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Example persona (Smaply template)


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This persona was created with Smaply. Insert personal details and include customized description fields.
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Published in: Data & Analytics
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Example persona (Smaply template)

  1. 1. Powered by Smaply Tess PERSONA Example Project: Buying a Cup o… PROJECT 27 January 2017 EXPORT DATE TES 32 female Tess Entrepreneur French -- Further things that matter. ▸ Tess is an entrepreneur and community builder. ▸ She enjoys exploring problems whose answer can't be googled. ▸ She describes herself as tenacious and imaginative. ▸ Create meaning and positive change in my community. ▸ Develop a tools that improve access to everyday services like financial services, healthcare and education. ▸ That our software is intuitive. ▸ That we are constantly creating new tools for understanding customer experience. INITIALS AGE GENDER NAME OCCUPATION NATIONALITY MARITAL STATUS QUOTE DESCRIPTION PROFESSIONAL GOALS WHAT SHE EXPECTS OF OUR COMPANY.