13 06-15 presentation anglais drone it


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13 06-15 presentation anglais drone it

  1. 1. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalisme« Drone it »A drone journalism experiment
  2. 2. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeDrone’s boom : 2012-2013• Since the early 90s, the civil drone is used in cinema but only the militaryfunction was noticeablebecause of its complexity and its cost• Since 2 years, the coming up of drones « key in hand » revolutionned theaccess to a technology and in the same time opened the way to a newdemocratisation of the drone’s use.• In 2012, The first significant experiments about civil uses of drones tookplace: counting elephants, watching fire, recording events…
  3. 3. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeOur experiment• L’Express’s Lab is elaboratinginnovative projects for the Group’sbrands on all devices.• Working on subjects betweentechnology and journalism is in ourDNA.• End of 2012 and in a pragmatic way,we’ve decided to lead this experimentto build ourselves an opinion.• We’ve lend drones to 5 experimenterswith different profiles, for 3 months. Aims : Examine what each of theseexperimenters will do with this newtool within everyone’s reach
  4. 4. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeCollaborating protagonistsWith this project, we have the opportunity to have apartnership with other innovate companies
  5. 5. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeEquipment’s protagonistsParrot DroneThis experiment made us integrate different recording and optimization tools withineveryone’s reach.DJI S800 HexacopterVyclone softwareRomo RobotAnd spare parts
  6. 6. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeOur experimentersCharles de CoquereaumontAerophotographer,Mixed mediaartistLoic Saint-Jalmes, activistEole, photographerPPC, InnovatorBenjamin Turquier,Head of video hubL’Express’s Lab
  7. 7. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeAssessment of 3 months testJust drone it by Charlotte B.
  8. 8. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeMany unexpected discussions• Discussions about tools and videos• Discussions about private life (a lot)• Discussions about journalism• Discussions about discussions
  9. 9. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeThe Drone, a piloting matter
  10. 10. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeThe Drone, a piloting matter• Piloting is the drone journalism’s keystone.• It needs hours of practice, a propitious weather and a goodanticipation of battery’s capacity.• It’s exposed to many technical difficulties (vibrations,picture’s stability and safety…)• However these difficulties are to shade according to thedrone’s type!Eole’s conclusionsEole’s conclusionsPhotographerPhotographer
  11. 11. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeTowards an activist drone?DAMOURETTE/SIPA
  12. 12. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeTowards an activist drone?• « The important thing, with a drone, is to wear good shoes»• Gives good spotting ans zones tracking• Limited with wind, but overhead views bring an largeeyesightmais of a protest march.• Without necessary counting, it gives a concrete idea of a mass• For piloting, smartphones are more convenient than tabletsLoïc saint Jalmes’s conclusionsLoïc saint Jalmes’s conclusionsEntrepreneur and activistEntrepreneur and activist
  13. 13. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeDrone and heritageLe drone des invalides by Charlotte B.
  14. 14. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeDrone and heritage• The drone inside gives a redefinition and anincrease of frescos, castles, ceilings…• Film in motion is more dynamic and brings a bestadded value than static photos took from ascaffolding• A great perception of unknown details• « the drone is an answer for the future »PPC’s conclusionsPPC’s conclusionsInnovatorInnovator
  15. 15. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeDronalist*, a new job ?
  16. 16. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalisme• A lot of questions : real journalistic and editorialinterests? Do I want one in my studio?• There isn’t a real journalistic way that came up• He’s wondering the function but showed the realtool’s and a need of a better recording quality.Dronalist*, a new job ?Benjamin Turquier’s conclusionsBenjamin Turquier’s conclusionsHead of video hub of Express Roulart GroupHead of video hub of Express Roulart Group* Le dictionnaire du futur http://www.dicodufutur.org/
  17. 17. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeConclusion• We have published about fifteen articles onour blog and our experimenters shared manyrecordings• Our experiment has been took over by manymedias (Le monde, Rfi, France Info, Télérama,AFP, etc..), helped colleagues questionningthemselves and made react different kinds ofprofessions.• Our empirical approach shows that only agood pratice could give a real place to dronejournalism
  18. 18. @Jabberwocky_fr# droneJournalismeConclusion« 10% journalist, 30% video, 60% piloting : with the dronejournalism, the journalist makes use of a new sight, thevideast enhances it… but nothing is possible without pilotingcompetences. The possibilities we’ve considered help topredict a shining future for the drone journalism »Raphaël LabbéDirector of innovation in Express Roularta Group