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Resolve To Contain Health Costs In 2010


Published on - Workplace Wellness That Works; Resolve To Contain Health Costs in 2010

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Resolve To Contain Health Costs In 2010

  1. 1. Resolve  to  Contain  Health  Costs  in  2010 by  U.S.  Preven,ve  Medicine
  2. 2. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 The  New  Year  brings  a   new  opportunity  to  help   your  employees  get   healthy.     Before  the  glow  of  New  Year’s  resolu,ons  fades,  you  can  help  employees   take  small  steps  that  produce  big  results  for  their  health…and  for  your   organiza,on.
  3. 3. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 Comprehensive   Health  care  is  a  growing  and  costly   threat  to  employers  in  the  United   the  journal  Health  Affairs  found   that  for  every  dollar  companies   States.  The  second  largest  expense   spend  on  employee  wellness,   worksite  health   beyond  payroll,  health  care  costs   are  on  a  steep  upward  rise. medical  costs  fall  an  average  of   $3.27. programs  focused  on   Since  2001,  premiums  for  family   [Remember:  The  primary  goal  of  a   coverage  have  increased  78   workplace  wellness  program  is  to   lifestyle  behavior   percent,  while  infla,on  rose  only   17  percent  and  wages  increased  by   aid  your  employee  in  the  acDve   parDcipaDon  of  becoming  a   change  can  yield  a  $3  to   19  percent.  When  General  Motors   spends  more  on  health  insurance   healthier  one.] than  on  steel,  we  need  to  ask  if  we   On  average,  for  every  $9  a   $6  return  on  investment   want  all  of  U.S.  businesses,  no   maRer  what  industry,  to  be  in  the   company  pays  to  an  employee,  $1   of  that  goes  to  healthcare.  Case  in   (ROI)  for  each  dollar   business  of  providing  health  care. point:  Control  Data  Corpora,on’s   four-­‐year  study  of  15,000   Increasingly,  companies  have   employees  showed  defini,vely  that   invested. turned  to  wellness  programs  to   reduce  costs,  improve  produc,vity   workers  with  the  worst  lifestyle   habits  ran  up  the  biggest  medical   and  build  employee  morale.   bills,  and  that  health  care  costs  for   obese  workers  were  11%  higher   More  than  half  of  mul,na,onal   than  those  for  thin  ones. corpora,ons  expect  to  introduce  or   expand  corporate  wellness   The  message  here?  Wellness  works.   programs  over  the  next  five  years.   A  well  employee  helps  keep   corporate  health  premiums  down,   A  recent  meta-­‐analysis  of  exis,ng   has  less  absenteeism  and  higher   studies  by  two  Harvard  professors   produc,vity. published  in  the  February  issue  of  
  4. 4. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 Ok.  You  know  that  a   workplace  wellness   program  is  important.   The  next  quesDon  is   GeNng  Started  with  Wellness how  do  you  get  one   To  posi,on  your  program  for   walk,  employees  get  the  message   started?   top-­‐level  management  is  essen,al   that  fitness  is  part  of  the  corporate   success,  buy-­‐in  from  senior  and   culture.   to  a  successful  program  kick-­‐off  and     adop,on. However,  before  stepping  into  the   boardroom  to  pitch  your  workplace   wellness  program  ideas  to  the  CEO,   For  instance,  if  a  lunchroom  poster   take  a  few  steps  back  to  make  sure   touts  a  low-­‐fat  diet  but  hangs   your  program  plan  contains  the   beside  a  snack  machine  filled  with   cri,cal  elements  that  will  ensure   candy  and  chips,  employees  will   your  workplace  wellness  program  is   receive  a  mixed  message. a  successful  one. Conversely,  when  the  company   president  takes  ,me  out  for  a  brisk  
  5. 5. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 If  you  are  the  only  one   looking  to  promote  health   and  wellness  within  your   organizaDon,  it  is  most   likely  going  to  be  an   uncertain  road  ahead  of   you  -­‐  having  a  group  of   Step  1.  Form  a  commi/ee individuals  that  support  the   When  looking  to  form  your   idea  of  wellness  in  the   wellness  commiRee,  draw  from   different  areas  within  your   everyone  knows  what  the   commiRee  is  working  toward.   workplace  is  crucial  to  the   organiza,on.    A  diverse  group  will   ensure  that  all  perspec,ves  and   Once  a  wellness  program  has  been   program’s  success. needs  are  met  by  each  employee   group. established  the  commiRee's  size   and  mee,ng  schedule  may  change.   Your  wellness  commiRee  can   Un,l  then,  however,  the  commiRee   comprise  of  anywhere  from  4  to  10   should  meet  on  at  regular  intervals   individuals.  The  commiRee  should   to  keep  the  development  of  the   write  a  mission  statement,  so  that   wellness  program  moving.
  6. 6. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 Asking  a  few  simple   Step  2.  Conduct  a  survey 4)  When  was  the  last  ,me  you   exercised  con,nuously  for  20   quesDons  can  help   Conduc,ng  a  survey  to  find  out   minutes  or  more? provide  you  with  the   what  types  of  services  and   5)  Do  you  smoke  on  a  regular   programs  your  employees  and   basis? peers  would  be  interested  in   insight  necessary  to   par,cipa,ng  in  can  be  immensely   helpful  in  poin,ng  your  wellness   6)  Do  you  wake  up  feeling   refreshed  in  the  morning? create  relevant  wellness   program  objec,ves  in  the  right   direc,on. 7)  How  many  glasses  of  water  do   you  drink  during  the  day? programming  that  has   Here  are  some  sample  ques,ons  to   consider  asking  via  an  anonymous   8)  On  a  scale  of  1  -­‐  10,  how  would   meaning  to  the   survey: you  rate  your  overall  energy  level   during  the  day?  (A  ra,ng  of  10   1)  Would  you  be  interested  in   means  that  you  consider  yourself   parDcipant  as  well  as   par,cipa,ng  in  an  on-­‐site  program   to  help  you  learn  how  to  be   very  energe,c) your  company. healthier? 9)  Do  you  ever  experience  back   pain? 2)  When  was  the  last  ,me  you  had   a  check-­‐up  by  your  doctor? 10)  If  you  answered  YES  to  number   9,  how  frequently? 3)  On  a  scale  of  1  -­‐  10,  how  healthy   would  you  rate  yourself?  (A  ra,ng   Tip:  A  great  free  tool  to  use  for   of  10  means  that  you  consider   surveys  online  is  Google  Docs’   yourself  in  perfect  health) “Forms”  func@on.  Find  a  full  step-­‐ by-­‐step  “how-­‐to”  here.
  7. 7. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 Looking  at  the  answers  to   your  quesDons  will   provide  you  with  a  be_er   sense  of  the  types  of   programs  from  which   your  employees  can  best   Step  3.  Analyze  the  results benefit. Once  your  survey  results  are  in,   take  a  close  look  at  the  aggregate   employees  exercise  regularly?  Do   they  eat  3  balanced  meals  a  day?   answers. How  ojen  do  incidences  of  flu  and   colds  affect  your  employee’s   From  there,  determine  what  type   aRendance?   of  lifestyle  your  employees  are   leading.  Look  around  you  at  the   Looking  at  the  answers  to   daily  on-­‐goings  of  your  peers.   ques,ons  like  that  will  provide  you   with  a  beRer  sense  of  the  types  of   How  many  employees  take  smoke   programs  from  which  your   breaks  throughout  the  day?  If  you   employees  can  benefit. have  a  vending  machine,  how  ojen   does  it  need  to  be  refilled?  Do  your  
  8. 8. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 Map  out  possible   programming  soluDons   that  will  best  fit  the   Step  4.  Fill  in  the  blanks   1)  Back  Health You  have  aggregated  your  survey   2)  CPR/First  Aid needs  of  your  employees. responses,  you’ve  observed  the   daily  rhythm  of  your  employees   3)  Disability  Awareness while  working.  Now  what?   4)  Weight  Loss It’s  ,me  to  look  at  which  possible   programming  solu,ons  will  best  fit   5)  Smoking  Cessa,on/Tobacco   the  needs  of  your  employees. Awareness Here  are  some  sample  program   6)  Cholesterol  Awareness topics  to  consider,  based  on  the   needs  of  your  employees: 7)  Blood  Pressure  Awareness 8)  Eye  Health 9)  Cancer  Preven,on  and  Early   Detec,on 10)  Blood  Sugar  Control
  9. 9. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 Just  as  it’s  important  to   Step  5.  Build  A  Plan   have  a  roadmap  for  any   goals  and  specific  objec,ves   business  venture,  the   When  developing  your  new   designed  to  reach  those  goals.   wellness  program  plan,  you  should   be  sure  to  solidify  a  one  or  two-­‐ Worksite  objec,ves,  for  example,   same  holds  true  for  your   sentence  vision  statement  that   outlines  the  overall  mission.  For   might  include  introducing  healthy   food  op,ons,  purchasing   workplace  wellness   example,  your  vision  statement   ergonomic  office  furniture  and   may  look  something  like  this: seong  aside  specific  areas  for   fitness  ac,vi,es.   program. “The  vision  of  ABC  company’s   Employee  Wellness  Program   Similarly,  health  screening   is  to  provide  the  tools,   objec,ves  should  include   resources  and  environment   developing  a  Health  Risk   for  each  employee  to  achieve   Assessment  (HRA)  ques,onnaire,   and  maintain  their  best   onsite  blood  tests  and  a  plan  for   possible  health.” reviewing  results  and  making   recommenda,ons.   Once  the  mission  statement  is   developed,  you  can  then  outline   Objec,ves  should  be  developed  for   specific  goals  and  objec,ves   health  management  programs  such   related  to  that  vision.   as  smoking  cessa,on,  healthy   ea,ng,  fitness,  alcohol  and  drug   Like  any  project,  your  wellness   educa,on,  stress  management  and   program  should  have  measurable   other  areas  specific  to  your   organiza,on.
  10. 10. Resolve  to  contain  health  costs  in  2010 Case  Study:   Johnson  &  Johnson  wanted  to  conduct   a  long-­‐term  evalua,on  of  the   effec,veness  of  its  corporate  health  and   Johnson  &  Johnson wellness  program.  The  program  covered   disability  management,  occupa,onal   minimum  of  one  year  between   health,  employee  assistance,  work-­‐life   screenings. issues,  wellness,  and  fitness. The  study  showed  Johnson  &  Johnson’s   Johnson  &  Johnson  contracted  with   savings  averaged  $8.5  million  annually   Medstat  to  conduct  a  financial  analysis   for  the  four-­‐year  period  ajer  the   of  medical  insurance  claims  for  more   program  began,  primarily  due  to  lower   than  18,000  domes,c  employees  who   administra,ve  and  healthcare  costs.  The   par,cipated  in  the  health  and  wellness   annual  medical  costs  of  employees   program  during  a  four-­‐year  period.  The   par,cipa,ng  in  the  program  were,  on   two-­‐part  evalua,on  compared  the   average,  $225  lower  than  they  were   employee’s  medical  costs  for  the  four   before  they  joined  the  program  due  to   years  they  had  been  in  the  program  to   reduc,ons  in  hospital  admissions,   their  medical  costs  from  the  prior  five   mental  health  visits,  and  outpa,ent   years. service  use. The  first  study  focused  on  changes  in   The  study  also  showed  that  employees   inpa,ent  u,liza,on,  outpa,ent  care,   par,cipa,ng  in  the  program  had  lower   mental  health  visits,  emergency  room   health  risks.  Over  two  years,   use,  and  associated  ancillary   par,cipants  showed  improvements  in   expenditures. eight  health  risk  areas,  including   cigareRe  smoking,  sedentary  lifestyle,   The  second  study  reported  the   high  cholesterol,  high  blood  pressure,   effec,veness  of  the  program  in   low  dietary  fiber  intake,  and  poor  motor   reducing  the  health  risks  of  over  4,000   vehicle  safety  prac,ces.   employees  who  par,cipated  in  two   serial  health  screening  programs,  with  a   *The  informa@on  above  was  referenced  in  a   Johnson  &  Johnson  press  release  on  Jan  24,  2002.
