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ULI Referral Letter


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ULI Referral Letter

  1. 1. ULI Richmond ULI Richmond 2231 Oak Bay Lane Richmond, VA 804—754~4466 23233 Fax 804-754-0801 coordinator@Richmond. uli. org www. Richmond. uli. org August 22, 2007 Jessica Bankston D. 0. Allen Homes, Inc. 812 Moorefield Park Drive, Suite 304 Richmond, VA 23235 Re: ULI Richmond Participation Dear Jessica, I want to express my appreciation for your leadership within ULI Richmond over the last two years. As you know, the organization went through a period of dramatic growth, coupled with a dramatic increase in the number of activities and projects taken on by the District Council. As you also know, you were called upon repeatedly to help shape the message of ULI through your editing and graphic design work. I think you know that you set a high standard for future communications pieces by ULI Richmond, regardless of the event or the audience for the piece. While you should take a lot of satisfaction from how your work helped spread our message and contributed to the success of the programs in the past few years, I trust that you will continue to bring your talents to the table wherever and whenever possible, and help boost the District Council towards even greater success in the future. The bottom line, Jessica, is that I am very grateful for your ideas and hard work, and for you using your community connections to expand awareness of the role of ULI Richmond in helping our region live up to its potential. Please keep Chris posted of any interest you have in taking on new challenges, as there will be plenty of cool initiatives that will emerge in the next few years out of the solid base your past work has helped build. Best wishes for continued professional success, and may you continue to see the rewards from your work with ULI Richmond! oh Grier Immediate Past Chair Chris Corrada, Chair, ULI Richmond Michael Horst, Senior Vice President, District Councils Cc: