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Library Leadership in Social Infrastructure

Delaware State Librarian, Dr. Annie Norman presents the data systems that Delaware uses to measure library leadership and work in supporting social infrastructure.

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Library Leadership in Social Infrastructure

  1. 1. Delaware Libraries Libraries’ Leadership in Social Infrastructure: Systems, Data, Value Dr. Annie Norman State Librarian of Delaware
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Palaces for the People: How social infrastructure can help fight inequality, polarization, and the decline of civic life Eric Klinenberg Libraries’ Leadership in Social Infrastructure The Public: An act of civil disobedience turns into a standoff with police when homeless people in Cincinnati take over the public library to seek shelter from the bitter cold.
  4. 4. Strategy: Value Propositions
  5. 5. Value Propositions / Library Slogans Libraries bring the world to the community & the community to the world What do you geek? What’s your passion? Libraries support student academic achievement & workforce development Libraries are the heart of the community Why go buy the book when you can go by the library? Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries
  6. 6. Discussion • What is libraries’ unique value proposition? • What business are we in? • What is core to what we do that we would never outsource or give away? • How do/can we measure that?
  7. 7. Financial Strategy
  8. 8. “Public officials don’t believe that libraries are involved enough in solving community issues.*” – OCLC “Belief that the library is a transformational force† in people’s lives is directly related to their level of funding.” – OCLC Financial Strategy Resources are a result of delivering value to the customer. † Belief that the library is a transformational force in people’s lives is directly related to their level of funding- OCLC Geek the Library report, p.1-12, 2011 * OCLC 2008
  9. 9. Strategic Budgeting Emergencies (annual) • Technology replacements (example) • Unused funds can forward-fund operations for next year Strategic Initiatives • Solving community issues • Transformational force in the community • Caution: watch what it adds to ongoing Operating Costs • Partnerships can be free or low cost Operating Costs (annual) • Essential activities • Streamline operations and staff time • Eliminate waste, outdated services Long Term Investments • Maintenance • Minor cap • Repairs
  10. 10. Discussion • What is your approach to budgeting? • How do you budget for the future? • What keeps you up at night? • What is your position on fines?
  11. 11. Data Strategy: Systems
  12. 12. Data Strategy: Systems • What is our system for results? • We need live data at least quarterly in order to make improvements • Do we have the capacity to deliver to our population?
  13. 13. Systems Approach Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service Disney InstituteBefore After
  14. 14. Year 2000 Delawareans are reaping the benefits of a statewide library infrastructure!
  15. 15. Total Libraries SF: 615,634 Increased/revitalized SF since 2010: 331,752
  16. 16. Discussion • What systems do you share in common? • What services do you share? • In what ways do you collaborate and work together? • Are there additional opportunities?
  17. 17. Data Strategy: Customer Data
  18. 18. Data Strategy: Customer Data • What can we tell about our customers from the data we already have? • How are patrons using your services? • What are your patrons trying to achieve?
  19. 19. Dewey Delaware Trend Data Reference Questions Highest activity in assistance with devices and traditional Reader’s Advisory Program Attendance Summer Reading, Arts, Jobs, Health and STEM are most popular All Circulation Fiction is most popular FY 2014 – FY 2019
  20. 20. Discussion • What is your favorite metric? How do you use it? • What are the results you are trying to achieve? • What are your patrons trying to achieve? • How do you manage, display, and use your data - daily, quarterly, annually?
  21. 21. Data Strategy: Context
  22. 22. Data Strategy: Context • How does library use contribute to Community Indicators? • What is libraries’ role in human and community development? • What is libraries’ leadership role in social infrastructure? Libraries Role?
  23. 23. Past
  24. 24. Past
  25. 25. Past ““ ” Delaware Partners encourages “the role of public libraries in developing and utilizing human networks….It is now a collaborative effort of more than 150 organizations focused on strengthening services to Delawareans by coordinating information exchange through public libraries… This infrastructure enables Partners, in collaboration with Delaware libraries, to extend their resources and expand their reach in service to Delawareans.
  26. 26. A man came into Newark Library wanting a job… today! We helped him apply to two jobs and one said immediate need. He had to borrow my phone (doesn’t have one) to call. When there was no answer, he said he was going to the church to get food then go to the employer. It was only 1 hour 20 min walk for him and he said that was no big deal. He had no money for bus or anything. He was excited about meeting with social worker the next morning & redid his resume. I always make sure patrons can get into their email which he could not! – Makes me wonder what percentage do not get employment opportunities because they don’t see the email. Patron Stories A mom who I helped a couple of years ago brought in her recent high school grad from Design School. Her only work experience was 3 months retail. She did not like it. Asking about her interests & school projects in design school, I discovered she enjoyed hands on and computers. I told her to immediately apply to Zipcode, IT Works and Del Tech cisco. Money was a concern and I had both mom and daughter to apply to work on the possibility of scholarships. The starting salary after a Zipcode class is listed as 55k and up to 76k! It is a shame low to no income people settle on the 8.25/hr money for today. Support from family and from professionals really can be the huge difference in helping them take that leap. - Alta Porterfield, Statewide Social Innovator Story1 Story2
  27. 27. How many books does it take to grow a reader? What if you read 4 picture books a day with your child in the first 5 years?
  28. 28. 2017-18 Castle Hills Carrie Downie Harry Eisenberg New Castle Pleasantville Southern Kathleen Wilbur Wilmington Manor Students 608 407 486 591 431 843 1181 305 Borrowers 509 428 32 279 309 736 446 314 Circulation 4102 7875 71 357 513 3803 2515 1777 Staff 55 39 159 93 45 121 72 33 Borrowers 13 12 0 0 0 7 7 3 Circulation 195 215 0 0 0 46 78 7 Total Circulation 4297 8090 71 357 513 3849 2593 1784
  29. 29. Library Data is now available for the public!
  30. 30. Discussion • How does library use contribute to Community Indicators? • What is libraries’ role in human and community development? • What is libraries’ leadership role in social infrastructure? • Try out the Dewey/Maslow boards!
  31. 31. Delaware Libraries
  32. 32. Dr. Annie Norman State Librarian of Delaware Twitter: @AECNorman Questions?