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Repect - Term 1 2013


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Repect - Term 1 2013

  1. 1. Respect for myself Valuing my learning and behaviour Respect for Others Valuing each other Respect for the EnvironmentValuing our world and everything in it
  2. 2. Following the Rules Rules help us to be safe
  3. 3. Allowing others to learnEveryone has the right to learn!
  4. 4. Using your manners and Being polite Good morning Mr McMullen.Excuse me Mrs Cornish, do you know where Mr Fielding is? Pardon me. Please. Thank you. May I please ….. Yes/No, Mr McMullen.
  5. 5. Listening to Others Stop Look ListenYou never know what you might learn!
  6. 6. Being StrongMake the Right DecisionTwo wrongs don’t make a right!