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UNIVERSAL INTEGRITY HOTLINE: (+1) 800-622.6221                                           DATE: Friday 29th April 2011     ...
DATE: Friday 29th April 2011                                                                                             A...
SAFE HOUSE                                               BLUE REVISION                                                    ...
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call sheet day 53 blue


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call sheet day 53 blue

  1. 1. UNIVERSAL INTEGRITY HOTLINE: (+1) 800-622.6221 DATE: Friday 29th April 2011 Director : Daniel Espinosa UNIVERSAL SAFETY HOTLINE: (+1) 800-364.0747 Producer : Scott Stuber Email: Exec. Producer : Adam Merims CREW CALL : 8:00AM Exec. Producer : Scott Aversano Exec. Producer : Alexa Faigen Exec. Producer : Marc Evans Exec. Producer : Trevor Macy SHOOTING CALL : 8:30AM SA Supervising Producer : Genevieve Hofmeyr Unit 12, Block B, M5 Park Writer: John Lee Hancock Eastman Road, Maitland, Cape Town 7405 S. Africa Day 53 of 69 Writer: David Guggenheim Tel: +27 (0) 21 514 3810 Writer: Terry George Location: CAPE TOWN STUDIOS, FILM CITY BOULEVARD, Sunrise: Sunset: Min: 10 Set Phone: 083 254 7191 OFF BADEN POWELL DRIVE, FAURE (GPS: 34°155.93S / 18°4340.56E) 7:18AM 6:08PM Max: 18 BLUE REVISED CALLSHEET Basecamp: AT THE STUDIOS Weather: Partly Cloudy. 40% Rain. Wind S 18-26Km/h ALL CALLS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY THE UPM OR ADS. NO FORCED CALLS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL OF UPM (no exceptions) NO PERSONAL CAMERAS, VISITORS OR GUESTS WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT OF THE UPM. TODAY IS NOT A CONTINUOUS DAY WE WILL BE BREAKING FOR A SIT-DOWN LUNCH AT 2:00PM SET & DESCRIPTION SCENE CAST D/N PGS EXTRAS LOCATIONI/E BMW - MOVING (Traffic Circle) (GREEN SCREEN) BELLOW RIG CAPE TOWN STUDIOSMatt "threads the needle" between two cars Hero BMW 147pup 2 D - E:0 STAGE 1O/S Matt as he heads towards K-rail, turns left at last secondI/E BMW - MOVING/SAN FRANCISCO STREETS (GREEN SCREEN) 150pt 2 D 1/8 E:0Matt drives on streets of San Francisco.- Big Left Turn (looking forwards 3/4)- Matt jostled (To complete: back angle)- Left then Left Turn, looking 45degrees backINT. TOYOTA TRUCK - MOVING BELLOW RIG 282 1, 1X, 2, 2X, XX N 1/8 E:0Driving on the street from Langa to tenement building. Hero TOYOTAINT. TOYOTA TRUCK - MOVING - PRIOR TO CRASH 284pt 1, 1X, 2, 2X N 1/8 E:0They are in the clear, then slammed by Merc Van. XXINT. TOYOTA TRUCK - CRASHED BY MERCS (GREEN SCREEN) 284pt 1, 1X, 2, 2X N 1/8 E:0Green Screen: Toyota is slammed by Merc Truck. 