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Back to school favorites


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English for kids

Published in: Education
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Back to school favorites

  1. 1. BACK TO SCHOOL FAVORITES Store: Ruth S - ©RuthS.2013 GRADES 3 and up
  2. 2. ! BOOK TELEVISION SHOWTOY ICE CREAM FLAVOR SPORTSUBJECT RESTAURANTRELATIVEWILD ANIMAL Name ___________________________ Store: Ruth S - copyright©RuthS.2013
  3. 3. BREAKFAST HOBBY FOOD SEASONCARBIKE FRIENDVACATIONFAMILY ACTIVITY Name ___________________________ ! Store: Ruth S - copyright©RuthS.2013
  4. 4. RAINY DAY ACTIVITY COMPUTER SONG MOVIE AGE DOG SNEAKERS CEREALCLOTHING Name ___________________________ ! Store: Ruth S - copyright©RuthS.2013
  5. 5. ! Select six of your favorites and think of two adjectives that describe them. 1. Favorite _________________ Adjective ______________ Adjective ______________ 2. Favorite _________________ Adjective ______________ Adjective ______________ 3. Favorite _________________ Adjective ______________ Adjective ______________ 4. Favorite _________________ Adjective ______________ Adjective ______________ 5. Favorite _________________ Adjective ______________ Adjective ______________ 6. Favorite _________________ Adjective ______________ Adjective ______________ Select four more favorites and write them in sentences. 1. __________________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________________________________ Draw a picture of the favorite you like the most. Store: Ruth S - copyright©RuthS.2013 Name ___________________________
  6. 6. SUGGESTIONS This is a great back to school first day activity. It gives shy children the opportunity to write or draw their “favorites” instead of speaking in front of the whole group. It gives the artistically inclined an opportunity to show off their talent. Frames can be shaded in different colors using colored pencils. Crayons can be used but pencils are better. Favorites can be drawn in the little thumbnail frames or words can be written within the frames. If words are written, they should fill up the entire box so they’re big enough to see. Kids like to draw “bubble” letters which then can be shaded in. If you decide to display the favorite sheets, you might want to have them first pass their papers around the room so everyone has a chance to see their new classmates’ favorites. When they’re finished, you can also tally the favorites. Ask how many have chocolate as their favorite ice cream. Count the number and write it on the board next to chocolate. Do this with the other categories to see which ones have more “votes”. ADJECTIVES Younger children may need assistance when they do the adjectives part. Have them describe a puppy or kitten and point out that words like fluffy and cute are adjectives that desribe a puppy or kitten. The page can be used as an assessment with older children, to see if they understand what an adjective is. Hsve fun! Ruth Store: Ruth S - copyright©RuthS.2013
  7. 7. The little “allien” is my original art work. Many thanks to Laura of MyCuteGrapics for the frames I used in this packet1 Clip Art - Backgrounds - Clip Art Frames Thank you for downloading my Back to School Favorites! See more at my store and follow me so you can learn about new lessons I post :) Store: Ruth S - See more by clicking on some of my customized categories... COMMON CORE Store: Ruth-S - BOOK PACKETS - READY TO PRINT STUDENT WORKSHEETS IN PACKETS FOR VARIOUS BOOKS Store: Ruth-S - NONFICTION Store: Ruth-S - TASK CARDS/VOCABULARY DETECTIVE CONTESTS Store: Ruth-S - BOOK REPORTS Store: Ruth-S - GRAMMAR Store: Ruth-S - I ALSO HAVE SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE, MATH, BACK TO SCHOOL, BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT, HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES,TEACHER TEMPLATES AND MORE! PLEASE DO NOT COPY ANY OF THE ART WORK TO USE ON WORKSHEETS, BLOGS OR TO SELL INDIVIDUALLY OR WITH CLIP ART PACKAGES. THANKS! THIS PACKET IS TO BE USED WITH THE DOWNLOADER’S CLASS ONLY. IF YOUR FRIENDS OR COWORKERS WOULD LIKE TO SEE MY PRODUCTS, PLEASE GIVE THEM MY TPT STORE ADDRESS. THANK YOU FOR RESPECTING COPYRIGHT LAWS! 2013 All rights reserved. This product is bound by copyright laws. Redistributing, editing, selling, or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the Internet are all strictly prohibited without first gaining permission from the author. This product can be located by doing a Google search if placed on websites without permission from the author. Violations are subject to the penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Please contact the author if you wish