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Introduction to social selling


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Social Selling is made in order to achieve your goals. Tech buyers are numerous in the sale cycle, and you have to reach them where they are : online, on social media. So stop calling them. Build your personal brand and establish trust. This presentation is an introduction on Social Selling in LinkedIn. Stay tune for more content on other social network. Let's bring you social media index up to 99 !

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Introduction to social selling

  1. 1. Introduction to Social Selling
  2. 2. Content  What is Social Selling ?  Why invest in Social Selling ?  Calculate your Social Selling score ?  How to improve your Social Selling score ?  Best Practices  Next steps
  3. 3. What is Social Selling - Catch the Customer where he is - Be an ambassador - Be relevant in your field - Explain the solutions you can provide - Reach the decisions buyers pool - Build up your personal branding
  4. 4. Why invest on Social Selling ?  Source: Kathleen Schaub, IDC, “Social Buying Meets Social Selling: How Trusted Networks Improve the Purchase Experience,” April 2014
  5. 5. Business Cases  70 000$ deal by just joining a LinkedIn group 47 millions in new business attributed to social selling. In 1 year : 6000 new prospects 1 million € in deals
  6. 6. Social Selling Score - Assign to you a score - Competitors analysis - 4 fields to work on - Establish your professional brand - Find the right people - Engage with insights - Build relationships - You can reach a really high level
  7. 7. How to improve your social selling score ? - Write something in LinkedIn Pulse - Share your presentations on SlideShare - Add them to your profile - Analyze the behavior (comments, like, profile’s visits…) - Join groups - Recommendations - Answers to InMail - Link Virtual and AFK - Etc…
  8. 8. LinkedIn Pulse
  9. 9. Pro tips - 100-150 words for a quick preview - 300 to 600 words for a genuine content - Work your title - Schedule your posts
  10. 10. SlideShare LogIn with LinkedIn Upload presentations But which one ? Then add them to : - Your profile - Write an article on LinkedIn Pulse About it !
  11. 11. Best practices – Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Don’ts Set goals Wing it Engage Broadcast Be authentic Be fake Add value Just Sell Listen Blast message Build Trust Try to close
  12. 12. ANY QUESTIONS ?
  13. 13. Ask them online #asknotoriousbykoff