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Rand Paul


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Fallacious Reasoning

Published in: Education
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Rand Paul

  1. 1. Rand Paul
  2. 2. Slippery Slope • Rand Paul is allowing people to have guns and pretty soon children are going to committing crimes in the street.
  3. 3. Straw Man • Rand Paul says we should deport immigrants. He just to get rid of Mexicans..
  4. 4. Faulty Generalizations • Rand Paul said people should be allowed to smoke marijuana, now millions will do it.
  5. 5. Red Herring • Rand Paul is focused on deporting immigrants and now immigrants are getting license to drive.
  6. 6. Ad Hominem • What does Rand Paul know about guns? He doesn’t even own one.
  7. 7. Circular Reasoning • Rand Paul is not a strong leader because he is a weak person.
  8. 8. Either Or Fallacy • Either you vote against Rand Paul or you hate republicans.
  9. 9. Cause and Effect Fallacy • Rand Paul has let people have guns and now there are a lot of crimes.
  10. 10. Loaded Language • Rand Paul saying we shouldn’t attack Iran it shows that he is stupid.
  11. 11. Bandwagon
  12. 12. Paid for by International Politics
  13. 13. Paid for by Industrial News Papers
  14. 14. Paid for by POLITICAL .CO BLUE,WHITE,RED