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10 Benefits TMF Managers are Achieving with eTMF Systems


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This SlideShare will provide you with a comprehensive, and informative, overview of why you should be using an eTMF system at your organization.

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10 Benefits TMF Managers are Achieving with eTMF Systems

  1. 1. 10 Benefits TMF Managers are Achieving with eTMF Systems
  2. 2.  Track status of TMF content documents: completed, filed, or missing  Verify status in real-time from any location  Access tools, such as reports and data exportation Benefit 1 | Real-Time Tracking & Viewing of Documents © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Benefit 2 | Easier to Search & Find Documents  Create and upload documents directly in the system  Search documents based on metadata and content  Organize documents on pre-defined TMF structure  Easily locate, retrieve, and view specific documents © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4.  Increase speed of Study Start-Up  Provides central location for information and documentation; always up- to-date with the latest versions  Improves collaboration between trial stakeholders and clinical teams  Pre-defined templates for document creation  Increase speed of Study Close-Out  Progressive and continuous compilation of TMF; no end of study rush  Continuous quality control of documents Benefit 3 | Shortened Clinical Trial Time © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5.  Simplify communications, process, and collaboration with IRBs and IECs  Provide access to specific documents and create IRB/IEC portals Benefit 4 | Easier Collaboration with IRBs/IECs © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6.  Tracking & Accountability of TMF Content  Track when the reception, review, quality control, and filing take place Benefit 5 | Increase TMF SOP Compliance  Timeliness of TMF Compilation  Identifies required documentation; dividing them into expected and outstanding documentation © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7.  Extract key business intelligence from documents in the system  Embedded analytics for better decision making Benefit 6 | Better Visibility into Key Trial Performance Metrics © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8.  Eliminates costs associated with paper document storage  Eliminates costs associated with managing snail mail, scanning, filing & refiling, and retrieving documents Benefit 7 | Cost Savings © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. Our customizable Paper-Based System Cost Calculator lets you input a few basic metrics and tells you all the information you need to know! Ever wonder how much your paper system is actually costing you? Free Download © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10.  Eliminates document overlap  Document versions are always up-to- date and easily accessible  Simplified TMF compilation Benefit 8 | Easier Collaboration with Sites
  11. 11.  Allows all records, documents, and information to be available and accessible  Ensures documents have undergone formal quality control  Provides tools for filtered view to facilitate inspection  Reports generated by system indicate what is required for inspection and what needs to be completed Benefit 9 | Improved Audit & Inspection Readiness © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12.  All TMF content in one electronic location, meaning no need to physically transfer paper documents  Eliminates overhead costs associated with the shipment of documents  All pertinent information located in central location Benefit 10 | Easier Collaboration with CROs © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. The Future of eTMF Convergence of Clinical Data  Combination of documents and data from ancillary systems  Integration and connection of information sources to eliminate information silos  Improved collaboration and tracking information sharing between sponsors, CROs and clinical sites © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. Key Takeaways  Improved and simplified collaboration between sponsors, CROs, and clinical sites  All content in one central location; always accessible and always up-to-date  All content is tracked and given a status  Improved quality control and compliance  Always inspection ready  Cost savings due to the elimination of paper documents © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. © 2017 Montrium. All Rights Reserved. 15 The Smart Way to Manage TMF Content CLICK TO EXPLORE © 2017 All Rights Reserved.
  16. 16. Key Features eTMF Connect Complete eTMF Configuration based on TMF RM Automatic Classification of Artifacts Configurable & Intuitive Workflows Clinical Inbox for External Documents Bath Indexing & Auto- filing of Records eTMF Navigator © 2017 All Rights Reserved.