4/8 # CAST AND DAY PLAYERS ROLE STATUS PICK UP CALL MU/H/WARD ON SET REMARKS 1 Tobin Frost Tobin Frost W 9:00AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 11:00AM 2 Matt Matt Weston W 7:45AM 8:15AM 8:15AM 9:00AM 3 Brendan Gleeson Barlow H - - - - 7 Nora Arnezeder Ana H - - - - 8 Vera Farmiga Linklater FIT 12:00PM costume fitting 12.30-2.30pm; then transfer to CT Studios for hair/mup tests (3-5.30pm) 9 Joel Kinnaman Keller REH/FIT 9:45AM fight reh @ Loop St 10-11.30AM; training @ Gym 12PM; costume fitting @ M5 3-4.30pm STUNT PLAYERS 1X Mark Newman Frost Stunt Double - W/N W/N TBD TBD 2X James Grogan Matt Stunt Double - W/N W/N TBD TBD ATMOSPHERE & STAND-INS SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONSFrost Stand-In having had Rpt @ 8AM Ward @ 8AM On Set @ TBD STUNTS: Grant Hulley on set TBDMatt Stand-In having had Rpt @ 7:30AM Ward @ 7:30AM On Set @ 8:00AM MECHANICAL FX: Bellow Rig CAM/SPECIAL EQUIP: Green Screen; 3rd Camera + CrewTotal Background: 0 Total Stunts: 2 ART:Total Stand-ins: 2 Total Action Vehicles: 0 PROPS: Matts Phone - for Insert (with missed calls) PLEASE NOTE THAT MAIN UNIT WILL BE SHOOTING ARMOURY: Matts Gun PICTURE VEHICLES: BMW in stages; Hero Toyota; Wheel Jacks; Green Landrover ANAS APARTMENT ON SATURDAY 30TH APRIL MAKE-UP: Hair/Make-up tests at basecamp with Linklater 3-5.30PM ADVANCE SHOOTING NOTES SATURDAY APRIL 30 - DAY 54 (CONTINUOUS DAY)INT. ANAS APARTMENT 186pt, 186A 2A, 7 D 1 E:102 #50 LANHOLM CRTMatt tells Ana not to go home / POV of street with Police Cars AV: 15 60 KLOOF ST, GARDENSAna packs + prepares to leave SUNDAY MAY 1 !!! DAY OFF !!! MONDAY MAY 2 - DAY 55 (CONTINUOUS DAY)INT. G4 - MAIN CABIN - IN FLIGHT 241 3, 8 N 6/8 E:0 THUNDER CITYBarlow & Linklater en route to Cape Town. CAPE TOWN AIRPORTEXT. PRIVATE AIRFIELD - SOUTH AFRICA 306 3, 8, 55 Dawn 4/8 E:10Barlow & Linklater arrive in Cape Town. TUESDAY MAY 3 - DAY 56I/E TENEMENT BUILDING 312pt 8 Morn 2/8 E:60 PORTLAND RDLinklater takes in the carnage. CORNER FOUNDRY, SALT RIVERINT TENEMENT BUILDING 294 pup (TBD) 2, 18 D - E:0Matt in corridor before the fight COMPANY MOVE TO ROAD LOCATION & BREAK FOR LUNCHI/E BARLOWS CAR - MOVING 315 3, 8 D 6/8 E:0 VAN SCHOORSDRIFT ROAD (OFF N7)Barlow shoots LinklaterExec. Producer/UPM: Adam Merims SA UPM: Alan Shearer 1st Assistant Director: John Wildermuth 2nd AD: Trey Batchelor +27 (0) 83 401 3515Unit Manager: Transport Manager: Morgan Pather +27 (0) 82 656 3385 Locations Manager: Lyall Gardiner +27 (0) 78 168 4708 SA 2nd AD: Patricia Wheeler +27 (0) 83 254 7191
  2. 2. DATE: Friday 29th April 2011 ADVANCE SHOOTING NOTES WEDNESDAY MAY 4 - DAY 57 (CONTINUOUS DAY) COMPANY TRAVEL TO MOORREESBURG (SAFE HOUSE #2) LOCATION (Estimated 90minute Travel)I/E MERC DEFENDER 314 1, 2 D 3/8 E:0 NEAR SAFE HOUSE#2Frost and Matt drive to Safe House #2.EXT. SOUTH AFRICA COUNTRYSIDE 319 1, 2 D 2/8 E:0 VAN ZYLS FARMMatt & Frost walk down road, arrive at Safe House #2. MOORREESBERGI/E SAFE HOUSE # 2 320 1, 2, 9 D 7/8 E:0Keller sees Frost outside, comes out & gets surprised by Matt. THURSDAY MAY 5 - DAY 58 (CONTINUOUS DAY)EXT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 324 - D 1/8 E:0 VAN ZYLS FARMOminous POV. MOORREESBERGEXT. SOMEWHERE IN THE DISTANCE 333 1 D 1/8 E:0Frost in not in great shap, pops a morphine pill.INT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 321 1, 2, 9 D 5/8 E:0Matt wants to lock Frost up in the bathroom.INT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 322 1, 2, 9 D 2/8 E:0Matt locks up Frost.INT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 - BATHROOM 326 1 D 1/8 E:0Frost tries to tear pipe from the wall.INT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 - CONTROL ROOM 323 2, 9, 103 D 7/8 E:2Keller makes his call to the Landlord. FRIDAY MAY 6 - DAY 59 (CONTINUOUS DAY)INT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 - KITCHEN 325, 327 2, 2X, 9, 9X, XX D 1 E:0 VAN ZYLS FARMMatt talks w/ Keller; Keller attacks Matt. MOORREESBERGINT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 - PANTRY 328 2, 2X, 9, 9X, XX D 1/8 E:0Keller & Matt fight, crash thru window. SATURDAY MAY 7 - DAY 60 (CONTINUOUS DAY)EXT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 - BACK PORCH 329 2, 2X, 9, 9X, XX D 4/8 E:0 VAN ZYLS FARMKeller & Matt fight. MOORREESBERGINT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 - HALLWAY 330 1, ,1X, 2, 2X, 9, 9X, XX D 3/8 E:0Keller & Matt fight, Matt kills Keller.INT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 - BATHROOM 331 1, 1X, 2, 2X, XX D 1 6/8 E:0Matt unlocks Frosts handcuffs, passes out. SUNDAY MAY 8 !!! DAY OFF !!! MONDAY MAY 9 - DAY 60 (CONTINUOUS DAY)INT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 - BEDROOM 332, 334 2, 2X, 3, 3X, 4, 38, 39 D 2 2/8 E:0 VAN ZYLS FARMVargas & Barow interrogate Matt. XX MOORREESBERG TUESDAY MAY 10 & WEDNESDAY MAY 11 - DAY 61/62 (CONTINUOUS DAY)INT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 336 1, 1X, 2, 2X, 3, 3X D 2 E:0 VAN ZYLS FARMFrost kills Vargas; Matt kills Barlow; Frost gives microdot to Matt. 4, 4X, XX MOORREESBERGEXT. SAFE HOUSE # 2 335 2, 2X, 3, 3X, 38, 39, XX D 3/8 E:2Barlow goes outside; Linklaters car explodes. COMPANY TRAVEL MOORREESBURG TO CAPE TOWN THURSDAY MAY 12 - DAY 63 (CONTINUOUS DAY)INT. CIA OPERATIONS CENTER 61 3, 5, 8, 21, 22, 23, 24 D 6/8 E:25 3-ARTS THEATREWhitford goes with Linklaters plan to bring Frost to Safe house. MAIN ROAD, PLUMSTEADINT. CIA OPERATIONS CENTER 68 3, 5, 8, 21, 22, 23, 24 D 4/8 E:25Whitford wants satelite coverage to track grab team.INT. CIA OPERATIONS CENTER 172 5, 22, 23, 24, 42, D 1 2/8 E:25Whitford and analysts listen to the phone call. 43, 44 FRIDAY MAY 13 - DAY 64 (CONTINUOUS DAY)INT. CIA OPERATIONS CENTER 174 5, 22, 23, 24, 42, D 3/8 E:25 3-ARTS THEATREMatts personal file come up on the monitor. 43, 44 MAIN ROAD, PLUMSTEADINT. CIA OPERATIONS CENTER 176 5, 22, 23, 24, 42, D 2/8 E:25They are briefed on Ana. 43, 44INT. CIA HEADQUARTERS - WHITFORDS OFFICE 178 3, 5, 8, 21 D 1 1/8 E:0Whitford tells Barlow and Linklater they need to contain it.INT. CIA OPERATIONS CENTER 189 3, 5, 8, 22, 23, 24, D 1 1/8 E:25Linklater briefs Whitford on Alexander Wade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
