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Facebook marketing tools


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How to utilize free and paid Facebook marketing tools. Online-lesson 30.11.2012 for Nocry2 project.

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Facebook marketing tools

  1. 1. NoCry2 How to utilize Facebook marketing tools? What kind of free and paid marketing tools Facebook is offering?Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  2. 2. Content  Pages, groups, places, events, subscribers  Sponsored stories, Facebook ads  Marketed updates  Facebook-offers  Contest applications  Recommendations & things to avoidMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  3. 3. Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  4. 4. Paid Facebook advertising suits example:  Paid ads complements other good and active content and makes it more visible.  Increasing the amount of likers (fans)  Promoting content or campaign  Highlighting important and good updatesMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  5. 5. Creating the adMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  6. 6. Promoting the page post (paid)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  7. 7. Audience targetingMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  8. 8. PricingMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  9. 9. Advertising statisticsMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  10. 10. Making Facebook-offers (+400 likers, paid)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  11. 11. Facebook-offersMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  12. 12. What can you achieve with the Facebook-offers  Baiting people into shop  Inthrowing and experimental products sales  Promoting and visibility to the new productsMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  13. 13. Promote your page post (+400 likers, paid)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  14. 14. How the promoted post is useful?  Promoting important and good post  Highlighting older intersting posts  Starting conversation  Post which are important in sales point of viewMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  15. 15. Post targeting (big fanbase needed)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  16. 16. Promote a personal profile post (paid)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  17. 17. When is it useful to promote the personal profile post?  Short term promoting, when person doesn’t have specific Facebook-page for marketing.  E.g. municipal elections, short term charity and non- profit campaignsMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  18. 18. Facebook-profile subcribers (free)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  19. 19. How is a Facebook subscribtion useful?  E.g. necessary to politicans. Citizens can ”order” the politicans public posts without need to share own ”Facebook-life” with him or her.  Celebrities, artists, specialists, teachers  Possibility to offer a more narrow connection than Facebook frienship to follow ones (public) posts.Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  20. 20. (free)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  21. 21. Using groups (free)  Groups are useful in internal communications. They suit well in teamwork sized 2-20 persons. Conversation is the best feature of the group.  Groups can suit for conversation concerning happenings and bigger crowd as well. E.g. municipal elections Tornio 2012 group was succes.  Groups are not the best tool for brand building and marketing.Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  22. 22. The group featuresMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  23. 23. FB-Pages (free): Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  24. 24. How are Facebook-pages useful?  Long-term brand building  Brand homeplace in Facebook  Marketing communications  Brand news, pictures, videos, content sharing.  Brands ”customer coffee house”  Customer service and helpful tips  ”Facebook place” could be combined into pageMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  25. 25. Contests apps & ”like-gate” (paid)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  26. 26. Making a contest application by Pagemodo (paid or free)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  27. 27. Facebook promotion guidelinesMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  28. 28. Events (free)Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  29. 29. How are events useful?  Event can be included in a page, group of profile.  Suits well, like the name is indicating, for short term event informing  If there is a lot of content in a page or group, event can work as a ”subgroup” and the content concidering the event can be easily foundMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  30. 30. Recommendations & things to avoid  New companies going Facebook has big challenge to get visibility without paid advertising.  Promote in those times there is interesting activity going on in your company.  Suitable budget for small company is 200-400 eur  Don’t use just paid marketing. Interesting content and conversation is the best Facebook can offer.  Stop in a time. Don’t weary your network. After two weeks it’s a time to make little pause.Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  31. 31. Extra: Tips for Facebook-administrationMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  32. 32. Rules of the Facebook-page  Directs the conversation towards the righ course  Tells what page is for and what is not for  Rules can be used in case of crisis or conflict in the page  Säännöt voivat olla esim: - Kumppaniyritykset saavat kertoa sivulla omasta yrityksestään ja tuotteistaan, mutta kohtuuden rajoissa. - Kommentteihin vastataan vuorokauden sisällä ma-pe - Asiattomat kommentit poistetaan ilman ilmoitusta.Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  33. 33. Alustava sisältökarttaFacebook-sivun sisällön ennakkoon suunnitteluMikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  34. 34. Facebook – Righ amount of right kind of likers (fans)  Increasing the Fan/likers amount in the page - Tell that you are in Facebook in newsletter and you can also puff the campaing which is going on in your Facebook-page. - Invite Facebook-friends (at least some of them) - Facebook ads and sponsored stories - Like-box as a part of online-shop - Facebook-badge as a part of your blog - Lisää vinkkejä 20kpl: Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  35. 35. Common guidelines of Facebook-page content production  The administration should be active. A good principle could be minimum one update in two weeks when is quiet and four updates in a day when is lot of activities and happenings.  A page without new content doesnt´t attract to join. Comments without replies leads to disappointment..  Is important to maintain positive attitude and aim to communication with customers. ”Don´t sell – engage”  Päivityksiin voi laittaa perään päivittäjän etunimen. Se tuo päivityksiin henkilökohtaisuutta.  Oman henkilökohtaisen Facebook käytön myötä oppii, miten muut yritykset markkinoivat, kuinka usein ja miltä se ”asiakkaan” näkökulmasta vaikuttaa.Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive
  36. 36. Mikko Manninen Koivu Interactive http:/ Puh: 050 5707175Mikko Manninen - Koivu Interactive