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  1. 1. Picking up girls at bars can seem like a real mystery when it comes down to flirting for guys. That's probably why you've found yourself readingthis article, as you are looking for the answers as tohow to successfully learn to chat up women and getpositive results. The good news is you have come to the right place. You are about to find out how to make a great and long lasting first impression, how to control the situation with confidence and how toget her to say yes when you ask for her number or a date.Great article on seduction
  2. 2. So, as mentioned the first point is to make sure you are creating a goodinitial impression The first few seconds are vitally important and will bethe difference between success and failure when it comes to picking upgirls at bars Women will begin to develop their impression of you beforeyou have even spoken to them, so you want to make sure that youapproach with confidence and with your head held high They will spotnervousness a mile away and this is an immediate turn off, so show youare self assured in your body language Next, when you get to her this isalso a really important time for you to continue with wowing her andmaking sure she develops a positive impression of you
  3. 3. This is done in two ways the first of which is related to a point I havealready mentioned It is linked to you level on confidence and the wayyou handle the social situation Therefore, make sure that whatever yousay to her to open the conversation, it is said with confidence and like youmean it, not like you're a scared rabbit in the headlights Thesecond factor is with regard to your intentions and how she reads them
  4. 4. You want to make sure that she reads your intentions as honorable andnot that you are just another sleazy guy looking to get her straight intobed Although it is still possible to change what she thinks after this time,this is a real uphill struggle and wants to be avoided at all costs to saveyou a lot of time and effort in the long run You want her first impressionto be that you are confident, likable and attractive, not that you are weak,needy and cowardly However, you also want to make sure that youdon't come across as too arrogant or full of yourself either, as thiswill put her on the defensive immediately
  5. 5. Once you have successfully made a good first impression, it is then timefor you to take control over the situation and to make her aware that youtoo are making decisions about whether to stay in her company or leaveBy doing this, she will then work harder to make you stick around as shewon't want to feel rejected A great trick that can also work reallywell here, to cause this to happen in overdrive, is to take your attentionaway from her for a while, say to talk to someone else within her groupand this will work in two ways It will show that you are confident socially,which is an attractive attribute and also have the effect of making her alittle bit jealous and want your attention back again
  6. 6. Finally, when it comes to saying goodbye and leaving, you don'twant to go without at least trying to get her number or arrange a date,otherwise all that effort has gone to waste However, a lot of guys arefearful of getting rejected at this point I have a little tip for you that willhelp your success rate when getting her to say yes when you ask herThe key is to get her in a positive frame of mind before you ask her
  7. 7. Therefore, ask her a few questions, which you know she will respond yesto and this will work to get her into an agreeing state and say yes whenyou actually ask for her number or date This sounds silly, but you'dbe amazed at the positive results you will actually get from using it Youcan even practice this trick with friends too when you want them to dosomething for you It's a great little psychological trick in compliancethat's been proven through various tests, not only when picking upgirls at bars, but also in all aspects of life
  8. 8. So there you have it, you should now know how to approach women theright way to make a positive and lasting first impression, gain control ofthe situation and also finally, get great results when asking for a date orphone number Start using these tips when picking up girls at bars andyou'll be amazed at how simple flirting for Great article on seductionguys soon becomes For more great tips, information and advice on thisvisit the website by clicking the links below now
  9. 9. Great article on seduction