  3. 3. SAFE HOUSE BLUE REVISION Crew Call: 8:00AM Date: FRI 29 April 2011SET BASEDEPARTMENT NAME LV RPT SET BASE DEPARTMENT NAME LV RPT SET BASE DEPARTMENT NAME RPT PRODUCTION COSTUMES / WARDROBE LOCATIONS 1 Director Daniel Espinosa * 7:30A 8:00A Costume Designer Susan Matheson o/c Superv. Loc. Manager Santiago Quinones o/c1 Producer Scott Stuber N/A Costume Supervisor Charlene Amateau o/c Location Manager Etienne van Niekerk o/c1 Exec. Producer/UPM Adam Merims o/c Key Uniform Costumer Jim Morse o/c 1 Location Manager Lyall Gardiner o/c1 Exec. Producer Alexa Faigen *Mt N o/c Asst Costume Designer Michelle Karavoussanos o/c Location Manager Piet Bredenhand o/c1 Exec. Producer Scott Aversano *MtN o/c 1 Key Costumer Leonie Roberts N/A 7:30A Location Office Coord Gigi Potter o/c 1 SA Supervising Prod. Genevieve Hofmeyr o/c 1 Costumer "Frost" Frank Rose *CR 8:30A 9:00A Location Assistant Rico Bailey o/c ASSISTANT DIRECTORS 1 Set Costumer Sabine Groh THE O 7:30A 8:00A Langa Location Manager Gladstone Mali o/c1 1st Assistant Director John Wildermuth* 7:00A 7:45A Set Costumer Widaad Williams o/c Location Assistant Dumi Mali o/c1 Key 2nd Asst. Director Trey Batchelor* 6:45A 7:30A 1 Set Costumer Rick De Souza N/A 8:00A 1 Locations PA Bheki Shusha o/c 1 SA 2nd Asst. Director Patricia Wheeler N/A 7:15A Extras Supervisor Danielle Knox o/c Locations Trainee Yerushka Chetty o/c1 2nd 2nd Asst Director Marcelino Trout N/A 7:30A Extras Costume Brevan Kleinveldt o/c Locations Langa Lance Lazaar o/c1 3rd Asst. Director BC Megan Truter N/A 7:15A Ager/Dyers Kristine Berg/Tyron Matthee o/c MEDICAL DEPARTMENT1 3rd Asst. Director Brett Hodgkinson N/A 7:30A Ager/Dyer Tamsyn Lee Wilson o/c Health & Safety Ozayr Vally o/c 1 Set PA Olivia McCallum* 7:00A 7:30A Key Pattern Cutter Morne van Greunen o/c 1 On Set Medic Iqraam Abrahams 8:00A1 Set PA Ricky Weaver* 7:00A 7:30A Costume Dept. Asst. Daniel Krenzer o/c Ambulance per Vally N/A1 Set PA Kyle Peters N/A 7:15A Seamstresses Amanda Leffule/Josephine Pegram o/c UNIT1 Set PA Devon van Schalkwyk N/A 7:30A Costume Dept. Trainee Tarryn Kholer o/c 1 Set Captain Lager Peters 7:30A1 Set PA Trainee Phumzile Manana N/A 7:30A HAIR 1 Unit Derick Appelcryn o/c 1 Hair Designer "Matt" Stefano Ceccarelli CR 7:30A 8:00A 1 Unit Assistant Liston Kinyanjui P EXTRAS DEPARTMENT 1 Hair Stylist "Frost" Larry Cherry *CR 8:30A 9:00A 1 Radio/Unit Assistant Albert Sandani E Extras Casting Coord. Jaci Cheiman N/A o/c 1 Key Hair Ayten Morgenstern N/A 8:00A 1 Basecamp Manager Simphiwe Jodwana R Extras Casting Assistant. Caity Shearer N/A o/c 1 Hair Stylist Marie Hildebrandt N/A 8:00A Night Labour Serge Bugandwa B SCRIPT MAKE-UP 1 Unit Labour Fred Sifile E1 Script Supervisor Morag Cameron N/A 8:00A 1 HOD Make-up Vincenzo Mastrantonio 7:30A 8:00A 1 Unit Labour Thulani Bele A1 Script Supervisor Trainee Honest Ngondo N/A 8:00A 1 Make-up Artist "Frost" Carl Fullerton *M 8:30A 