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FFL E-strategy for digital collection development


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Collection development best practices for digital collections in public libraries

Published in: Education, Technology
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FFL E-strategy for digital collection development

  1. 1. FFL E-STRATEGY OCPL SYSTEM E-STRATEGY MEETING 10/24/13 Presented by Monica Kuryla, Director of Innovative Information Access Fayetteville Free Library
  2. 2. Collection Development Model Goal: To provide access to content when and where a person needs it.  Patrons Driven acquisition model  On demand/instant gratification fulfillment  Providing opportunities for discovery of content
  3. 3. E-Collection Development Tips  Analyze stats/Run reports  Look for trends in items you already have circulating in other formats such as print  Set up criteria for holds and additional copies  Anticipate popular topics/titles  -sign up for weekly email  Upcoming Gifford Lectures, award winners, etc.  Bestselling authors are a sure thing
  4. 4. Ways to Provide Access to e-Content        Digital Catlogs-3M and Overdrive Circulating Devices w/ preloaded content (holdable and non-holdable) Circulating kits including preloaded devices Preloaded iPad for Roving reference Service (inhouse and outside the library) Purchase on Demand (non-holdable circ devices) In house devices w/ preloaded content on display Online Reference Resources
  5. 5. Create a Spending/Implementation Plan       Reallocating funds (identify lesser circed formats and web resources) How many times a year to update content Who updates content/maintains devices Balance of content-Adult fiction, non-fiction, Teen, Childrens, apps (games, etc.) What are the accessories (if any needed) Start small to implement plan by strategically determining organization wide priorities for access
  6. 6. Digital catalogs collection strategy  3M & Overdrive  Run a top holds report through Simply Reports for print materials, your Branch pickup  Run a report of current waiting list  Look at the wishlist of suggested titles  Look at top eBook sales  Add titles that relate to trending topics  Order multiple copies based on waiting lists (i.e. more than 5 local holds = additional copy) Overdrive-less likely to order Harper Collins titles and will not purchase WMA audio format
  7. 7. Determining Content Containers When selecting which model device to contain content accessible by patrons, consider the following:  Content Sharing (i.e. Nook can only share content across 6 devices)  Tablet vs. designated ereaders-consider users expectations  Ease of device maintenance-collection development and uploading  App store
  8. 8. Circulating Devices w/ preloaded content (holdable and non-holdable)     What titles are not accessible through our digital catalogs? (i.e. new James Patterson, etc.) What are the top titles on hold (limit to Branch pickup) Creating a balance of title selection based on: 1)who is using the devices 2)who could be using them -Implement a survey @ point of transaction Adding popular (and FREE) apps-games
  9. 9. Circulating kits including preloaded devices Kit ideas: 1) 2) 3) Early Literacy Learn a Skill Teen Topic Kits (literature & history) A great way to includes multi-media to enhance a skill or learn something new! Include in kits: Preloaded device with apps and specific skill based content Print materials-how tos or suggested activities Other media including music/video content
  10. 10. Purchase on Demand (non-holdable circ devices)    Goal: to fulfill the immediate content need of patron that is not accessible immediately in other formats. Use a non-holdable circulating device checked in. Purchase content on demand and download it to library’s device. If you already are providing access to content in multiple formats, then you shouldn’t have to allocated a lot of $$ to this.
  11. 11. In house devices w/ preloaded content on Display Information Kiosks-Ready Reference & Magazines Stations include (stand up and sit down): reference area, café, magazine area, teen area, children’s room, digital learning center Ideas for content: -Photo Booth -Short games (word games, math challenges, etc.) -Catalog -Ready reference apps
  12. 12. Preloaded iPad for Roving Reference Service (in- house and outside the library)     Assess your user’s reference content needs Create a roving reference service plan inside and outside and the library Research and pre-load content (apps and eBook)Most content is FREE! Examples include: Newstand (including your LJ and Consumer Reports subscriptions), Khan Academy, White Pages, Connect, etc.
  13. 13. Online Reference Resources      Assess your users virtual reference needs AND your staff reference resource needs Create topics of most common asked questions Research and benchmark other libraries links of resources that fit into these topics Compare free (credible) resources to paid resources by conducting sample searches Assess and update once a year
  14. 14. Promote Your e-Collections Cheaply      Request and use vendors promotional materials. They are free! Create in house displays to highlight content Train staff to promote content and the multiple ways to access content through transactions with patrons Promote content and access points during programs or training sessions with patrons. Promote through social media and your own website
  15. 15. Assessing your e-Collections  Survey users @ point of transaction  what do they want (web, in house and outside the library)  How do they want to access the content?  Run reports  How many times are titles/devices circulating  What types of titles are being accessed Have conversations with your users virtually and everywhere you encounter people!
  16. 16. Questions? Fayetteville Free Library Homepage: Twitter: @fayettevillelib Facebook: Monica Kuryla Director of Innovative Information Access @mkuryla Susan Considine Executive Director @sconsidine