Occdla In Second Life- Year 2


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Oregon Community Colleges in Second Life - our progress to year two, and our plans for year three and beyond. Presentation made to the OCCDLA Summer reporting committee July 8th, 2009 in Albany, OR at Linn-Benton Community College.

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Occdla In Second Life- Year 2

  1. 1. OCCDLA In Second Life Year Two
  2. 2. 2008-09 Project Goals - Purchase and Establish the Island in Second Life - Begin identifying and defining Administrative Processes - Train 10 instructors in using Second Life for their practice - Choose 3 projects to develop for 2009-2010 delivery
  3. 3. Results -There were 77 requests for training participation- of those, 37 Faculty & 11 Staff/Administration Trained with OR CC Isle. - Presentations made to State Library Directors, 3 groups of Game Design Students, 1 Class of Library Tech. students, & Umpqua CC's Faculty Leadership team. - Conference Presentations made at SLCC, ITC E-Learning & NWMET. Conference Attendance at Stepping into Science in Second Life and Sloan-C Emergent Technologies. - Island Resource Management & Communication in place. (Main Info Site, Blog, Moodle Course, Weekly Meetings, Resource Request Form, Idea Development Form)
  4. 4. Results (cont.) - Five projects currently in development for year three - Support for Umpqua Community College Virtual Viticulture Island Development - 26 multi-institutional island development meetings happened with an average of 5 participants from 3 institutions each meeting. Using an average of the number of miles between the three top participating colleges (PCC, CGCC and MHCC), had we physically gotten together for these meetings, we would have had to travel 1218 miles, spending $669.90 in mileage and 35 hours of travel time.
  5. 5. Ongoing Development - Medical Simulation in Second Life - Philosophy 201 - OR CC Libraries in Second Life - Machinima Studio & Ch. 27 Media - Flora Project - Meeting Spaces & Professional Development - Umpqua Community College / Roseburg Phoenix School
  6. 6. Future Plans -Social Events to encourage more active use of OR CC Isle -Art Exhibition -Performance: Music, Plays, Etc. -Guest Lecture Series -Avatar Tours (Both our island and themed by subject area in Second Life) -Students join us this year on the Island- Building Student Support for each institution. -Ongoing Blogging, Outreach, Training & Support for Faculty & Staff of Oregon Community Colleges. - Machinima Production about the project and its goals with distribution on PCC's Cable Channel 27 & streaming online.
  7. 7. The Longhouse Library
  8. 8. The Longhouse Library
  9. 9. Cascades Firepit
  10. 10. The Amphitheater
  11. 11. Willamette Lowlands
  12. 12. The Sandbox
  13. 13. North Shore Beach
  14. 14. Skybox Theater
  15. 15. Theater Lobby
  16. 16. Theater Interior
  17. 17. Nurse OCCDLA
  18. 18. Medical Simulation Center
  19. 19. Philosophy Garden
  20. 20. Philosophy Garden Info