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How to manage Social Media


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Free Webinar "How to manage Social Media" hosted by @WEFOUNDorg #iamthepower

This slides give an overview on how to manage your social media presence with 0 or low budget, focused on women entrepreneurs starting up their own projects and companies.

Published in: Social Media, Technology
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How to manage Social Media

  1. 1. HOWTO MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA ! ! #iamthepower @WEFOUNDorg
  2. 2. ABOUT ME • Small business & startup background • Trial and (lots of) error • SM for curious souls • Social Media takes time • @smonicats • Questions: #iamthepower
  3. 3. HOWTO MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA • Strategy and Setup • Planning and Analysis • Create a Social Experience • Tools for Social Media Management • Rules of engagement
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA NEEDS A STRATEGY • Essential both if you manage or you delegate • Piece of paper / sheet • Know your audience: do you gather enough information? • What's your story, mission, topics of expertise? • Each project calls for a different setup • Website, Blog, Newsletter & SM channels must be aligned
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA NEEDS A STRATEGY • Take a realistic look around: • Which channels are relevant? How many can you handle? • How often can you update? • What are your goals? • Set targets over time • Language and tone • Hootsuite, Buffer, Feedly, Swayy, SproutSocial are your friends.
  6. 6. • So many options! How to choose among them? • Facebook & EdgeRank • Twitter, Google+ • Instagram,Youtube, Pinterest • Linkedin, Blog, Newsletter • Niche networks
  7. 7. PLANNING & ANALYSIS • With all that information: • Create and optimize your channels • Pick good usernames • Work on the description texts and links • Create a content plan: less (with better quality) is more • Schedule as much as possible, add spontaneous on top • Pay attention to copy, headlines and repeated content
  8. 8.
  9. 9. PLANNING & ANALYSIS • Look into each channels analytics: • Which numbers are relevant to you? • Note down those numbers • Focus on what is working for you • Test and re-work • See FB,Twitter, Google Analytics, SocialBro,, Buffer Analytics.
  10. 10. PLANNING & ANALYSIS • FB analytics: • Twitter analytics: • Google Analytics:Acquisition > Social • Buffer Analytics: paid service
  11. 11. CREATE A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE • Make sure your project provides a social experience: • Are there social buttons in your website, app, newsletter? • Sharing buttons of content come with text and mention? • Is it easy to share, also on mobile? • Track your mentions (see Mention, Desk) and engage in conversations
  12. 12. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT • Be polite,ALWAYS. • Don't erase negative comments. • Act as everyone is watching, because they are. It's all about perception. • When in trouble, bring things to private channels. • Brands get into shitstorms, individuals stop them.
  13. 13. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT • Pre-launch Do's • Setting up: less is more • No signals & reactions: be patient • Rely on transparency and storytelling • Start the conversation: people are shy • Be ready for change • See Launchrock
  14. 14. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT • After launch Do's • Fixing and adding up • Turn around dynamics • Personalize communications • Surprise with details
  15. 15. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Always Do's: • Transmit & promote the values of the company • Define on/offline & private/public communication channels • Identify use cases and showcase them.Talk about your team, customer, stories around your project. • Listen, answer, monitor, engage, amplify, time your interventions
  16. 16. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Always Don'ts: • Don't panic & just pay to get reactions • Don't Rely ONLY on Social Media • Make changes without tracking • Listen to the loudest users without double checking data • Choose quantity over quality
  17. 17. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT • The difficult long road: • Maintain, scale and crowdsource • Automatize as much as you can (see IFTTT) • Measure and track the quality KPIs and user behavior • Localise your SM
  18. 18. USEFULTOOLS LIST • Launchrock • Mailchimp • Mention / • Buffer • Desk • Bitly • Unbounce • Hootsuite • SocialBro • Feedly • IFTTT • Trello • Pocket • SproutSocial • Asana • Droplr • Swayy • Addvocate • SocialOomph • Evernote • Skitch
  19. 19. RESOURCES • Get the slides • Links to the tools • Read related articles Scan the code or check this link:
  20. 20. QUESTIONS • Tweet #iamthepower • Leave a comment • If your question is not answered, click the • You can tweet me questions to @smonicats Scan the code or check this link:
  21. 21. HOWTO MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA ! ! #iamthepower @WEFOUNDorg