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Our improved assignment activity and turnitin integration


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American University of Beirut - AUB
Wissam Nahas - eLearning Manager
Moodle Team

Published in: Education, Technology
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Our improved assignment activity and turnitin integration

  1. 1. IMPROVEMENTS ON THEASSIGNMENTACTIVITY & TURNITININTEGRATION Wissam Nahas - eLearning Manager Moodle Team American University of Beirut - AUB
  2. 2. Outline Moodle at AUB Using Assignment activity Problems faced with Upload a single file Advantages of using Advanced uploading of files Our decision Our improvements Integration with Turnitin the plagiarism detection system Q&A
  3. 3. American University of Beirut - AUB Founded in 1866 Top university in the ME Middle States accreditation 64 buildings over an area of 61- acre More than 100 programs Around 8000 students Faculty to student ratio 1/13
  4. 4. LMS@ AUB WebCT - Fall 2001 Moodle - Summer 2005 74% of AUB course-sections uses Moodle (Using Moodle is optional by faculty) Web-enhanced and Blended course delivery A couple of online courses Moodle 2  Piloting Moodle 2 – Summer 2012  Official move to Moodle 2 – Fall 2012
  5. 5. Using Assignment Mostly used graded activity  Advanced uploading of files  Online text  Upload a single file  Offline activity 7133 assignments in 2633 courses
  6. 6. Problems faced with Upload a single file The loss of previous submissions Inability to submit more than one file at the same time Hide/reveal assignment description manually Inability to delete a student’s submission even by theadministrator
  7. 7. Advantages of Advanced uploading offiles Allow deleting More than one submission at a time Allow addition of comments and notes Hide/reveal description before available date Enable send for marking
  8. 8. Our Decision Stop using “Upload a single file” assignment type “Advanced uploading of files”  “File Upload” Change the default settings  Allow deleting  “NO”  Maximum number of uploaded files  “1”  Enable send for marking  “No”  When the submission is late, display the date and time in red Integration with Plagiarism Detection System
  9. 9. Plagiarism Detection System Searched for open source solution Turnitin is one of the best in the market Integration with Moodle  Enable the use of the service in the assignment activity  Single sign on  2 Plug-ins (Moodle vs. Turnitin)
  10. 10. Two in One Both combined in one type
  11. 11. Turnitin settingsTurnitinSettings
  12. 12. Student’s View Note added automatically Assignment when Turnitin setting is Description enabledStudent’sSubmissio n Similarity Report Additional note by the student
  13. 13. Instructor’s View Student’s Submission Similarity Report Student’s Note Display date and time in red when its late
  14. 14. Questions? Thank you! Contact information: Wissam Nahas Academic Core Processes & Systems Moodle @ AUB