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Brighton SEO - Lean Marketing 2017



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Brighton SEO - Lean Marketing 2017

  1. 1. Monica Georgieff Kanbanize Head of a powerhouse inbound marketing team Trying to make the most of creative chaos Lover of Lean @MonGeorgieff
  2. 2. Results-oriented does not mean you should be process-blind.
  3. 3. “Criminal organizations are faster because they don’t tolerate inefficiency.”
  4. 4. + minimum wasted time + minimum resources + maximum quality + explicit policies MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY
  5. 5. Manufacturing Information Technology
  6. 6. The tools.
  7. 7. Marketing is still stuck doing Waterfall.
  8. 8. “Their traditional methods don’t work so well anymore, the approach they are used to using is Waterfall which requires that you are working in a context where you can reliably predict the future but marketers are increasingly working in environments where they can’t predict the future.” Roland Smart VP Marketing & Community @Oracle
  9. 9. Marketers Leaders overseeing the Customer Experience in the company If marketers want to grow and own the customer experience during the life cycle...
  10. 10. Kanban (n.) a visual Japanese system in which any process is mapped and regulated through the use of cards representing the state of work items on a board
  11. 11. Marketing Problems Kanban Solutions ● lack of communication ● lack of experienced staff ● lack of reporting ● lack of budget ● Unpredictable to stakeholders ● Policies on a visual platform ● Commitment to improvement ● Feedback loops ● Tracking metrics of the workflow ● Flow-based
  12. 12. Expedite Projects Maintenance Backlog In Progress Internal Review External Review Complete Archive SEO and CONTENT Kanban Board On Deck Ready Work
  13. 13. Expedite Campaigns Maintenance Project Adhoc Backlog In Progress In Progress Internal Review Preview at Agency Preview at Clients Approved to Send Verify Metrics Complete Archive EMAIL MARKETING Kanban Board On Deck Ready Work
  14. 14. Expedite Design: Project Adhoc Contractor Sales and Marketing Support Backlog In Progress/In Revision Production Internal Review 1st Client Review 2nd+ Client Review Complete Archive On Deck DESIGN Kanban Board Content: Project Adhoc Ready Work
  15. 15. Lean & Agile are not just for digital projects.
  16. 16. Prove it works by measuring the right KPIs. Your customer’s KPIs.
  17. 17. Make sure your team and (to an extent) customers commit to pursuing the goals of Lean.
  18. 18. Three Deep Marketing is a digital agency in Minnesota.
  19. 19. Write to me: