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Outlets Profile

  1. 1. RUSTIQUE  Grill  &  Wine  -­‐  Plaza  Senayan  4th  Fl.  #  413   Established  in  2007,  Rustique  is  the  first  in  Indonesia  to  serve  the  widely   acclaimed  dry-­‐aged  beef.   To   complement   our   meals,   our   interiors   are   specially   designed   using   natural,  unpolished  red  brick  walls,  muted  earth  hues  suffused  in  light,   gilded   mirrors,   and   comfortable   furnishings   to   create   a   casual   yet   elegant  vibe  for  our  guests  to  wine  and  dine  in  as  they  enjoy  an  exclusive   look  into  our  open  kitchen.     IMMIGRANT  Dining  Room  -­‐  Plaza  Indonesia  6th  Fl.  #E02-­‐03   Taking  a  spot  within  the  sprawling  block  on  Plaza  Indonesia’s  6th  Floor,   the  Dining  Room  offers  valued  a  place  to  eat  and  interact,  away  from  the   glittery  –  albeit  trendy  –  club  vibes  as  the  answers  to  clientele’s  input  for   a  space  where  cultures  and  cliques  can  commune  while  tasting  the  best   that  contemporary  dining  has  to  offer  within  the  Dining  Room’s  400-­‐plus   sqm  area.     The   Dining   Room   also   sports   a   bar,   a   semi-­‐private   alcove   and   both   smoking  and  non-­‐smoking  areas.  Its  140  seats   Menu-­‐wise,  the  Dining  Room  harkens  to  years  of  experience  resulting  in   a  personal  culinary  growth  and  exciting  kitchen  explorations  under  the   baton  of  Head  Chef  Stephane  Galibert  who  has  years  of  experiences  in   leading   establishments   in   Paris,   London,   Montreal,   Sydney   including   a   handful  of  Michelin-­‐starred  ones.     DE  LUCA  Italian  Trattoria  and  Bar  -­‐  Plaza  Senayan  Palm  Gate   Opened  in  May  2011,  offers  simple  yet  delectable  authentic  Italian  food   with  a  discerning  selection  of  wine  to  match  your  meal.  Using  fresh  local   and  imported  ingredients,  food  is  prepared  by  the  kitchen  team  headed   by  Chef  Camille  Benedetto-­‐Flosse  who  was  classically  trained  in  France   and   has   worked   in   many   Michelin-­‐stared   and   reputable   restaurants   around  the  world.     The   wine   list   from   the   bar   features   a   comprehensive   range   of   wines   from  around  the  world.  To  complement  the  wine  list,  the  restaurant  also   offers   an   extensive   range   of   aperitifs,   spirits,   liqueurs   and   signature   cocktails,  using  only  premium  liqueur  as  the  main  ingredients,  and  play   around   with   preparation   techniques   such   as   infusion   and   aromatic   fuming   which   believed   to   be   the   first   in   Jakarta   at   the   time   of   its   opening.    
  2. 2. MONOLOG  Coffee  Company  -­‐  Plaza  Senayan  Palm  Gate  &  Pondok  Indah   Mall  Street  Gallery   Monolog   is   like   a   little   slice   of   heaven   plucked   from   Melbourne   or   London.  From  the  restaurant  interior,  food  to  the  rustic  fare,  the  coffee   shop  exudes  a  warmth  and  charm  reminiscent  of  a  coffee  shop  in  those   cities.     Coffee  aficionados  will  be  indulged  with  their  home  blend  coffee.  From   espresso  to  macchiato,  to  cappuccino  and  latte,  Monolog  will  cater  to   the  discriminating  taste  of  the  market.  If  you  are  not  a  coffee  drinker,   there  is  a  house  tea  selection  and  other  refreshing  beverages.  Hot/iced   Chocolate   and   Hazelnut   Chocolate   Nutella   Milkshake   are   among   the   popular  ones.     Using  the  best  available  beans  from  around  the  world,  we  roast  them  by   themselves.     Unlike   others,   Monolog   also   offers   regular   meals   and   serves   all   day   scrumptious  hearty  breakfast.       GARÇON  Bistro,  Bar  &  Patisserie  –  Plaza  Senayan  4th  Floor  No.  410   The   capital’s   hip   posse   and   food   enthusiasts   now   have   another   social   hangout  to  head  off  to  for  unwinding  between  and  after  working  hours.   As  its  name  suggests,  Garçon  is  all  about  exploring  the  delights  of  youth.   It  boasts  a  classy  Parisian  theme  with  modern,  chic  and  edgy  twists  in   the  form  of  geometric  designs  dominated  by  white  wooden  panels  and   custom-­‐ordered  monochromatic  tiles.     The   food   offering   itself   is   a   combination   of   all   things   fashionable   yet   classy.  Headed  by  Chef  Camille  Benedetto,  who  has  been  trained  for  20   years  in  classic  French  cuisine  with  a  Mediterranean  infusion,  the  kitchen   formulates  all  sorts  of  butter  creamed  recipes  typical  of  French  dishes   but  also  has  touches  of  southern  ingredients  predominated  by  olive  oil,   basil   and   tomatoes.   There   is   also   a   lunch   set   special   to   cater   for   professionals  looking  for  healthy  yet  wholesome  portion  on  the  go.     From   the   patisserie   section,   a   whole   row   of   cakes   and   pastries   are   available   for   cake   lovers   to   choose   from,   handpicked   by   Pastry   Chef   Masaaki  Konno  whose  CV  includes  working  under  the  famed  Michelin-­‐ starred   cook   and   restaurateur   Joël   Robuchon   and   Antoine   Santos,   a   Valrhona’s  chocolate  professor  from  Ecole  Criolle.     HOUSE  OF  YUEN  by  Sun  Tung  Lok  –  Fairmon  Jakarta  3rd  Fl.   The   city   celebrates   the   enlivened   taste   of   SunTung   Lok   –   the   leading   gastronomic  style  in  Hong  Kong  that  has  been  respected  for  generations.      
  3. 3. Offering  a  wide,  delectable  array  of  Cantonese  delicacies,  House  of  Yuen   aimsto  be  synonymous  with  a  constantly  excellent  quality  and  service.     Their   core   menu   items   have   been   of   a   selected   quality   since   their   respective  introductions  dating  back  decades  ago  by  the  Yuen’s  family,   with   full-­‐range   specialties   from   dried   seafood,   dim   sum,   and   roasts.   Think  of  the  use  of  only  premium  ingredients  to  create  the  rarest  dishes   to  the  classics  with  a  modern  twist.     Some  of  the  signature  dishes  of  executive  chef  Joe  Chan  from  Sun  Tun   Lok   Hong   Kong   are   implemented   by   Chef   Wong   Tung   Sing,   including   Roast  Suckling  Pig  Stuffed  with  Minced  Shrimp,  Braised  Beef  Prime  Ribs   with   House   Gravy,   and   One   Selection   of   Dried   Seafood   and   Fine   Dim   Sum.  House.     Nestled  in  an  exquisite  setting  at  the  newly  opened  Fairmont  Hotel  in   the  strategic  Senayan  Square  compound,  House  of  Yuen  is  ready  to  dish   out   250   guests   from   business   associates   as   well   as   families.   The   restaurant   also   accommodates   12   private   rooms   for   the   city’s   diners   who  wish  to  banquet  comfortably  for  special  occasions.   With   Michelin   stars   for   five   consecutive   years,   the   distinguishing   excellence  of  Sun  Tung  Lok  is  reintroduced  in  Jakarta  by  House  of  Yuen  –   where  a  balance  of  taste  and  experience  is  presented  in  an  exceptional   way  that  enhances  one  another.