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10 social-media-presence-30-days-blog-action-plan


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When you build a blog you need one thing: traffic. During the 30 days Blog Action Plan we give you a ton of tips, tricks and ideas how to get visitors to your site and turn your blog into a solid business.

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10 social-media-presence-30-days-blog-action-plan

  1. 1. Register Your Business Name On Different Social Media Sites
  2. 2. Your Business Name• Unique name which represents you and your business• Best case: others know you because of your business name and what your site stands for• First of all: you need to register your business name as a domain name• If necessary, register not just the .com address but also from other countries
  3. 3. Your Business Name On Social Media• Make sure you register your business name also on the different social media sites• Why is this important? 1.You don’t want someone else to use your business name on any social media presence 2.You want to build a solid brand and therefore you should try to brand yourself wherever you can
  4. 4. Which Social Media Sites Are Important?• You cannot be on all sites but you should register at least on:• Facebook (your FanPage)• Twitter• YouTube• Google+• LinkedIn• Slideshare
  5. 5. What Is Hot?• Right now, you should definitely register on Pinterest and on Slideshare• Pinterest is growing rapidly - 23 Million visitors each month are willing to pin and like your content• Slideshare is another social media site where you can find presentations about different topics - you can find a whole new audience!
  6. 6. Get Popular On Social Media Works Similar On All Sites• Register on the site• Make sure that you use your business name as a username• Work on your profile: Add a picture, add a description, add links to your site (more often than not it is not just allowed but desired) and other social media presences• Follow some people in your niche, e.g. find your favorite bloggers on these platforms
  7. 7. Get Popular On Social Media Works Similar On All Sites• Post some content: A link to your blog post, a link to someone else’s post, some pictures, videos, etc.• Like and share other people’s stuff• If you follow these steps you’ll be seen and others most probably also start following you.
  8. 8. That’s The Key...• ...consistency:• Choose 2 social media platforms and spend 10 minutes on each every day. Even better: 2 times 5 minutes.• Do that for a few weeks and your group of followers will grow naturally.
  9. 9. Want To Learn More About Blogging?Join the FREE 30 Days Blog ActionPlan at