9:00A Warehouse/Unit Serge Bugandwa T CAMERA 1 Key Make-up Nadine Prigge N/A 8:00A TRANSPORTATION1 Director of Photography Oliver Wood* 6:30A 7:00A 1 Make-up Raine Edwards N/A 8:00A Transportation Coord. Morgan Pather1 A Camera Operator George Richmond N/A 8:00A 1 Extras Make-up Natasha du Toit N/A 8:00A 1 Transport Captain Kenny Naidoo1 A Camera 1st AC Christopher C Bain N/A 7:45A 1 Make-up Trainee Cailin Nicholson N/A 8:00A 1 Transport Captain Adrian Dorasamy1 A Camera 2nd AC Sebastian Barraclough N/A 7:45A 1 Make-up Trainee Marika Weber N/A 8:00A Transport Coordinator Joan de Magalhaes P1 B Camera Operator Florian Emmerich N/A 8:00A Prosthetics Make Up Clinton Aiden Smith N/A N/A 1 D. Espinosa Driver Khaya Woko E1 B Camera 1st AC Guy Hodgen N/A 7:45A PICTURE VEHICLES 1 S. Stuber Driver Alan Bennett R1 B Camera 2nd AC Akihiro Tanaka N/A 7:45A 1 Superv.Pic. Car Coord. Steve Mann 8:00A 1 A. Merims Driver Bizeki Magwanda1 Central Loader Kevin Groom N/A 7:45A 1 Pic Vehicle Coord. Brad Saunders 8:00A 1 S. Aversano Driver Aziz Middlekoop C1 Stills Photographer Jasin Boland RW N/A 8:00A 1 Pic Vehicle Coord. Jean "Thabo" Grobbelaar 8:00A 1 A. Faigen Driver Shiraz Adams A1 Trainee Frances Kroon N/A 7:45A On Set Vehicle Coord. Colin Breedt o/c "Vargas" Driver Allan Theron P1 Trainee Antoinette Lebakeng N/A 7:45A Pic. Vehicle Mechanic Brian Dresser o/c 1 "Frost" Entourage Driver Adrian Bailey T ELECTRIC Pic. Vehicle Mechanic Andrew Le Bron o/c 1 Security Driver Rushdi Fisher A1 Gaffer Wayne Shields N/A 8:00A 1 Pic. Vehicle Mechanic Eugene Alexander de Stadler 8:00A 1 Crew Driver Donovan Klein I1 Best Boy Electric Justin Paterson N/A 8:00A Pic. Vehicle Asst./Fueler Graeme Staegemann o/c 1 Crew Driver Sean Casey N1 Electricians Jean De Kock N/A 8:00A Push/Pull/Pod Engineer Alex Wheeler N/A 1 Crew Driver Neil Heyburgh1 Electricians Wiseman Dinizulu N/A 8:00A Push/Pull/Pod Standby Jim Wheeler N/A 1 Crew Driver Anthony Skiet1 Electricians Gordon Paterson N/A 8:00A ART 1 Production Driver Jeth Alfanso1 Electricians Le Roux Swanepoel N/A 8:00A Production Designer Brigitte Broch o/c 1 Crew Driver Tariq Abdul1 Genny Operator Elliot Mashiyane N/A 8:00A Suprvising Art Director Nigel Churcher o/c 1 Crew Driver Ashley Jeffrey Rigging Gaffer Dudley Fillies N/A o/c Art Director Jonathan Hely-Hutchinson o/c 1 Crew Driver Thomas Lishl Best Boy Rigging Elec. Ludwe Balintulo N/A o/c Art Director Pablo Maestre o/c 1 SFX Crew Driver Salle Greef Rigging Electrician Phillip Mhlabane N/A o/c Art Department Coord. Allison Tucker o/c 1 Cast Driver Papy Chisugi Clearance/Research Sara Hartinger o/c 1 Cast Driver Ismael Regal Graphics Lucille Doman o/c 7 2 Crew Driver Lunghile Jikumlambo Conceptual Arrtists Gabriel Metcalfe/David Scadden o/c 5 2 Truck Drivers Lots GRIP Draughtsmen Shira Hockman/Catherine Gaum o/c PRODUCTION OFFICE1 Key Grip Guy Micheletti N/A N/A Art Department PA Joe Krenzer o/c 1 S.A UPM Alan Shearer o/c1 Acting Key Grip Brett