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The Future is Here, Now What?

Presentation at the European Court of Auditors event: “Automated Solutions in Translation: Paving the Way,”

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The Future is Here, Now What?

  1. 1. The Future IsHere, Now What?Renato BeninattoChief Marketing OfficerLuxembourg, January 2012 © Moravia IT, Inc.
  2. 2. Deodorant Test• How many of you are on Twitter?• Who was born after 1990?• Who used WordPerfect?• Who used 3½” floppy disks?• Who used 5¼” floppy disks?• Who used typewriters?• Who did handwritten translations?
  3. 3. @renatobeninatto
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  6. 6. “The closer your vision gets to a provable future, the more your aresimply describing the present. In thesame way, the more certain you areof a future outcome, the more likely you will be wrong.” The Visionary’s Handbook Wacker & Taylor
  7. 7. • Is someone already doing it? (Description of the present)• Is it plausible that someone is already doing it or is the issue easily solvable with existing technology? (Provable future)• Do we really need it? (Subtractive prophecy)
  8. 8. The bigger the world economy, the morepowerful its smallest players. 1994 @renatobeninatto
  9. 9. Our conversations are dominated byFEAR and SUSPICION © Moravia IT, Inc.
  10. 10. What About the Facts?• MT is a new lingua franca – Chinese to Slovenian – Tagalog to Maltese• User generated content exploding• Content flows in multiple formats• Data trumps opinion• Quality is relative
  11. 11. We will be talking about the same things at a different level • Simplification of processes • Elimination of manual steps • Automation of repetitive tasks@renatobeninatto
  12. 12. New ScenarioMore translationMore languagesMore mediaMore topicsMore spoken translation @renatobeninatto
  13. 13. New Work Methods • Cloud • Collaboration • Disintermediation • Project Management Automation (Monitoring instead of Managing) • dotSub@renatobeninatto
  14. 14. The future is already here — its just not very evenly distributed. William Gibson
  15. 15. We never really talk about the future, we are only talking about a present in which we dont participate.
  16. 16. Thank you!Renato 978-394-7004Twitter: @renatobeninatto