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The problem of street in bogota


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Published in: Education
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The problem of street in bogota

  1. 1. Prepared by: Mónica Romero Echeverri Astrid Carolina Ruiz Karol Julieth Romero AlfaroTHE PROBLEM OF CHILDREN STREET IN BOGOTA
  2. 2. DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEMWe understand the great problem facing all Colombia. Its hard to imagine the number of children living on the streets, where many haven’t family ties. Is difficult to calculate the number of children living on the streets because they are constantly changing from one place to another.Even where there are children begin assembling or joining gangs starting from the southern end of town for a whole morning and return home in the evening.
  3. 3. IDENTIFICATION OF GROUPS OF CHILDREN Abandoned children:They are know as “los gamines” in Colombia, they living on the streets and they haven’t any type of family contact. Also they use drugs, especially inhalants like glue than is used for shoes and they don’t work. Working children:Most children living on the street are working. They clean the shoes of the people, washing car windows or selling candy and cigarettes on the streets or buses. Many of these children are exploited by their parents because they do not have the facility economic to send them to study and they decide to send them to work. Disposable children:It is amazing to imagine how a child "disposable", but so will tell the children of the streets in Bogota. A group of children who have been killed either by the police, other drug groups and squadrons that make cleaning up the streets with so- called "dirty children" or others.
  4. 4. CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM.Social Catastrophes (corruption): Political Catastrophe (war, civil conflict):Natural Disasters (famine, Family Breakdown:floods, earthquakes):
  5. 5. Economic Collapse (loss of home, Poverty:parents, family, education):Unemployment: Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol:
  6. 6. Migration From Rural To Urban: Abandonment of Child: Child Abuse:
  7. 7. SOLUTIONS The government debit help to all children of street in Bogota offer a better education. Also worry for their parents that is search of a job. Because children from abuse out job search flee their homes. The government may make a specialty of the person to teach Neighborhood friendly service from their parents, there are no ill- treatment of children. I.C.B.F can travel the street search children that are exploitation to job and sell drug , offer a home, education, food and more important a family.
  8. 8.  Exist partners that have a lot of money, that they cant have children, they can’t adopt and form a home. The government must build more institution that benefit to million children at the street. That exist more community houses and be free.
  9. 9. REFERENCES Description of the problem: Causes of the problem: Solutions of the problem: Astrid Carolina Ruiz