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Sacred Balance Kesington Communications inc.


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Published in: Education
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Sacred Balance Kesington Communications inc.

  1. 1. reJune 26, 2001To whom it may concern;RE: SACRED BALANCE DOCUMENTARYThis letter is to confirm that Kensington Communications, Inc., a documentary film company based inToronto, Canada, has employed the services of Ms. Monica Kuhon as our Indonesian Associate Producer inconnection with a documentary production entitled “The Sacred Balance”.“The Sacred Balance” is an educational documentary highlighting the importance of the interconnectednessof all beings with their environment, hosted by the world renowned scientist and environmentalist, Dr. DavidSuzuki. While in Bali, we will be capturing the interconnectedness between energy, earth, water and air, andexamining the wonderful cultural events that take place in daily Indonesian life, including various festivalsand dance performances.If you need to contact me to discuss Ms. Kuhon’s appointment further, please do not hesitate to call me at(416) 994-4326. Alternately, Ms. Kuhon may be reached at (62) 818 562 673.Best Regards,Mary Paula ButoracSupervising ProducerKensington Communications, Inc.