Twitter and Slideshare Powerpoint


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This PowerPoint shows people about Twitter and SlideShare.

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Twitter and Slideshare Powerpoint

  1. 1. and© Monica Mazzachi 2012
  2. 2. What is Slideshare?Slideshare is an online social networking sitethat is used by many schools and businesses.It is a site where people upload slideshows andother documents for many around the world tosee.It is a file sharing website.
  3. 3. Starting a Slideshare AccountFirstly, please go to the Google homepage.
  4. 4. Starting a Slideshare AccountThen search Slideshare. Please select the first website which should be
  5. 5. Starting a Slideshare AccountThis is the home page for Slideshare. Can you see the sign up button. It is circled. Pleaseselect and fill in your details.
  6. 6. Starting a Slideshare AccountFill in the details and select the sign up button
  7. 7. Starting a Slideshare AccountThis is the ‘home’ page.
  8. 8. Starting a Slideshare AccountThe Newsfeed is just like facebook. Many people connect their facebook profiles to theirSlideshare accounts. You can post something which your followers can comment on.
  9. 9. Your to your profile, you see your username at theThis is what your profile will look like. To get Profiletop right hand corner and select it. A drop down menu will appear and select ‘public profile’.
  10. 10. Uploading a FileSelect the ‘upload’ button to upload a file.
  11. 11. Upload a FileSelect the orange ‘upload’ button unless you have paid for the upgrade of Slideshare. Thengo through the browser to find your selected slideshow and select ‘open’. You should thenfind it on your profile.
  12. 12. Other Slideshows on SlideshareIf you are looking for a slideshow on a certain topic, you can search it in the search bar.
  13. 13. Starting a Slideshare AccountYou can favourite it so that you can see it on your profile. You can also download it as apdf file which can be used in the classroom.
  14. 14. SlideshareIf you would like more information about Slideshare, there is a slideshow thatautomatically appears on your Slideshare profile, and it to guide you through thewebsite.There is also extra information on the internet which is available.
  15. 15. What is Twitter?Twitter is an online social networking website.It is a way of connecting with others around theworld.People connect by writing ‘tweets’.A ‘tweet’ is a comment that someone makesand posts but a ‘tweet’ can only have amaximum of 140 characters.It is an opportunity to get a message to a largenumber of people at once.
  16. 16. Starting a Twitter AccountFirstly, please go to the Google homepage.
  17. 17. Starting a Twitter AccountPlease Google Twitter. Then select the top website, which should be
  18. 18. Starting a Twitter AccountYou should then see this website (don’t worry if it is different colours, so long as the basiclayout is the same).
  19. 19. Starting a Twitter AccountCan you see the ‘Sign Up’ box?
  20. 20. Starting a Twitter AccountThen fill in the details as shown below. Once completed select the sign up for Twitterbutton. Full Name Email Password
  21. 21. Starting a Twitter AccountA page like this should then come up. Check the details and then procceed to create myaccount. Note. Twitter has chosen a username for you, if you would like to change it, doso now.
  22. 22. Starting a Twitter AccountThis page should then come up. Start by pressing next. Then, instead of followingthe steps, press the faint ‘skip’ at the bottom of the question.
  23. 23. Your Twitter AccountOnce you have skipped all of the steps, please press Edit your profile.
  24. 24. Changing Your Profile PictureThis is the page that should be displayed on the screen. You can change your profile picture ifyou wish. Ensure that you do not display a picture of yourself. Ensure that you are using a savedpicture. Then select the save changes button. It will take you back to the previous screen.
  25. 25. Changing Your Page DesignTo change your page design, press on the picture of a human and then select ‘settings’
  26. 26. Changing Your Page DesignYou can select either a premade theme or you can use a picture as the background.
  27. 27. Changing Your Page DesignNote: The picture must be 800K or less. Once you have selected your design, presssave changes.
  28. 28. How to ‘follow’ someoneFollowing someone is the main reason as to why someone gets Twitter. To followsomeone, you need to search for the person / business that you would like to follow by usingthe search box.
  29. 29. How to ‘follow’ someoneThen, this page will appear. Can you see the follow button. Find the person that you wouldlike to follow and select ‘follow’. It is that easy.
  30. 30. How to ‘follow’ someoneWhen it says the word ‘following’ on the button, you are now following them.
  31. 31. How to ‘unfollow’ someoneWhen you hover over the ‘following’ button,
  32. 32. How to TweetTweeting is the main reason why people have Twitter. Can you see the blue button with thefeather pen. It is circled. Select the button.
  33. 33. How to TweetWrite in the box as shown below. Remember, you only have 140 characters to write atweet! The area where it tell you how many characters you have remaining is circledbelow. Then press the ‘tweet’ button to tweet.
  34. 34. TwitterFor further information about Twitter, there is a great slideshow on Slideshare aboutTwitter. Just search ‘twitter’ and the slideshow will appear.Also, if you need more information on Twitter there is a lot of information on theinternet that you can resource and