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Invitation for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Front Runners of all kinds and fields A Learning Journey to China and India in October 2011

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Invitation lj chindia_25.8.

  1. 1. Invitation for Leaders, Entrepreneursand Front Runners of all kinds and fieldsA Learning Journey to China and Indiain October 2011
  2. 2. “Weliveinawonderfulworldthatisfullof Adventure in Chindia challengesbeauty,charmandadventure.Thereisnoend your Mental Modelstotheadventureswecanhaveifonlyweseek This will be a 13 days learning journey that willthemwithoureyesopen.”­–JawaharialNehru challenge your mental models in order to open up for new possibilities. You will gain the understanding of how India can be:Learning Journey to China • Leading in the software bioscience outsourcing worldwide (Infosys, Wipro)India in October 2011 • Have a wide variety of spiritual growthLearning Journey to China and India contains 2 • Create new emerging multinationals (Tata, Mittal,insightful weeks in the rising economic hubs of the Reliance)world. Social entrepreneurship, outsourcing, • Developed most successful cases related to theemerging markets the fortune at the bottom of the fortune at the BOP (Unilever)pyramid, challenging yourself in terms of optimal • Social entrepreneurs (Aravind)discomfort, creativity, radical environmental change, • Fastest growing market for European companiespersonal real learning, fun satisfaction are thespices that will be experienced throughout the Understand how China has become one of the mostjourney. important countries of the world. Learning which are the most important successes and failures of foreignThe trip will be based on the dialogue created with companies (producing, selling outsourcing).the diverse team of professionals that will comealong. Moreover, the program of the journey will This learning journey involves interaction with localinclude workshops around sustainability with people, because we believe traveling is all aboutinternational experts, voluntary work in Kolkata who we meet on the journey. Be it ourselves, our(India) and visits to carefully selected organizations travel companions or locals. This is connected withand companies in China and India. the idea of being able to run projects together with people from other cultures. Because via
  3. 3. understanding their cultures we can learn howdifferent innovations have been created based on “One’sdestinationisneveraplace,butanewthe diversity and mixture of cultures. wayofseeingthings.” ­–HenryMillerLearning ProcessWe are about to undertake on a learning journey. by Mondragon University). Now you have theThe learnings will be made of dialogue among the opportunity to join the process and learn togetherparticipants, seeing and experiencing new with them. We also offer an opportunity to meet withenvironment, visiting carefully selected, inspiring high performing Chinese and Indian companies andsites and organizations, as well as based on the universities and create new businesses with them.dialogue created with the travelers. There will besome pre-work and connecting via online platform Over and above that, this journey is an uniquebefore the journey. opportunity to create partnerships within the Team Academy networks core collaborators from Europe, South America, China and India. Why this journeyThe Core Values takes place is because we want to gain a globalThis learning Journey is built on four core values. mindset and expand our learning businessDialogue. It is all about interaction with local and network to China and entrepreneurs. Curiosity. Contextmatters. Better thinking comes via better questions.Social. Learning is contextual and happens in a Datescommunity. Adventure. We seek and create We expect all the participants to be in Shangai,unknown realities with courage and passion, we go China on the Sunday 9th of October for the sharedfar in order to see close. dinner. Flights back from Mumbai can be arranged from Friday night of 21st onwards. There will be 2 or 3 flights throughout the journey: Shanghai-HongWhy this journey takes place Kong, Hong Kong-Kolkata, Kolkata-Pune. ContactThis is journey was originally designed for us for further information and details.professionals from a wide range of backgroundsdoing the Master’s in Intrapreneurship, OpenInnovation and Team Leadership (MINN, developed
  4. 4. Who is already in Deadline for registrationWe will travel together with the MINN Master’s September 16th, 2011program. The group is formed by entrepreneurs and Due to the nature of the journey we limit the numberleaders from companies such as Danobat, Monkey of participants to 8 people.Business, Eroski, The Hub Gipuzkoa, NRG- marketing, Init Services, Gaia, Team Entrepreneur, Creative Where and how to register? Impact, Mondragon Unibertsitatea This learning journey is organized by Learning MIK. That group will be 13 Journeys, Monkey Business Mondragon Team people in total. We are expecting Academy. To register, contact Liher Pillado at +34 to get 5–10 participants to join this 615 70 23 59 or parallel process that will be hosted and organized by Liher Pillado Ville Keränen. “TwentyyearsfromnowyouwillbemorePrice disappointedbythethingsyoudidn’tdothan3900 euros (+ VAT 18% / 23%). It includes bytheonesyoudiddo.Sothrowofftheorganization of the learning journey which means bowlines,sailawayfromthesafeharbor.e.g. organized visits to companies, workshops, Catchthetradewindsinyoursails.Explore.getting to know local culture, coaching during theprocess written documentation. Price doesn’t Dream.Discover.”include flights, meals or accommodation. Ask for ­–MarkTwaingroup discount.