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  1. 1. CPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel online, utilised by the great majority of site hosts, including BlueHost. Famous for its stability and portability, we would not counsel any other control panel system on a Linux platform. In this class series, we inspect the simplest way to create your first web site oncpanel, beginning with a transfer from another hosting company.hybrid cloud
  2. 2. If you have got an existing site thats already run on CPanel and want totransfer it to a new hosting company (for example, if you are transferringyour account to BlueHost) theres good news Unlike many other controlsystems which lock you into one supplier, CPanel is not exclusive, whichimplies you can move to another server without fear of radically messingup your site Each host with CPanel installed uses the same file typesand file layouts, so in most cases websites move unreservedly Tostart the process, first identify your current PHP and MySQL versionsfrom your old hosting provider
  3. 3. This is usually displayed on your control panel screen in the left columnAsk your new hosting company if their system is compatible Just abouteverybody uses MySQL version 5, so youre most probably all set therebut PHP versions can change Your new web host can generally adjustsettings for you so your scripts will work
  4. 4. And if you dont use PHP or MySQL in your coding, you can skip thatstep entirely Now, login to your old control panel on hybrid cloud yourold hosting company and look out for the icon called BACKUP This iconwill allow you to download a FULL CPANEL BACKUP file which includeseach part of your web site including settings, e-mail boxes andconfigurations The full backup is a convenient bundle of everything inone compressed and simply revived file
  5. 5. If the hosting provider keeps daily backups, a button for"daily" will bethere Click that to download Otherwise click on"generate" to generate afresh backup file You presently have a copy of your entire site on yourcomputer! Easy
  6. 6. Ok Now that you have your full backup file, upload it to your new webhosting account at your new CPanel hosting provider For example, if youuse BlueHost that can be done by logging into your new control paneland clicking on the FILE MANAGER icon Just remember to scribbledown what directory you put the file in
  7. 7. When done contact web host support and tell them youve got a CPanelbackup file that requires restoration It literally only takes support oneclick to restore a CPanel backup After thats done your entire web site,including e-mail boxes, will be on your new server and ready to goThe final step is letting the web know that your internet site is found on anew web server
  8. 8. To try this, login to whatever domain registry you registered your domainname at, and alter your domains"nameservers" to modify which serveryour domain points to Your new hosting company will give you the newnameservers to enter and there are usually two of them After altering thisat your domain registry, permit the internet a good 12-24 hours to repoint
  9. 9. It actually is that straightforward to transfer with CPanel That coveredthe movement of an existing web site; however, what do you have to doto start a fresh site? See CPanel Tutorial PRO - Part Two To learn moreabout CPanel hosting, please feel free to visit
  10. 10. You may also use a to sign up a cheap CPanel web hosting account at$3 95 per month
  11. 11. hybrid cloud