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  1. 1. Using murphy bed plans, you dont have to be asuper handy man to build your own murphy bed. Itlooks a lot more difficult than it actually is.Dont be intimidated by such project.
  2. 2. Murphy bed plans are the very first thing you need to built the wall unit youwant There are many benefits in building your own murphy bed You first of allmake the most of your space if you live in a small apartment or condo, yourare adding a great asset to your decor and by doing so you are saving animportant amount of money
  3. 3. Making Space If your live in a small condominium apartment or a studio,youknow how space fill up quickly Living in a large city these days is veryexpensive and renting a small apartment is something you may have to do tomake it work The acquisition of a murphy bed gives you back that extra livingspace that you need so much in a small studio or condo
  4. 4. A bed you can fold allows you to quickly convert the living room to a bedroomfor you of for guests, when having a second bedroom is not possible That wayyour guests dont have to sleep on a floor mat and can enjoy the comfort of areal bed Enjoy the beauty of a wall unit Wall units beds can be made in ahuge variety of designs and materials
  5. 5. Wood being the most popular one, there are several kind of wood you can useto match the furniture you already own Besides providing a great amount ofstorage space for your personal items such as television, sound system andbooks,the wall unit combo is the the most practical piece of furniture any smallapartment owner should have There are nobetter way to maximise limited living spaces
  6. 6. Building instead of buying If you go out and shop around for a murphybed,you will soon find out that it is quite expensive On the other hand, buildingyour own with murphy bed plans is an option that gives you the freedom ofchoosing your own material and to really customised your bed to fit your space They are not that complicated to build and you can find a kit including all thenecessary hardware
  7. 7. The whole project will cost you about one third of the retail price of one alreadymade
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