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23 Expert Predictions in 2014 on Digital Revolution in Bangladesh

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23 Expert Predictions on Digital Revolution - WebAble

  1. 1. Digital Revolution in Bangladesh 23 Expert Predictions for 2014
  2. 2. Bangladesh, with its large and young population is set to reap demographic dividends. I believe that in 2014, digital media will empower young entrepreneurs to start small and reach niche customer groups with unique products at a much lower cost than mainstream media. ‘‘ ’’ Use of digital media has been on the rise in Bangladesh as of late. In 2014,WebAble predicts web platforms to fundamentally disrupt the marketing of ideas, brands and businesses. But to what extent and how? We reached out to 23 experts to find out. **Quotes have been presented alphabetically
  3. 3. Asif Khan Bangladesh, with its large and young population is set to reap demographic dividends. I believe that in 2014, digital media will empower young entrepreneurs to start small and reach niche customer groups with unique products at a much lower cost than mainstream media. Founder, The Asif Khan Blog ‘‘ ’’
  4. 4. Bickey Russell Internet consumption continues to explode in Bangladesh and online behavior is evolving rapidly. As in other emerging markets, the next 12 months will see a dramatic shift in businesses looking to reach the connected consumers, with a much greater focus on effective campaign measurement and targeting. Head of Agency Development, Channel Sales, Google ‘‘ ’’
  5. 5. Fayaz Taher 160 million connected through internet and phone makes one powerful network. We see a rising trend on people getting connected as internet and smart phone usage spreads. Digital marketing will be an important vehicle for brands to reach that network . Investor, Magnito Digital ‘‘ ’’
  6. 6. Iraj Islam We have over 20 Million active desktop internet users now, and as a result the year 2014 will be a year of unprecedented growth in content marketing among brands in Bangladesh. CTO, NewsCred ‘‘ ’’
  7. 7. Kazi Monirul Kabir The growth of internet penetration in Bangladesh has the potential to disrupt the way we have seen internet traditionally. First time internet users and many of them using mobile devices to access internet, would redefine how individuals and businesses connect and collaborate online. New ideas of using internet would drive growth of online solutions for many offline problems… Country Consultant, Bangladesh, Google ‘‘ ’’
  8. 8. Korvi Rakshand Social media campaigns, combined with engaging content and structured online funnels, can be very powerful tools for non-profits to raise money for their projects, mobilize communities, and develop awareness. President, JAAGO Foundation ‘‘ ’’
  9. 9. M K Aaref Lack of connectivity is no longer an excuse. Emergence of digital media has created a huge opportunity for entrepreneurship. Put your business ideas into action and start earning instead of waiting for a 'chakri'. CEO, Center for Public Service and the Arts at EMK Center ‘‘ ’’
  10. 10. M Saifur Rahman Chief Executive Officer, LightCastle Partners Ltd. In the last few years, the digital world has affected our lives in multiple dimensions. From business to politics, the digital media has been a major force in re-shaping our thought process and lifestyle. With a tech-savvy youth population intricately engaged digitally, the importance of social media has never been felt more. ‘‘ ’’
  11. 11. Mahmudul H Shohag Internet usage has gained remarkable momentum in Bangladesh and in 2014 it will grow even faster. Armed with a huge amount of psychographic and demographic information, brands will be able to target specific customer groups. So it's time to be efficient, it's time to be smart, it's time to go online. Chairman & CEO, OnnoRokom Group ‘‘ ’’
  12. 12. Minhaz Anwar In future, the mini-screen will rule! However, telecom operators of today will turn into fossils unless they keep switching the gear all the time to remain relevant. It will be the world of Nano where biology, chemistry, engineering everything will become one integrated idea. Chief Storyteller, BetterStories Ltd. & StartUp Activist, BizCube ‘‘ ’’
