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Focus the nation

  1. 1. ““Sustainability and ClimateSustainability and Climate Change Solutions”Change Solutions” FOCUS the Nation January 30-31, 2008 - UC Irvine
  2. 2. UC Policy on SustainableUC Policy on Sustainable PracticesPractices - March 22, 2007- March 22, 2007 (10 Campuses - 214,000 Students)(10 Campuses - 214,000 Students)
  3. 3. Policy Sections • Green Building Design • Clean Energy Standard • Climate Protection Practices • Sustainable Transportation Practices • Sustainable Operations • Recycling & Waste Management • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Practices
  4. 4. Green Building Design-GoalsGreen Building Design-Goals I. Outperform the required provisions of the CA Energy Code (Title 24) by at least 20% II. All new building construction will be a minimum of LEED™ 2.1 “Certified” III. Campuses will strive to achieve a standard equivalent to a LEED™ “Silver” rating or higher IV. The UC will design and build all new laboratory buildings to a minimum LEED™ 2.1 “Certified” rating and the Laboratories for the 21st Century (Labs 21) Environmental Performance Criteria
  5. 5. Clean Energy Standard- Goals  The UC will procure 20% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2010  Provide up to 10MW of local renewable power by 2014
  6. 6. Climate Protection Practices- Goals •The UC will meet AB32 (CA GlobalThe UC will meet AB32 (CA Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006),Warming Solutions Act of 2006), reducing GHG emissions to 1990reducing GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020levels by 2020 •All 10 campuses are committed toAll 10 campuses are committed to developingdeveloping CLIMATE NEUTRALCLIMATE NEUTRAL Action plans by December 2008Action plans by December 2008
  7. 7. Recycling and Waste Management-Goals  In support of the CA Integrated Waste Management Board’s goal for a “zero waste California”  50% waste diversion by June 30, 2008  75% by June 30, 2012  ZERO WASTE by 2020
  8. 8. Environmentally PreferableEnvironmentally Preferable Purchasing PracticesPurchasing Practices  30% recycled multi-use paper  100% recycled content janitorial paper  GreenSeal™ certified janitorial cleaning products  ENERGY STAR© electronic equipment (including Lab freezers rating)  EPEAT™ certified products given preference in bidding  Working with BAN and Manufacturer Take-Back programs
  9. 9. Social Responsibility  Biggest Challenge  Becoming the Forefront of the Sustainability Movement (Superman Van)  Green for All language into the Policy  Work through the Student Regents, Community Leaders, and the The Sustainability Steering Committee to put pressure on the EVP  Level of the State
  10. 10. UC Sustainability Steering Committee Working Groups for all sections of the Policy New Working Groups currently in development: Sustainable Food Systems, Responsible Investing, possibly Land-Use Students have been key in initiating, formulating, writing, and implementing each iteration of the Policy
  11. 11. Student Representation UC Sustainability Steering Committee -Student Reps. Student Representation on Working Groups (Purchasing, Foods, & Investments) CSSC Policy Coordinators
  12. 12. So weSo we have thehave the policy…policy… butbut whatwhat does thisdoes this mean formean for students?students?
  13. 13. The CSSC &OurMissionThe CSSC &OurMission StatementStatement ““Uniting and empowering the CAUniting and empowering the CA community of higher education toof higher education to collaboratively and nonviolentlycollaboratively and nonviolently transform ourselves and our institutionstransform ourselves and our institutions based on our inherent social, economicbased on our inherent social, economic and ecological responsibilities.”and ecological responsibilities.” CSSC=California Student Sustainability Coalition
  14. 14. CSSC StructureCSSC Structure Friends of CSSC Advisory Network Executive Committee Council of Representatives The Core Mission Vision Principles
  15. 15. What do all of those circles mean?
  16. 16. Our Charter CSSC formed 4 years ago Signed our Charter last summer Dictates protocol, describes positions We have organizational structure!
  17. 17. What are some of the things weWhat are some of the things we DO?DO?
  18. 18. We Converge! Quarterly meetings across the stateQuarterly meetings across the state Connect on campaignsConnect on campaigns Host workshopsHost workshops Share skillsShare skills Meet new membersMeet new members Make new friendsMake new friends Build CommunityBuild Community Celebrate life!Celebrate life!
  19. 19. We Campaign! Campus Climate Challenge Move U Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) India Exchange Referendums passed on 3 campuses (UCSB,UCSC, UCB) with UCLA and UCI coming this year! (TGIF: The Green Initiative Fund) Responsible Investments UC Foods Initiative - Real Food Challenge
  20. 20. We collaborate with Administration! •UC Policy on Sustainable PracticesUC Policy on Sustainable Practices •Focus the Nation on all 10 campusesFocus the Nation on all 10 campuses •Chancellors’ Advisory Committees on SustainabilityChancellors’ Advisory Committees on Sustainability •Climate Action Steering CommitteesClimate Action Steering Committees •UC Sustainability Steering CommitteeUC Sustainability Steering Committee
  21. 21. Do you want a more sustainable campus?? Join Students for Sustainability (S4S) - UC Irvine Chapter of the CSSC S4S Meets Tuesday at 5pm in Rm. SSL 206 The California Student Sustainability Coalition is a UC-wide student organization with the purpose of uniting students to fight for a sustainable University of California. All students are welcome and encouraged to join. For more information email:, website:,