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MU Leipzig June 6 - July 7, 2012

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Mitten drin (in Leipzig) 1

  1. 1. ARRIVAL June 6 Take a train from airport to Hbf (HauptbahnhofLeizpig) then tram to Lumumbastrasse 4 where the interDaf Herder Institut offices and classrooms are. Exchange money at the airport or use a credit/ATM card to draw money. Be prepared that paying with a credit card is not always possible. 6 Euro from airport to Hbf; 1.40 Euro for tram ride. When you arrive at Lumumba you will get a tram pass and need not pay again
  2. 2. From Airport to Lumumbastrasse 4 the Airport take the train “Flughafen Express” to Leipzig Central Station(Hauptbahnhof) then take the tram to LumumbastrasseTrain Schedule:
  3. 3. Buy ticket atFlughafentrainstation
  4. 4. Getting from the Bahnhof (MainTrain Station) to interDaf inLumumbastrasse1. Take the 16 tram all the way to Liebknecht Platz2. Cross the street and walk down Michaelisstrasse3. Then take a left on Nordplatz4. Follow Nordplatz as it bends to the right5. Then take a left on Lumumbastrasses6. The Herder Institute/interDaf is on the corner of Carl-Rothe- Strasse and Lumumbastrasse 4
  5. 5. What to Pack (besides theobvious) Individual laundry detergent packs (save on buying detergent upon arrival) Sandwich bags/Tupperware (allows you to pack sandwiches for lunch) Breakfast Bars and snacks for your travel and first night Towel and Swimsuit Lotion (water is very dry) Ethernet Cable (WiFi is rare!) Canteen for water (there are not many drinking fountains) International Adapter (and Converter if necessary) Umbrella NOT MORE THAN ONE SUITCASE AND SMALL HANDLUGGAGE!!!
  6. 6. Mensa Purchase a Mensa Card for 10 Euros (refundable at end of trip) upon check-in Pay money upfront to load on card; can be redeemed at end of trip Average meal: €5-6 – bring your own water to lower the cost! Worth a visit, but also crowded and not always the cheapest A Typical Mensa Meal 3 Price Tiers (Students, International students, and  Go to their website for menus, guests) prices, etc. here: http://www.studentenwerk-  You will pay the second tier price cafeterien/speiseplan
  7. 7. Transportation  Strassenbahn (City-tram system) will take you everywhere you need to travel to in the city  Leipzig Strassenbahn passes will be given to you upon arrival from university  Trains at Hauptbahnhof will take you to other cities  A travel agency in the center of Hbf (Hauptbahnhof) can help you plan your ticket, orLook up train schedules at visit their website.their website:  Tickets can be purchased at ATM-like machines near entrance
  8. 8. Studentenwohnheim Single, Suite-Style room Will share a bathroom and kitchen with 1-3 other university students Sheets included with room Towels not provided recycling of glass, paper, etc. required No Wi-Fi (known as WLAN in Germany) Ethernet available with a 20 GB cap  Getfree Wi-Fi for two hours at Starbucks, Sol y Mar, etc.
  9. 9. Communication So you’re attached to your iPhone? Let go of it. You don’t need it.  Turn your phone to Airplane mode and turn off data roaming to avoid charges US phones generally charge $1.50 or more per minute  If you intend on using a phone, call your carrier ahead and ask for an international plan Consider a German phone with a pay per minute chip  Can be purchased at Karstadt or other local stores Or, just stay connected via Facebook, Skype and snail mail!  Consider making a private Facebook group so you can all coordinate plans on weekends and afternoons
  10. 10. Where to get groceries Lidl, ReWe, Rossman, and Konsum are chain grocery stores. Be sure to bring your own bag with you, as they are not provided. Karstadt: Department store to get anything you forgot  Grocery store on the lowest level Farmer’s Market on Augustusplatz  There are many markets around town where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. If you see the Farmer’s Market on Augustusplatz, make sure you check the prices at the different stands. Strawberries at one stand may be €2 while at another they may be only €1. Either way, you are in for some great fresh fruits and vegetables from all. *Note: Bioware, which you will see written on food items, means that the food is organic.
  11. 11. Food: Cheap food Bratwurst: €1.50 at most stands Ice Cream (italienischesEis): €.90 per Kugel (scoop) Döner: €3 Turkish food that is sort of like a Greek Gyro. Döner stands can be found all over the city, on virtually every street corner. Pommes (French fries): €2  Ketchup Packets: €.20 Asian Noodlebox: €3.00 Lidl: Get 3 take-and-bake pizzas to cook at your apartment for €2 The Hauptbahnhof: The Leipzig Hauptbahnhof is open until 22 Uhr (10 PM). Head there for a late night meal. There are numerous places inside to get food, including American choices like Subway, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and even KFC. What better way to spend money in Germany than on American food you can eat every day back in the States!
  12. 12. Weather Average Climate: 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit Few days getting up to 90 degrees with days in the summer as low as the 50s Bring layers and a decently thick fleece Pants are the most appropriate bottom No humidity compared to the Midwest Rains frequently, blows over fast. July has the most rain of the year
  13. 13.  travel and photo blogs by 2011 MU students: mpterphotodesign yfrench/ blog on European popular culture by University of Missouri students:
  14. 14. at the US Consulate in Leipzig
  15. 15. Contact Info Monika Fischer +1 646-591-1290 +49 172 573 6038 from a US phone Within Germany: 0172 573 6038 In Würzburg: 0931 / 6192345