McDowell N/A 8:00A Art Department Trainee Carl Kindo o/c 1 Prod. Supervisor 1st Unit Gigi Causey o/c1 Best Boy Grip Ryan Faber N/A 8:00A CONSTRUCTION Production Coordinator Damiana Kamishin o/c1 Dolly Grip Lech Gunovic N/A 8:00A 1 Standby Scenic Elaine Seidel N/A 8:00A Asst. Prod. Coordinator Andrew Strachan o/c1 Company Grip Gordon Adams N/A 8:00A 1 Standby Carpenter Douglas Smorenburg N/A 8:00A Acc & Travel Coordinator Nikki Wichmann o/c1 Company Grip Alain Tchoufon N/A 8:00A SET DRESSING Freight Coordinator Marius Botha o/c1 Company Grip Eric Tientcheu N/A 8:00A Set Decorator Melinda Launspach o/c Production Secretary Elise Fernandez o/c1 Company Grip Frank Christians N/A 8:00A Set Decorator Andrew McCarthy o/c 1 Asst. to Scott Stuber Chris Bruno *Mt N o/c1 Grip/Driver Decide Machira N/A 8:00A Lead Dresser Surisa Surisa o/c 1 Asst. to Daniel Calle Tidbeck 8:00A Rigging Key Grip Jens Bacher N/A o/c Lead Dresser Kate van der Merwe o/c 1 Asst. to Adam Tamara Gondwe o/c Rigging Best Boy Grip Judas Banda N/A o/c Set Dressing Coord. Erica van den Raad o/c Asst. to Genevieve Khanyi Ngubane o/c Rigging Grip Assistant Caxton Sharu N/A o/c Dresser Karl de Preez o/c 1 Asst. to "Matt" Korey Richie o/c Buyer/Dresser Kyle Young o/c Office PA Mike Garvas o/c SOUND Buyer/Dresser Jo Anne Stuart-Fox o/c Office PA John Macdonald o/c1 Sound Recordist Nico Louw N/A 8:00A Buyer/Dresser Vicky Sawkins o/c Office PA/I.T. Shaun Bothma o/c1 Boom Swinger#1 Bertrand Roets N/A 8:00A 1 Key On-set dresser Storm Dyssell N/A 7:30A Office set up Assisitant Richard Smith o/c1 Boom Swinger#2 Kelly Stewart N/A 8:00A 1 Standby Set Dresser Asst Waleed Lombard N/A 7:30A Receptionist Trainee Celeste Bredenkamp o/c1 Sound Trainee Sandiswa Mavi N/A 8:00A Swing Boss Johnny Tembo o/c Office Cook Vivienne Sigaqa o/c VIDEO Truck 1 Driver/Swing Mongezi Mkubulki o/c Kitchen Assistant Beulah Sixishe o/c1 Video Take Off Operator Anthony English N/A 8:00A Swing 1 / Swing 2 Thomas Potsane/Simon Potsane o/c ACCOUNTING1 Video Assist Moleko Thejane N/A 8:00A Truck 2 Driver/Swing Lucky Nkosi o/c Financial Controller Michael Goosen o/c1 7D Media Manager Jason Aldrich N/A 8:00A Swing 1 / Swing 2 Willy Samba / Sam Balali o/c Production Accountant Billi Bruins o/c ARMOURY DEPARTMENT Swing 3 Jonathan Ntountani o/c 1st Asst. Accountant Jim Demarco o/c1 Supervising Armourer Joss Skottowe N/A 8:00A STUNTS 2nd Asst. Accountant Jean-Claude Boketsu o/c1 Armourer S.A. Lance Peters N/A 8:00A Stunt Coordinator Greg Powell o/c Payroll Accountant Valerie Du Preez o/c1 Armourer Dave Evans N/A 8:00A Asst. Stunt Coordinator Sarah Franzl o/c Extras Payroll Angie Schutte o/c Armourer Shawn Campbell N/A o/c Fight Choreographer Olivier Schneider o/c Petty Cash Michelle Stroud o/c Armourer Ted Liebenberg N/A o/c SA Stunt Coordinator Grant Hulley TBD Accounts Assistant Jennifer Johnson o/c SFX SA Asst Stunt Coord Vernon Willemse o/c Accounts Assistant Sarah Scutte o/c SFX Supervisor Clive Beard