  11. 11. About  U.S.  Preven,ve  Medicine MISSION: PRODUCTS: This  enables  an  organiza,on  or  individual  to   To  improve  the  quality  of  health  and   The  PrevenDon  Plan™ implement  wellness  and  disease   longevity  of  the  individual.  We  will  achieve   The  Preven,on  Plan™  is  a  groundbreaking   management  measures  along  with  evidence-­‐ this  by  partnering  with  physicians,  hospitals,   program  that  enables  individuals  to   based  strategies  that  change  behavior  and   employers  and  other  organiza,ons  to   determine  their  top  health  risks  and  receive  a   improve  health.   organize  and  advance  a  culture  of  preven,on   customized  plan  and  coaching  from  nurses  to   resul,ng  in  MORE  GOOD  YEARS™  for  all.   lower  those  risks  and  become  healthier.   The  PrevenDon  Plan  Premium™ Members  receive  a  “one-­‐stop,”  personalized   This  early  disease  detec,on  and  health   online  web  site  to  store  medical  informa,on,   management  program  for  execu,ves  and   BACKGROUND: complete  educa,onal  health  programs,   individuals  is  available  through  the  Global   U.S.  Preven,ve  Medicine,  Inc.,  a  privately   receive  reminders  about  needed  screenings,   Preven,on  Network™,  U.S.  Preven,on   owned  company  formed  in  2004  by  health   track  personal  progress  and  learn  about   Network™,  and  Centers  for  Preven,ve   care  execu,ve  Christopher  Fey,  is  building  the   work-­‐related  preven,ve  benefits  and   Medicine®.  These  interna,onally  preeminent   first  power  brand  in  the  United  States  and   incen,ves.   and  regionally  dominant  health  care   interna,onally  focused  specifically  on   ins,tu,ons  provide  early  disease  detec,on   primary,  secondary  and  ter,ary  preven,on.   The  PrevenDon  Plan  CM™ assessments  through  advanced  diagnos,c   The  Preven,on  Plan  CM™  brings  intensive   technology  as  well  as  needed  follow  up   The  company  offers  a  suite  of  proprietary   disease  management  resources  to  individuals   medical  care.   wellness,  chronic  care  management  and  early   with  costly  chronic  condi,ons.  By   disease  detec,on  programs  and  services   understanding  the  barriers  that  impede   na,onwide,  and  presently  in  two  other   beRer  health  and  working  closely  with  each   AFFILIATIONS: countries,  that  improves  health  outcomes   person  and  his/her  health  care  providers  — U.S.  Preven,ve  Medicine  is  affiliated  with   while  reducing  health  care  costs.  The  Plan   either  telephonically  or  in  the  home  and   several  pres,gious  organiza,ons  including: includes  innova,ons  such  as  the  Preven,on   workplace—Preven,on  Plan  RNs  work  to   American  College  of  Preven,ve  Medicine Score™,  a  tool  that  tracks  preven,on  efforts   limit  the  progression  of  an  exis,ng  condi,on   American  College  of  Occupa,onal  and   Environmental  Medicine and  key  health  indicators  throughout  the   and  detect  other  poten,al  issues  before  they   Disease  Management  Associa,on  of  America year,  and  a  no-­‐nonsense  guarantee  that  the   cause  harm.   Society  for  Healthcare  Strategy  and  Market   payor’s  total  health  care  costs  will  be   Development reduced.   The  PrevenDon  Plan  PLUS™ American  Academy  of  An,-­‐Aging  Medicine The  most  comprehensive  plan,  The   Preven,on  Plan  Plus™  combines  The   Preven,on  Plan  with  Preven,on  Plan  CM.