University application specialist support(大学申请过程专家支持帮助)• Careers and interview guidance and coaching(职业和面试的引导与培训)• University of first choice destinations(大学的第一目标、选择等) Achieving Excellence Together
  12. 12. Achieving Excellence Together
  13. 13. • Oxbridge ( Oxford and Cambridge Universities) Preparation and Coaching(牛津剑桥大学准备与辅导)• Russell Group Entry(罗素大学集团--由英国一流的24所研 究性大学组成)• ‘How to Get Your Child Into The Top UK Universities’ Advice and Support(“如何让您的孩子进入英国顶尖大学”相关建 议与指导) Achieving Excellence Together
  14. 14. • Passionate, inspirational and experienced subject teachers(兼具热情,灵 感 和经验的教课老师)• EAL / EFL specialist teaching / In Class Support(课上语言辅导,以及专家 教学)• International Hub for Overseas Students(国际交流中心向海外学生开放 )• Exceptional knowledge of each student’s learning needs & differentiated teaching(每个学生的学习需要和差异教学的特殊知识) Achieving Excellence Together
  15. 15. Achieving Excellence Together
  16. 16. • 21st century learning and teaching environment (technology rich environment)(21世纪的学习和教学环境(技术丰富的环境)• Innovative and creative use of IT to create exciting and engaging learning experiences(创新和创造性的利用多媒体(电子设备)来 创建令人兴奋和引人入胜的学习体验)• Virtual Learning Environment and subject blog sites for examination support materials(检查辅助材料的虚拟教学和主题的博客网站) Achieving Excellence Together
  17. 17. Achieving Excellence Together
  18. 18. Achieving Excellence Together
  19. 19. • Outstanding Pastoral Care(杰出的教牧关怀)• Weekly Personalized Form Tutor Email home reporting on student progress(每周导师以个性化的方式电邮给家长让 其了解学生的状况)• 6 academic reports a year(一年有6次学业报告单)• International parent video conferencing and translation service (国际家长的视频会议及翻译服务) Achieving Excellence Together
  20. 20. • Student academic learning partners from Y13(来自13 年级的学生学术伙伴)• Student Buddy System(学生伙伴系统)• Forming lasting international friendships(形成持久的 国际友谊) Achieving Excellence Together
  21. 21. • Excellent facilities for outstanding learning(优良的设 施优秀的学习)• Modern learning environment(现代化学习环境)• Beautiful extensive landscaped campus(美丽广阔的 园林美化校园)• Green field site(绿草坪) Achieving Excellence Together
  22. 22. The Webber Edge•Confident young people(有自信的年轻人)•Excellent Ambassadors(出色的大使)21st century transferable skills and capabilities(21世纪可转移的技能和能力)•Independent Learners(独立的学生)•High Order Thinking Skills(高层次思维技巧)•Flexible and Adaptable(灵活与适应)•International Perspective(国际视野) Achieving Excellence Together
  23. 23. Achieving Excellence Together
  24. 24. A Culture of Success and an Ethos of Excellence成功的文化和卓越的校风