Measurement & Evaluation Plan for Securing New Clients


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The Aubia Communications public relations measurement and evaluation plan for securing new clients among expatriate entrepreneurs.

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  • -Goals are the overarching concept of the communications plan; objectives serve as the quantifiable aims.
  • Pop Survey only allows up to 5 questions for the free service, but other questions in the survey will include:Are you aware of Aubia Communications?If so, how likely are you to use Aubia Communications for your PR needs?If you have used Aubia Communications before, how likely are you to recommend its services to others?
  • -Objectives provide the quantifiable measurement toward achieving the goal
  • -Trial and Error on amounts of social media postings-Spreadsheet to see increase/decrease each week in Google Analytics-Knowledge – hardest to distinguish
  • -Compared to objectives
  • Measurement & Evaluation Plan for Securing New Clients

    1. 1. A freelance Public Relations consulting firm focused on Strategic Communications Planning to bring solopreneurs and small business owners to top-of-mind in their industries  The firm desires to increase client accounts among expatriate solopreneurs (Coin of the Realm: Increase Revenue)
    2. 2. Monica Miller Rodgers, owner/freelancer  Accredited Public Relations Professional with seven years of experience, working for agencies and government in strategic communications, internal communications, media relations, community relations, crisis communications, copy writing and editing, branding, and social media marketing.  Basic evaluation currently undertaken by measuring how many new clients are obtained, requests for information, Google Analytics reports on Aubia Communications blog, and social media platform monitoring. 
    3. 3.  Mission Statement: Aubia Communications is dedicated to helping solopreneurs and small business owners stand out in their industries through strategic communications planning that effectively engages and supports target audiences.  Business Goal: For Aubia Communications to become a profitable freelance firm.  Communications Goal: For Aubia Communications to be recognized as an expert in strategic communications planning for public relations activities.
    4. 4.  In order to reach its overarching business and communications goals, Aubia Communications needs to secure more paying clients  Aubia Communications is uniquely positioned to assist expatriate solopreneurs in achieving their business objectives  The goal for the securing new clients program is for Aubia Communications to be recognized as the go-to source for PR consulting for business growth
    5. 5.  One-on-One Interviews  Direct Observation  Environmental Scanning  Survey (
    6. 6.  Expatriate Solopreneurs  Solopreneurs who have created personal businesses that can travel with them  Life Coaches  Business Advisors  Health and Beauty Consultants  Product Sales  Typical Profile: MLTA college-educated married woman from 30-50 years old with previous workforce experience
    7. 7. To increase awareness of Aubia Communications among expatriate solopreneurs in Zurich from zero to 50% by February 2015  To increase requests for information from one to five per month among expatriate solopreneurs by February 2015  To increase social media interactions among expatriate solopreneurs from zero to 10 per month by February 2015  To increase contract procurements among expatriate solopreneurs from one to six by February 2015 
    8. 8.  Educate expatriate solopreneurs about Aubia Communications and what it offers  Join expatriate groups (i.e. The American Women’s Club of Shanghai)  Participate in social media groups of expatriate groups (i.e. InterNations)  Provide information at expatriate group meetings and issue survey after presentations
    9. 9. Strategic Communications Awareness Knowledge Interest Support Action • To publish one blog post a month directed specifically at expatriate solopreneurs Public Relations Activity (Inputs) • To post one status /question per week in expatriate social media groups • Post one Tweet per day about expatriate business • To present a PR lunch and learn at an expatriate group meeting once per quarter • To guest blog/provide a guest commentary in expatriate group newsletter once per quarter Intermediary Effect (Outputs) Target Audience • Impressions on blog posts and guest commentary via Google Analytics (Aim: 100/week) • Visits to Aubia Communications blog and social media sites (Aim: 50/week) • Key message alignment in conversation after PR lunch and learn • Accuracy of facts shared from blog posts • RFIs (Aim: 4/month) • Follows on social media platforms (Aim: 10/month) • Questions asked at lunch-andlearn • Supportive comments on blog posts and social media posts (Aim: 3/post) • Likes, shares and RTs on social media platforms (Aim: 5/post) • Survey results after the lunchand-learn • Post survey results • Visits to Aubia Communications blog and social media sites • Knowledge of Aubia Communications offerings • Brand association and • Visits to Aubia Communications blog and social media sites (Aim: 50/week) • Click-thru to site • NPS (Aim: Greater than 70) • Endorsements (Aim: 1/quarter) • Links to site (Aim: 1/ week) • RFI • Social Media Interactions • Signed Contracts
    10. 10.  Throughout 2014, is Aubia Communications meeting KPIs?  Repeat measurement quarterly by reanalyzing survey results for increase, decrease or no change  Speak with subjects on a regular basis from the Master Prospect List
    11. 11.  By February 2015, did Aubia Communications fail, meet or exceed the objectives?  What feedback was received as to why the objectives were not met/exceeded?  Where does Aubia Communications go from here?