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Talk craft cards


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TALKcraft Cards

Published in: Business
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Talk craft cards

  1. 1. Monika Sonta
  2. 2. • The idea is to provide the managers with the ready-to-use techniques (formats of conversations) to craft organisational talks to apply them during the meetings #framing #CraftingConversations • Inspired by the concept of Liberating Structures and developed based on practical experience from 17 #Communication Workshops • Deck of seven TALKcraft cards that present 7-20 minutes formats of talks #DeckOfCards
  3. 3. Design a deck of TALKcraft cards that fit your company’s meeting culture 1. Contact me at 2. Together, we will discuss the ways of assessment of dominant Communication Styles in your organisation 3. We will check the chosen formats in practice, during the real meetings or tailor-made communication workshops for the Most Frequent Meeting Organisers in your company to co-create accurate tools 4. We will print the selected cards dedicated to your company and help you introduce TALKCRAFT Cards to the organisation
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