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Mexico’s	  Aerospace	  Summit	            October,	  2011	  
Where	  we	  are	  The	  State	  of	  Nuevo	  Leon:	  	  Is	  located	  on	  the	  NAFTA	  corridor	  and	  benefits	  from...
What	  we	  are	  •  A	  non-­‐profit	  AssociaBon	  constuted	    in	  August,	  2009.	  •  A	  strategic	  industrial	  s...
Our	  Mission	  &	  Vision	  Mission                  	  	      Develop	  and	  promote	  the	  aerospace	  industry	  in	...
Our	  members	  –	  Private	  Sector	  	  Sourcing	                 Manufacturers	       TesBng	  labs	     Distributors	 ...
Our	  members	  –	  Public	  Sector	  State	  Government	           InnovaBon	  InsBtute	                Industrial	  Cham...
Our	  members	  –	  Academia	  UniversiBes	                Technical	  Schools	     Training	  Center	  
What	  we	  do	  Integrate	  our	  local	  producve	                     Local	  suppliers’	  development	  and	  chain	  ...
Work	  Commissions	   1	                                          2	                                            3	    Inte...
Our	  local	  supply-­‐chain	                                   What	  we	  have	                      What	  we	  can	   ...
CapabiliBes	                                                                                                              ...	              Claire	  Barnouin	                    Director	    aerocluster.nuevoleon@gmail....
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Aerocluster aerospace summit oct11


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Aerocluster aerospace summit oct11

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Aerocluster aerospace summit oct11

  1. 1. Mexico’s  Aerospace  Summit   October,  2011  
  2. 2. Where  we  are  The  State  of  Nuevo  Leon:    Is  located  on  the  NAFTA  corridor  and  benefits  from  excellent  connecBvity  Shares  the  modern  internaBonal  bridge  of  Colombia  with  the  State  of  Texas,  USA  Prepares  skilled  technicians  and  qualified  engineers  Has  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  industrial  and  urban  infrastructure  Is  consistently  ranked  among  the  best  ciBes  to  do  business  worldwide  Offers  excellent  quality  of  life  and  high  level  of  educaBon  
  3. 3. What  we  are  •  A  non-­‐profit  AssociaBon  constuted   in  August,  2009.  •  A  strategic  industrial  sector  funded  by   the  Sate  of  Nuevo  Leon  and  private   memberships.  •  25  members    represenng  the   Aerospace  Triple  Helix  in  Nuevo  Leon:  
  4. 4. Our  Mission  &  Vision  Mission     Develop  and  promote  the  aerospace  industry  in  the  State  of   Nuevo  Leon  as  an  integrated  supply  chain  for  internaBonal   OEM  and  first  Ber  companies.    Vision    (2015)     Transform  Monterrey  and  its  metropolitan  area  into  an   innovaBve  center  of  excellence  for  aeronauBcal   manufacture  and  engineering  in  North  America.    
  5. 5. Our  members  –  Private  Sector    Sourcing   Manufacturers   TesBng  labs   Distributors   Primes   1st  Tier   MRO   Consultants  Assembly  
  6. 6. Our  members  –  Public  Sector  State  Government   InnovaBon  InsBtute   Industrial  Chamber   Federal  Government   NaBonal  Science  Council  
  7. 7. Our  members  –  Academia  UniversiBes   Technical  Schools   Training  Center  
  8. 8. What  we  do  Integrate  our  local  producve   Local  suppliers’  development  and  chain   foreign  investment  aHracon   Quality  systems  management  and  Improve  quality  standards       cerBficaBons  implementaon    Train  our  workforce  on   HOW   Tailor-­‐made  technical  courses  aerospace  manufacturing   focused  on  skills  and  competences  Encourage  innovaon   Technology  and  know-­‐how  transfers    Promote  our  members  at  an   Trade  shows  and  business  events  internaonal  level    
  9. 9. Work  Commissions   1   2   3   IntegraBon  of  the   “Aero-­‐spacializing”   Ge`ng  close  to  Deal-­‐   Supply-­‐chain   Process   Making  Search  for  potenal   Tailor-­‐made  programs   Networking  acvies  for  aerospace  suppliers   for  selected  companies   those  who  are  already  based  on  the  demand  of   to  implement  aerospace   supplying  the  aerospace  OEMs  and  the  gaps  on   standards    and   sector,  or  on  the  verge  our  local  supply-­‐chain.     cerficaons  in  order  to   to  be.    Contacts  with   meet  the  OEMs   potenal  clients,   requirements.     parcipaon  to  trade   shows,  b2b  meengs.     4   Human  Capital  Training  Aerospace  talent  development:  technical  know-­‐how  and  competences  transfers  at  all  levels,  implementaon  of  the  “aerospace  manufacturing  culture”  in  SMEs.  
  10. 10. Our  local  supply-­‐chain   What  we  have   What  we  can   develop   Subcontracted Equipment SystemRaw Materials OEM Suppliers Suppliers Integrators Composites Casting Turbine parts Turbine Military aircrafts Motor Components Motor Forging Sheet metals Fuselaje Wings Commercial Machining aircrafts Flaps Fuel systemMetals and Alloys Tooling Hatches and doors Ignition system Cargo aircrafts Electronic Harneses Windows and Hydraulic systems Components windshields Testing Electrical systems Helicopters Electric Propellers components Special processes Cockpit Shock absorbers Hoses and Pressurization Others Mechanic Breaking systems systems components connectors Landing gear Landing gear Plastic injection equipment Fans and Adhesives and Coatings compressors Tires Fuel deposit Termal and acoustic Transmission MROOther Components Valves insulators Navigation and avionic systems Interiors Audio and video Bearings systems Instruments Maintenance Others A/C systems Others Others
  11. 11. CapabiliBes   &  CerBficaBons   P  =  in  process   HERRAMENTAL  MONTERREY   MAQUINADOS  Y  PROCESOS   ESTAMPADOS  MONTERREY     HAMILTON  SUNDSTRAND     AZTEK  TECHNOLOGIES   PROCESOS  TERMICOS     ROCKWELL  COLLINS   ACEROS  LEVINSON   RUBBER  &  GASKET   PARKER  HANNIFIN   FRISA  AEROSPACE   MD  HELICOPTERS     CASTLE  METALS     METALINSPEC   MM  OROZCO   EZI  METALES   HONEYWELL   CARPENTER     TECMAQ     ISOMEC   VIAKON   HEMAQ   EXOVA   JAITER   ASESA       Supplier  Sourcing  Office   X   X   X   Raw  material  dealer   X   X   X   Forging   X   Machining   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   Metal  fabricaon   X   X   X   X   Plasc  injecon   X   Electric-­‐Electronic  products   X   Secondary  Processes   X   X   X   X   X   Tesng  &  inspecon   X   X   X   Assembly   X   X   Equipment  distributor   X   X   MRO   X   ISO  9001:2008   X   X   X   P   P   P   X   P   X   AS  9100   P   X   P   X   X   X   X   X   P   X   X   X   X   Nadcap   X   X   X   P   X   X   Other  cerficaons   X   X   X   X   X   X  
  12. 12.   Claire  Barnouin   Director   Tel:  +5281  8369  0200