  13. 13. Mridul Chowdhury In two years time, two important things will happen: One, dumb phones will become more or less obsolete. Two, high-speed Internet will be available throughout much of the country. This will fundamentally change the way we communicate, learn and share. Founder and CEO, mPower Social Enterprises ‘‘ ’’
  14. 14. Naveed Mahbub Chief Entertainment Officer, Naveed's Comedy Club The key is content. The delivery mechanisms are social media and web in general. The audience, while at the moment being limited to the somewhat affluent, will eventually become the masses now that 3G is in place and with smart phones eventually becoming affordable. ‘‘ ’’
  15. 15. Nash Islam 2014 will usher in the first era of multi-channel digital media planning in Bangladesh. In the past, it was enough to have a Facebook page and some ads to promote it. Now businesses will look to optimize multiple digital touch points through websites, videos, mobile & more. Multi-channel digital media planning will bring these together within one strategy. CEO, Green and Red Technologies ‘‘ ’’
  16. 16. Nazmul Ahmed Bangladesh is #3 in the world for taking on jobs from online marketplaces which accounts for 10% of all their work! Given these trends, with 70 million youths and increasing internet penetration, it is very promising for us to skip the IT/BPO all together and establish a very strong culture of entrepreneurship, freelancers and independent contractors! CEO & Founder, Ennovision ‘‘ ’’
  17. 17. Pial Islam Although we have about 10 million people using mobile banking today, less than 5% of them are active wallet users currently. pi Strategy Consulting forecasts that in 2014 the mobile banking activity rate will experience a 500% growth. And with that, a vibrant mobile banking market will begin to emerge, which will in turn facilitate uptake of e-commerce in Bangladesh in a significant way. Managing Partner, pi Strategy Consulting ‘‘ ’’
  18. 18. Piplu R Khan Film-maker & Founder, Applebox Digitally enabled thinking is shaping quite interestingly in Bangladesh and it will influence our storytelling very soon. In 2014, digital media will become a powerful platform to connect brands with hearts and minds of users. ‘‘ ’’
  19. 19. Prabeer Sarkar Online activity is gaining momentum. 2014 is a year of hope and stability. It is poised also to be a year of online growth, business and marketing in Bangladesh. We should be ready this year for unprecedented growth in content marketing among the brands in Bangladesh. CEO and Founder, Officextracts (Kaspersky Lab), ‘‘ ’’
  20. 20. Quazi M. Ahmed With 36 million internet users, 6.4 million Facebook account holders, and 3G taking off fast in Bangladesh, I expect an unprecedented opportunity for brands to engage with consumers' hearts and minds through real-time interactions across multiple digital channels in 2014. Lead Consultant/CEO, FutureLeaders ‘‘ ’’
  21. 21. Saddam Azad Up until now, the music industry had failed to leverage the internet for publishing & curating music and reaching its target audiences. This is about to change in 2014 with exciting new developments in the intersection between technology and music. Founder & CEO, Dugdugi ‘‘ ’’
  22. 22. Sadequa R. Sejuti In 2014 digital media will truly transform the growth of small businesses online. I look forward to seeing brands leverage visibility in search engines, micro level community targeting, and social media marketing to the full extent. Managing Director, Future Solutions for Business (FSB) ‘‘ ’’
  23. 23. Saif Kamal Brands in Bangladesh need to use social media to listen to their consumers and integrate it into their user insights and research. Managing Partner, Toru The Idea Tree ‘‘ ’’
  24. 24. Sajid Islam In addition to all the startup ecosystem development activities, the adoption of smartphones & 3G rollout will cause massive innovation & disruptions in 2014. CEO & Founder, Shetu ‘‘ ’’
  25. 25. Sarah Ali Faster connectivity will open up richer content experiences for users across desktop and mobile devices. With the advent of 3G, allowing for bandwidth- intensive visually stimulating engagements, expect to see greater use of video, rich-media applications, and brand experiences that call on real time data and actionable feedback. Managing Director, Bitopi Advertising Ltd. ‘‘ ’’
  26. 26. Revamp your digital strategy for 2014 with us poke@WebAble.com.bd | +880 1911 916 893 | www.webable.com.bd