o/c Fight Assistant Patrick Vo o/c Accounts Assistant Mandy Raubenheimer o/c S.A. SFX Supervisor Cordell Mcqueen o/c Fight Assistant Yves Girard o/c Data Capture Lala Sixishe o/c1 Floor Supervisor Terry Flowers N/A 8:00A Stunt Double "Frost" Mark Newman o/c AC Trainee Beulah Sixishe o/c Workshop Supervisor Sam Conway PER Stunt Double "Matt" James Grogan o/c ADDITIONAL CREW Buyer & Office Coord. Corina Rosca CL Stunt Performer Roy Taylor o/c 1 C Camera Operator Mannie Ferreira 8:00A1 Foreman/Technician Tyrell Kemlo N/A 8:00A Stunt Performer Matt Stirling o/c 1 C Camera Focus Puller James Blyth 8:00A1 Senior Tech Act Veh Paul Brady N/A 8:00A Precision Driver Evangelos Grecos o/c 1 C Camera Loader Francois Archar 8:00A Senior Technician James Murrell I Precision Driver Martin Ivanov o/c 1 Additional Grip 1 Jacob Mafolo 8:00A Senior Technician Alastair Vardy V Stunt Coord Asst / Safety Peter Miles o/c 1 Additional Grip 2 Craig White 8:00A Lead Technician Sithembiso Sontshaka E Stunt Coord Asst / Safety Lee Millam o/c 1 Additional Spark 1 Leon Harris 8:00A1 Lead Technician Jonathan Steyn N/A 8:00A Precision Driver David Ware o/c 1 Additional Spark 2 Name TBD 8:00A Technician Julian Butterfield E SECURITY Technician Julian Howard A 1 Security Coordinator Christopher Amyes o/c Technician Ken Petrie R 1 SA Sec Supervisor Keith Conroy o/c Technician Emil Snyman D 1 Close Protection "Frost" Sal Lunsford o/c1 Technician Calen van Skalkwyk N/A 8:00A 1 Close Protection "Matt" Peter C. Italiano o/c PROPS Security Driver Jack Barawani Mwehu o/c1 Propmaster Andrew "Ollie" Orlando N/A 8:00A EDITORIAL1 Asst. Propmaster Arlo Markantonatos N/A 8:00A Editor Richard Pearson o/c1 Standby Props Jacques Strick N/A 8:00A 1st Assistant Editor Sean Thompson o/c1 Standby Props Asst. Moray McGregor N/A 8:00A 2nd Assistant Editor Adam Brailsford o/c1 Props Truck Driver Abdul Dialla N/A 8:00A Editorial PA Kirsty Cumming o/c Props Asst Louwrens Smith N/A o/c ANIMAL DEPARTMENT Props Trainee Tawfeez Hendricks N/A o/c Animal Wrangler Garin van Munster N/A MOTION GRAPHICS Motion Graphics Superv Rick Lupton - o/c CATERER/CRAFT SERVICE - Lynn Matthysen Motion Graphics Designer Paul Kalil - o/c Crew Bfast rdy @ 6:30AM 150 Motion Graphics Coord Gaby Beyers - o/c Crew Lunch rdy @ from 1:30PM 150 VFX Crew Craft rdy @ 6:30AM 150 On Set VFX Supervisor Jeremy Hattingh - o/c Extras Bfast rdy @ - 0 TECHNICAL ADVISORS Extras Lunch rdy @ - 0 Tactical Advisor Dan Hirst - o/c Extras Craft rdy @ - 0 1 CIA Advisor Luis Falcon * 7:30A 8:00A Security Bfast rdy @ 6:30AM 8 PUBLICITY Security Lunch rdy @ from 1:30PM 8 1 Production Publicist Guy Adan o/c 1 Behind The scenes Prod. Brett Levisohn o/c BASECAMP CATERING FOR 50 PEEPS 1 Behind the scenes Photog. Richard Kruger o/c62 5 12 15 30 29 * = TRAVEL TIME * CG = Cape Grace *MtN = Mount Nelson *CR = Cape Royale *RW = Rockwell *W&A = V&A Marina Apt. *The O = The Oranjerie *M = Marina Apts Universal Pictures - PRG 05 Rev: 03-10