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iTunes U was never adopted for PCC as a pilot project- in the end its a solution searching for a project in our environment: our early adopting instructors who are generating content don't need server space.

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iTunesU for PCC

  1. 1. iTunes U for PCC -what and why-
  2. 2. What is iTunes U? iTunes U is an Apple sponsored initiative to offer any educational institution 50 Gigabytes of free hosted server space to store podcasts and PDFs. This storage space is easy to set up with a custom look for PCC, and will use the Mypcc log in system to restrict access to PCC users only.    Most simply, iTunes is an indexed recording  storage space, kind of like a library catalog. You can use the iTunes software on your computer to access the iTunes library  on the internet and take recordings from it. You can also subscribe to a recordings directory(feed), so that when something new is added, you will automatically receive the latest recording (podcast) in your local copy of iTunes the next time you log in.
  3. 3. ...but, what is podcasting? The Direct Answer OR Ask a Ninja
  4. 4. Podcasting in Education for multi-lingual for distance learning education to facilitate self-paced to provide the ability learning for educators to for re-mediation of slower feature guest speakers learners from remote locations to allow faculty to offer to allow guest speakers advanced and or highly the ability to present motivated learners extra once to many sections content and classes for helping students with to offer a richer reading and/or other learning environment disabilities   from 
  5. 5. Possible Applications @ PCC - Lecture "Profcasting" - Lesson Clarification - Instructor Voice in Distance Courses  - Staff & Faculty Professional Development - Public Relations - Student Services - Multi-Modal learning support - Support for Students with Disabilities - Community Outreach - Industry Partnership Support - Institutional Transparency
  6. 6. Do we need it? Several instructors across our institution  have requested the ability to podcast, this is just a short list of those I am  aw of. I am sure there are more! -Dana Leighton, Psychology. -Giselle Bawnik, French. -Sheryl Stohs, Geology. -Michael ____ , Language Arts. (ask Melany for name) -Kim Smith, T.L.C. Coordinator & Sociologist -Rowan Wolf, Sociology -Judy Cabanban, Medical Terminology - Julie Moore, Sign Language Interpretation Program
  7. 7. iTunes U- Pros and Cons Pros:   Cons: - off site server space - corporate sponsorship is a -centralized distribution of real turn off for some iTunes client -less content control than in -external server mgmt. house servers -easy administrative system -"free" - high adoption rate -another system to manage? - many people already use iTunes -relatively easy to learn -"free"
  8. 8. A corporate sponsored product? I'd like to briefly address the concern that we are forwarding a corporate sponsored product. Indeed, we are, and this is why- there is no financial requirement whatsoever to use iTunes, or iTunes U.  We do not ask any student to spend a penny with Apple to use this technology, and never will. While we have an institutional desire to test podcasting as a potentially beneficial technology, there is no short term way to enable streaming media from our internal server environment. "Free" is a great price to spend on discovery, in my humble opinion, and asking instructors to wait for years to try new things unfair. At this time, iTunes U is the best tool we can use to explore podcasting, and  in the words of Tom Peterson, "free is a very good price." 
  9. 9. A few myths about iTunes 1. You must have an iPod to use iTunes.     Nope, you can listen to podcasts from iTunes on many different devices- your computer and other mp3 players will also play iTunes content.  2. You must pay for iTunes to use iTunes.      Actually, anyone can download the iTunes client and never pay a penny for content.  3. All iTunes content is published for public use without     restrictions.      Not true. We can control who has access to PCC's iTunes U content through MyPCC. We are not yet planning a public instance of iTunes U for PCC.
  10. 10. Other institutions? A long list of institutions who are already using iTunes U or are developing an iTunes U site for their institution is here:  iTunes U Institution List (Partial)    Here in Oregon, a few examples:   OSU University Exploratory Studies Program  Mt Hood Community College on iTunes U   Columbia Gorge CC on iTunes U   Pacific University on iTunes U    
  11. 11. Will it work for PCC? Lets find out! Pilot Terms: 1 year:     -9 months collection     -2 months evaluation     -1 month reporting Addressing:     -adoption     -technology requirements     -system support requirements     -feedback from users  
  12. 12. Questions?     Please contact  me if you are interested in participating, or if you have any questions  or suggestions about the iTunes U pilot project.    Monica Martinez-Gallagher Instructional Multimedia Technologist Distance Learning & Instructional Support SY TCB 116                x4472 Pilot updates and quarterly reports will be posted at http: //