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Tailoritaly pitch


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Tailoritaly is the online fashion platform that lets customers customize their clothes and accessories choosing details, color, fabric and fit, relying on the excellence of Italian style and materials. Everything is exclusively made in the Italian regions of Tuscany, Puglia and Basilicata.

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Tailoritaly pitch

  2. 2. Tailoritaly is the online fashion platform that lets customers personalise their clothes and accessories choosing details, color, fabric and fit, relying on the excellence of Italian style and materials. Everything is exclusively made in the Italian regions of Tuscany, Puglia and Basilicata.
  3. 3. Would you like to choose the fitting and lenght of your garments? Which details would you use to embellish them? Which color would you choose?
  4. 4. STEP 1 Users pick a model on Tailoritaly website and personalise it through the digital configurator STEP 2 Tailoritaly producers complete the semi finished product, depending on custumers’ order STEP 3 Free home delivery within 20 days or less STEP 4 Free return in 15 days How it works
  5. 5. Supply Chain Opportunities LEVERAGE 65 Fashion districts and 80,000 SMEs EXPLOIT Un-utilized extra capacity: 35% of machines are not used LEVERAGE Export revenues +38% in the last 5 years; Internal Market -20%
  7. 7. USER EXPERIENCE: Personalise the model
  8. 8. Market Figures TOTAL ONLINE MARKET : 60 BILLION EUROS (20% CAGR Morgan Stanley) ADDRESSABLE MARKET 20 BILLION EUROS (1/3 of online shoppers buy clothes) Eurostat e-commerce report 2014 TARGET MARKET IN 4 YEARS: 30 MILLION EUROS 0,5 % of Total Market - 10% of online shoppers have tried customization options, but 30% are interested in doing so - Customization options give a 50% higher Net Promoter Score Source: Bain & Co
  9. 9. Current target customers - Generation Y and X from 24 to 40 years old, with an average monthly spending per capita of €1600 - Geographic markets: Europe and USA - Influenced by social networks who leverage new technologies and tablets - High loyalty and advocacy, from renown brands to niches with low price sensitivity Tailoritaly offers updated and more engaging digital experience to better fulfill consumers new desires
  10. 10. Unique selection of Italian fashion SMEs and artisans Worldwide Customers - Personalization - Affordable luxury - Shorter value chain: cost reduction by 60% Buisness Model
  11. 11. Market Players
  12. 12. USP - Wide customization options - Total look developed based on customer occasion of use - Unique supplier network - Innovative customer experience developed on customer needs - Digital configurator - High quality clothing and accessories at 50% lower price
  13. 13. Final Price 79 Euro Raw material cost 9 Euro Production cost 30 Euro Logistic cost 10 Euro GROSS MARGIN 60% Revenue model - Tshirt example GROSS TARGET MARGIN 57%
  14. 14. SEO SEM CRM Retargeting Pop-up stores Events with Kinect Partnership Press Web Influencer Designers Capsule Collections Viral Videos ONLINE MARKETING OFFLINE MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA Target KPI CR: 1.5% Average cart-size: € 140 CPV: 0.70€ Marketing strategies
  15. 15. PRESS
  16. 16. € 750 K Orders: 3 K Orders: 20 K € 2 M € 24 M Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 € 300 K Orders: 12K Orders: 60 K € 1.5 M € 8 M Year 1 NOV 2015 Year 2 NOV 2016 Year 3 NOV 2017 Year 4 NOV 2018 Year 5 NOV 2019 Orders: 2 K Orders: 200 K € 27 M Orders: 400 K € 63 M Finalncial Projections
  17. 17. NOW SEEKING € 70 K For marketing & PRODuction Founder Capital € 20k Tim Wcap € 25k Business Angels € 60K Total cash need: € 400k Investment opportunities Total capital raised
  18. 18. Use of Proceeds
  19. 19. raised $9 million Way-out strategy: example: Roi strategy
  20. 20. Founding Team Monica CEO and Founder Fashion Enthusiast BI Manager @ Rocket Internet forthe FashionCompanyThe Iconic (Sydney) BI Manager @ EPIC companies forthe Fashion venture DEPARTMENT47 (Berlin) MSc in International Management @ Bocconi University (Milan)
  21. 21. Founding team Vito Junior Graphic Designer + 5 years advertising experience Art Director at Leagas Delaney (Milan), Sapient Nitro (London) Luca CTO Client Development Manager @ Netsystem S.p.A. - Milan Project Manager @ Gnucoop ( Software Agency ) MScinEngineeringofComputerSystem@Politecnico-Milan Francesco Project Manager Engineering of Computer System degree next to be achieved @Politecnico - Milan Web Developer, Informatic consultant Giuseppe Art Director 5 years experience as photographer and visual designer in the fashion sector Styling and production assistant for fashion magazine’s shooting Creative director in interior design and fashion sector
  22. 22. Advisory Team Expert in M&A, Capital Market, Debt Restructuring and Innovation Mininig MSc in Economics @ Sorbonne MSc in Game Theory @ Stanford LLM @Edinburgh University Francesco Magagnini Legal & Corporate advisor
  23. 23. - Beta version of the website: the first range of products on the platform is going to test UI and UX (A-B testing on personalisation) - Presentation of the first A/W women capsule collection: 3 complete outfits, for a total of 20 customizable products - Agreement signed with 2 fashion districts (one in Tuscany and one in Puglia), specialized in high quality women apparel - Team Development: need for a COO to manage the overall production process - The A/W women capsule collection ready to be uploaded on Tailoritaly - Growth hacking social media campaign (i.e. display and press advertising, viral videos and partnerships with web influencers) - Development of a customer database through special welcome gifts as coupons and discounts - Tailoritaly goes public - First marketing test towards northern Europe countries - Enlargement of Tailoritaly suppliers’ network - Marketing activities redirected towards Northern European countries - Budget allocation: 40% affiliate marketing, 30% SEM, 20% social media campaigns, 10% pop-up shops MAY ’15 JULY ‘15 Sept - Dec ‘15 Short term milestones
  24. 24. - Leverage of the Italian quality and uniqueness supplier network to expand sales into new geographic market as the USA, Asia and Arab countries - Leverage of Tailoritaly assets, like SMEs network and web platform, to open to new product categories where the personalization trend is growing. Long term milestones