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Green map intro_12-10sm

  1. 1. IntroducingThink Global, Map Local! Green Map System
  2. 2. New York City always had a few green spots, local food and mobilityoptions, but they were not part of people’s perception of the city
  3. 3. The original Green Apple Map of NYC in 1992 helped people see andconnect with the city, its environment and sustainable living resources First Editions & Tour
  4. 4. In 1995, the concept of local Green Map projects connected bya global icon set took shape in NYC, Copenhagen and Kyoto
  5. 5. What is a Green Map? It’s a locally created mapthat uses globally designed Green Map Icons to chart: 9 d Y
  6. 6. Today, we’re using Version 3 of these award-winning icons toidentify, promote and link thousands of sites in 170 categories Barcelona’s Farmers & Robeson US’s Sun Factory Artisans Market kayak tours Yogyakarta ID’s Breda NL’s Hybrid Geologic Feature Eco Center Vehicles
  7. 7. Green Mapmakers share adaptable tools and multimedia resourcesas they create compelling local maps of all scales and formatsIcons: Guide the selection of sites to be mapped as well as highlight each oneMapmaking Guides: Design print or web maps, spur community involvement, etc.Multimedia Resources: Multilingual websites, books, workshops, videosArchives: Green Maps, stories, exhibits, presentations and exchanges
  8. 8. Green Mapmaking: Research and Design
  9. 9. Green Mapmaking: Production and Distribution
  10. 10. Engaging 715 communities in 55 countries, more than 550 publishedGreen Maps are already being utilized by millions of people
  11. 11. Each partnering community group, NGO, tourism and city agency,enterprise or student group has their own locally determined goals
  12. 12. Green Maps Singapore China Wetlands First Biodiversity-themed 30 Universities took part in WWF’s Green Map contest and Shanghai Expo exhibit
  13. 13. Green Maps Cape Town South Africa Santa Monica USA Open Green Map & Print Maps Protecting the Bay’s Wildlife
  14. 14. Green Maps Stockholm Sweden Yokohama Japan Get Outdoors Mobility Copenhagen 2003
  15. 15. Green Maps New York Victoria Canada Highlighting Waste - Youth Perspectives Land, Local Food & Peoples
  16. 16. Green Maps Taipei Taiwan Banda Aceh Indonesia CSR - Efficiency in the Workplace Disaster Relief and Planning
  17. 17. Green Mapmakers have produced murals, videos, skits,choreography, exhibits, shown in Cuba, Colombia, US and Japan
  18. 18. However, the complete process can be too difficult, preventingimportant local findings from being shared Development Research Design Production Open Green Map was created to: • lower technological and financial barriers to online mapping • preserve valuable community organizing and dissemination • increase public participation, exchange and impacts • make content sharable and useful different ways
  19. 19. Launched in June 2009, close to 15,000 sites on more than150 Open Green Maps are on the platform
  20. 20. Open Green Map’s World View displays every green site, startingwith 2 from each map. Jump to maps from sites. 7 language interface
  21. 21. Filter your view of the map by toggling the Legend’s icons. Hover overany icon for its definitions. You can see who contributed each site.
  22. 22. Open for Mapmaker’s overview. Explore Public Tabs, social inclusionindicators and up to 8 icons. Sidebar links to Profile, PDFs, etc.
  23. 23. At the Multimedia tab, everyone is invited to share their own images,videos and PDFs about the green site
  24. 24. The Impacts tab collects data that describes how each site benefitsindividuals and communities. There is also a Map Impacts graph
  25. 25. The website includes videos, workshop guides, presentation and PRresources for involving the community and engaging media
  26. 26. Explore the Mobile Website (beta) at GreenMap.orgGet the Green Map iPhone App, tooWhat’s Green Nearby?™ is featured, along with our global movement Find everything nearby, or Search by Icon. Adding sites and images from your phone is in development (sponsorship available!)
  27. 27. Green Map Widgets share our maps on any website!
  28. 28. What’s next? Mini-sets of Icons for theme Green Maps,onsite marker system, digitizing the Archive, and more… Kite Flying Site Sea Birds Volcano Zone
  29. 29. International awards and national recognition for ournon-profit, global-local network and powerful tools Organization awards include: Open Green Map: US National Sustainability Award: Treehugger Best of Green New Communications Tools Living Labs Global United Nations Global Best Practices 100 INDEX Awards Finalist Cause / Affect The Tech Awards Laureate Tele Atlas Maps in Apps Spirit of the Land - Salt Lake City Olympics NetSquared EXPO 2000 Project Award the World We Media Pitch It Eyebeam Art & Tech Eco-Viz
  30. 30. Diverse media coverage underscores our worldwide reachand importance in emerging markets & established capitals Our story generates local interest around the world: BBC Treehugger New York Times Fast Company Jakarta Post The Economist Google Maps Mania Tout Azimut Afrika T Youth Today The L Magazine Brote Ecológico Asia News Israel 21C Urbanist Click2Map WNYC Xiamen Communication Arts Ecôllo
  31. 31. Green Map Trends715 cities, towns and campuses56 countries involved in Green Mapmaking30% rate of increase in number of new projects yearly550+ printed and online Green Maps published5 Million printed copies140 countries using our website, GreenMap.org5,000 Green Map iPhone Apps downloaded in first 2 weeks
  32. 32. Think Global, Map Local! Explore and get involved! Contact Green Map System: +1 212 674 1631