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Orientation presentation


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An introduction to Project Success: rules, expectations, and curriculum overview.

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Orientation presentation

  1. 1. Project: Success! Bridging the Gap
  2. 2. Introduction to YES:Youth Employment Services, Inc. Our Mission: To provide leadership, career exploration, employability, and entrepreneurial training programs which promotes, encourages, and develops Youth (age 14 to 21) to take an active role in their future career, whether it is attending a college, university, a technical/trade school, joining the workforce or becoming an entrepreneur within the region.
  3. 3. Introduction to YES:Our Vision: To Inform, Educate, Promote, Encourage and Guide youth to take an active role in their future careers.
  4. 4. Project: Success!The Road Picture of the job marketThe Map Information on occupations in needThe Destination Resources to assist you secure a meaningful career
  5. 5. Project: Success!• Our project is designed as a career explorationworkshop that also teaches leadership skills, selfsufficiency, employability, and career guidance.• We expect our participants to become moreeducated about their chosen career field, pathwaysto reach their goals, and possess the skillsnecessary to become successfully employed.
  6. 6. Project: Success! Outline of the Program:Sessions • Sessions will be held bi-monthly (approximately two Saturdays every month) • Sessions will be from 9am to 12noon at the CareerLink in Tannersville unless otherwise noted. •Each session will have a guest speaker or activity. At the end of each day, you will MUST complete an Evaluation Form in detail.
  7. 7. Project: Success! Outline of the Program:Field Trips• Throughout the program, there will be severalopportunities for field trips. More information willbecome available closer to the time of the trips.• Trips include: -Court House and Commissioners Office -Harrisburg and State Capital -Industrial Corporation -Theater/Arts Tour -Studio Tour
  8. 8. Project: Success! Outline of the Program:Job Shadowing • From Monday June 20, 2011 to Friday, June 24, 2011 students will have the option to participate in a Job Shadowing Week. • The participant will be placed in a workplace in their chosen career field (facilitated by their mentor) so they can attain hands on experience.
  9. 9. Project: Success! Outline of the Program:Project • Participants will coordinate fundraising campaigns, events, and promotions for Project: Success! and YES. •These will all be created, produced, and run by the group.
  10. 10. Project: Success! Outline of the Program:Employment • YES has connections with many prominent businesses in Monroe County, and will be conducting a job fair for potential part and full time employment near the end of the program. •Note: This is an invitation only event. Participants must have stellar attendance, positive attitude, and must prove leadership skills throughout the program. This decision is completely at the discretion of Ali and Peter.
  11. 11. Our Expectations of You! • 110% Commitment and Participation •Take your assignments seriously •Be a productive part of your team •Be energetic and attentive •Be on time and reliable •Follow instructions carefully •Make an effort to get along with classmates •Be honest!This is your program and it is not written in stone! Help ushelp you make the best of it! Any suggestions for us or yourpeers on how to make any improvements are appreciated!