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During this short presentation, I will be sharing with the community the process of moving to Moodle 2 including the time plan, road map, problems faced, alternatives we found, enhancement we did on our Moodle 2 version, transition period, training faculty, piloting period, course migration, features missing, integrations with 3rd party applications and all obstacles we faced during the move to Moodle 2 and finally our success story. I want to share these issues to encourage others who are planning to move to Moodle 2 but still reluctant, to go for it on top of all these obstacles. Also to help them avoid the problems we faced.

Presented by Wissam Nahas at Moodlemoot Dublin 2013 -

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  • “ The title is inspired from Shakespeare's play Hamlet , 1602” As the eLearning manager at the American University of Beirut, I manage a team responsible for maintaining, developing and promoting the eLearning applications at the university In addition to Moodle, we host Mahara, LimeSurvey and we are subscribed in the Turnitin service, and it is integrated with Moodle
  • Number one university in Lebanon Top university in the region
  • WebCT Vista vs. campus edition
  • Two instances for one semester – FM courses are not semester base, they are year base and we didn’t want to intercept the courses. in addition it is not impossible to move courses with user data from M1 to M2
  • Show Moodle self-training course Flyers
  • SSO – didn’t work – duplicate profiles – separate urls
  • Essay question: embedded save & rescue button, remove full screen and adding lines
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  • Mootie13 moodle 2 to move or not to move - wissam nahas

    1. 1. Moodle 2to MoveTo move, or notWissam Nahas / E-learning Manager American University of Beirut
    2. 2. Outline• The American University of Beirut• LMS at AUB• Moodle 2 project• Modifications• Recommendations• What’s next• Survey results• Q&A
    3. 3. American University of Beirut - AUB• Founded in 1866• Top university in the ME• 64 buildings over an area of 61-acre• More than 100 programs• 8000 students representing 66 countries• Faculty to students ratio: 1/13
    4. 4. LMS @ AUB• Fall 2001: WebCT• 2005: Sakai, Bb, Angel, WebCT & Moodle• Summer 2005: Moodle• Spring 2011 - Moodle 1.9 is no more supported • Plug-ins & integration were not ready • Slowness of 2.x• Postponed the move for one year• Spring 2012: to move or not to move • Stay with 1.9 • Move to 2.x • Search for another LMS
    5. 5. Moodle 2 Project• Team • One E-learning manager • One system administrator/developer • Two application analysts • Three instructional designers • Student work program• Time plan • Mid-April to Mid-June 2012• Transition wasn’t immediate • Two instances for one semester • Change wasn’t imposed • Piloting with 90+ courses
    6. 6. Moodle 2 Project - Tracks• Promotional material and training• Technical side• Application side
    7. 7. Promotional Material and Training Track• Campaign - Moodle 2 - It’s all about the experience• 50 min workshop “Moodle 2 Walk through”• Moodle self-training course - Moodle docs• Flyers focusing on the new features• Advertisement • Social media: Facebook & Twitter • SMS to faulty and students - mobile solution
    8. 8. Technical Track• Hardware requirements• Latest version 2.2.5• Code edits and modifications• Additional plug-ins• Turnitin integration• Parallel instances for the Summer 2012 • 1.9.15 • 2.2.5• SSO didn’t work - duplicate profiles
    9. 9. Application Track• Roles & settings• Testing (application, plug-ins & integrations)• Different thoughts for course migration • Start from scratch - empty courses • Ask faculty to move their courses • Do the work • 2600+ courses • 101,000+ questions • 94,000+ resources • 8,100+ assignments • 5,500+ forums • 2,100+ quizzes
    10. 10. Application side: Course migration• Bulk restore - didn’t work• Time to clean the accumulated courses• Gradual course migration - semester based• Kept Moodle 1.9 accessible to faculty• Minor problems • Missing question types • HTML coding error
    11. 11. Modifications• Drag & Drop block vs. File picker• Hide the Server Files in File picker• Essay question - full screen toggle, save & rescue button• Remove “upload a single file”• Book & Attendance were not compatible with 2.x• Replace Survey by (Questionnaire vs. Feedback)• Integration with Turnitin• Clock block (server time vs. user time)• Maximum upload size 100MB3GB• Mobile solution - IOS & responsive web design theme for all platforms
    12. 12. Recommendations• Time to clean - don’t move all courses• Avoid moving during Fall & Spring• Parallel instances• Don’t force faculty to move - ask them for piloting• Use online training material• Focus on the new features - 50 min walk through• Focus on the advantages of Moodle 2 - people are resistant to change
    13. 13. What’s next• Moodle 2.3 vs. 2.4• Mobile app for all platforms• Assignment receipt• Missing question types• Performance - cluster with load balancer
    14. 14. What’s next• Compatibility with IE• Bulk reset• Movability of quiz navigation block / secure window• Integrations • Turnitin • Mahoodle / Mahara • Student system - Banner • ID - center
    15. 15. Thank you!Wissam Technology DepartmentAcademic Core Processes & Systems
    16. 16. Survey results• What feature/function did you like most about Moodle 2? Drag and Drop & Course Navigation - took the highest rank• There is a major difference between Moodle 2 & 1 - 30% said yes• There is a slight difference between Moodle 2 & 1 - 66% said yes• Moodle 2 met my expectations as a course management system - 85%• I am comfortable using technology on Moodle 2 - 91%• Moodle 2 is straightforward and intuitive - 86%• I would like to use Moodle 2 in all of my courses - 96%