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back 2 business week - green deal: Kath Evans sustainability in education


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How schools are making a difference and planning for the future

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back 2 business week - green deal: Kath Evans sustainability in education

  1. 1. Rogiet Primary School, Monmouthshire Kathryn Evans – Head Teacher
  2. 2. During the Build and Demolition
  3. 3. The pupils wrote letters to Willmott Dixon andWhite Design with a few requests… Will the school definitely be made from sustainable materials? Will we have a wind turbine? Can you replace the trees you’re cutting down? Could we have a grey water tank? Are we having light motion sensors? It’ll be a great way of saving energy! Can we use energy from another planet?
  4. 4. Dear Sirs, My name is ***** ****. I am in Year 4EM at Rogiet Primary School and I am nine years old. In school we have been learning about eco energy systems and what we should and should not have in the new school. I am writing because I would like to ask a few questions about the new school. We have voted in class for what we would like.Will we have a wind turbine? I think we should have one so we can use the energy to runthe school. We would all definitely like to have one. What is your opinion on this? We dohave quite a lot of wind, so it should work.Will we have a grey water tank? I think we should have it to flush the toilet chain,because why should you have to have perfectly clean water just to flush the chain. In myopinion I think it ridiculous. You wouldnt want us to waste all that water would you?Think of how many times a day 200 school pupils flush the chain.Can you get energy from another planet? Has anyone ever had a look to see if there is anyway of making energy on another planet? We could make the energy on that planet andthen bring it to earth. Do you think this is a good idea?Will we have motion sensor lights? In my opinion I think its a wonderful idea becausewe forget to turn the lights of all the time really. I certainly think this is very good. I thinkthis will help with our energy bills because we waste so much energy at this school.It would be great to have a biomass generator. We would definitely have enough wastebecause we waste a lot and if we dont have enough we could get everyone at home tobring their waste. What do you think?Please could you take on board all the information I have given you. Thank you forreading my letter, I am longing to find out the answers to my questions.Yours Faithfully,***** ****
  5. 5. Eco-Wall
  6. 6. Pond and Gardens
  7. 7. The next steps for us: Nature Trail Community Garden Outdoor Classroom Wild Meadow Sensory Garden Allotments
  8. 8. Influences for their future?
  9. 9. Operation Sustainable Future