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All About Liquid Pool Covers


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All About Liquid Pool Covers

  1. 1. Liquid Solar Pool Covers By Flexible Solutions
  2. 2. Why use a Pool Cover?Evaporation is the major source of heat loss for all swimmingpools. To minimize energy/heat loss one must cover the poolCovering the pool is the single most effective means ofreducing energy/heat loss
  3. 3. Why use a Liquid Pool Cover?Ease of use and installationInexpensive – Low capital costs and maintenanceWorks 24 / 7, even when pool is in useSafety Allows pool to be viewed to the bottom Avoid entrapment Commercial liability
  4. 4. Benefit Comparison Plastic Pool Blanket HeatsavrTM and EcosavrTM Time consuming, potentially complicated and can Automatic, hands-free easy application that require more than one person.Application requires absolutely little storage and no labor to Requires roller and storage. apply Savings from 15% - 45% can be achieved 24 Savings of 50-70% can be achieved but only hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be fully when the cover is correctly covering the pool! coveredEffectiveness Difficult to cover free form pools and around Easily cover free form pools, and can cover fountains and/or waterfalls. around water falls and faountains Even a high quality plastic pool blanket diminishes The liquid cover is entirely transparent and allowsEsthetics the beauty of a back yard area your pool to look its natural best While a pool cover is in use, there is always a risk HeatsavrTM and EcosavrTM are safe for all poolSafety that a child or pet will become trapped underneath users. Pool owners and operators can relax, the cover. knowing that their pool is covered at all times.
  5. 5. What is it made of?The active ingredients in liquid pool covers are biodegradable organiccompounds. Extensive testing proves that the active ingredients wehave chosen do the best possible job at reducing evaporation, savingwater and energy in every poolThe carrier agent is a bio-based Ethanol which evaporates off the poolwater within minutes of being dose. Ethanol allows the activeingredients to spread out quickly and effectively. When the carrieragent is not an alcohol, as in some competing products, the resultingapplication is a slurry or milky solution, which spreads more slowlyand may coagulate.
  6. 6. The ScienceHeatsavrTM consists ofmolecules that are attractedto water at one end andrepelled by water at theother. Each moleculeentangles with its neighborsforming a barrier that slowsthe evaporation of watermoleculesMolecules spread out at arate of 6 mph
  7. 7. Liquid Pool Cover Products Heatsavr™ Is the patented liquid pool cover developed by Flexible Solutions over 15 years ago Developed by Dr. Robert O’Brien, chemical engineer, surfactant chemist Ecosavr™ Is a small plastic fish that dispenses HeatsavrTM through a valve in the dorsal fin Patented design
  8. 8. HeatsavrTMAvailable in 1L bottles 4L jugs (Approx. 1 gallon) Heatsavr Kit Automatic Metering System 5 gallon pails availableDosage: Commercial: 1 oz / 400 sq. ft. daily Residential: 4 oz / 400 sq. ft. weekly
  9. 9. Application MethodsAutomatic Metering System (HS115) The HS115 consists of a 7-day programmable timer and a peristaltic pump This installation can be done at residential or commercial locations The AMS is designed to accurately, reliably and inexpensively dispense Heatsavr™
  10. 10. HS115 Installation Schematic
  11. 11. EcosavrTMFor residential pool ownersOnce a month applicationJust snip the fin and toss it in!Packaged in attractive boxes that canhang or stand nicely on a shelfSold in cases of 60 fish, including 4 – 15pack display cases
  12. 12. Who should use Liquid Pool Covers? Backyard pools – Above and in ground Indoor pools – Humidity control Free form pools – No limitations on coverage Spill over – Spa to Pool Negative edge – Consider circulation and design Commercial – Olympic, wave or other
  13. 13. Skimmers and FiltrationHeatsavrTM molecules are .08 micronsSand Filters – 20 – 25 microns filtrationCartridge Filters – 5 – 10 micronsDE Filters – 3 – 5 micronsProbes, Pumps and other equipment
  14. 14. Pool Chemistry pH Neutral No adverse effects on chemistry Chlorine/Bromine and gassing off Ozone, UV treatment and flocculants“ In conclusion, pool water quality components common monitored by pool operators, including: free, total and combined chlorine; water temperature, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, saturation index, iron, copper, nitrates, phosphates and clarity were not affected by the addition of Heatsavr. Minor fluctuations in water chemistry that occurred during the 30-minute test periods were more likely a consequence of normal chemical consumption resulting from introduction of bather and environmental wastes, and automated chemical injection.” Alison Osinski, Ph. D.
  15. 15. Safety DataHeatsavrTM has been in use for 20+ years around theworld and has never caused a single health or safetyissueThere have been multiple 3rd part health & safetytests conducted on HeatsavrTMRead Safety
  16. 16. Safety TestsHeatsavrTM is accepted by the NSF “It is my opinion that under conditions of intended use the isopropanol component of Heatsavr presents no health risk to the general public…In concentrations used in Heatsavr, it is my opinion that the proprietary ingredient would present no health risk to the general public.” Charles A. Lapin, PhD., Toxicology Consultant
  17. 17. Visual TestimonialBrentwood Bay Lodge Pool Size – 500 SFVictoria, BC 1.5 oz. Dosage of HeatsavrWater Temp. 82ºF 15 minutes in betweenAir Temp. 39ºF photos
  18. 18. Frequently Asked Q’sCan people swim while Heatsavr™ is in use?Yes, Heatsavr™ is tested and proven to be absolutely safe. Its designed to be in use 24 hoursper day, which gives Heatsavr™ a distinct advantage over standard pool blankets.Is Heatsavr™ safe for filters and plumbing?Yes, Heatsavr™ is non-corrosive. There is no detrimental effect on pipes, pumps, valves, chlorinecontrollers, or filters commonly used in pool applications.Is Heatsavr™ environmentally friendly?Yes. Not only does Heatsavr™ biodegrade into safe, simple compounds, but the reduction inenergy use is especially beneficial. Swimmers in the pool will not know it is being used.
  19. 19. Resources: Literature Downloadable Content
  20. 20. Posters & Infographics Video
  21. 21. Frequently Asked Q’sIs Heatsavr™ easy to use, and how do I apply it?Yes, this product is very easy to use. It can be applied manually or by using theautomated metering system (recommended) for a completely automated dailyapplication.How much energy can I expect to save from using Heatsavr™?An average savings of 20% up to 45% can be expected, depending on certainvariables pertaining to your pools operations.How much Heatsavr™ is needed?The recommended dosage for Heatsavr™ is 1 oz./ 400 sq ft of pool surface areaper day.
  22. 22. Thanks for listening!Contact Flexible Solutions: Toll Free (800)