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C:\Documents And Settings\Mrath\My Documents\Action Plan


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C:\Documents And Settings\Mrath\My Documents\Action Plan

  1. 1. Action Plan – Monica A. Rath Question: How can I build an effective school community at the high school level to improve student academic success, enhance school quality, and support community development? School Vision: Wharton High School will actively solicit and welcome parental participation and advocacy in all aspects of the educational process. Goal: Improve parental involvement through improving communication efforts of teachers, increasing parent helpers on campus, and implementing parents to campus committees.
  2. 2. Revisions Responsibility Benchmarks to PIP Resources/Research to Address Time and/or based on Outcomes Activities Tools Needed Activities Line Assessments monitoring & assessments Identify and Obtain Research based created Campus Principal August 2010 None None initiate action information survey for all stakeholders that from parents SBDMC establishes (involved positive and M. Rath school/parent uninvolved) partnerships and parent including organizations removing regarding the barriers to current and effective future state of Parent parent Involvement involvement including perceived problems and needs through a needs survey Share the Explain the Library M. Rath August 2010 None Goals and goal, need for objectives objectives and parental PowerPoint presentation, subject to survey results involvement computer, projector, change with campus using the handout of PowerPoint depending on personnel results from presentation for note campus about the survey taking personnel integrating during an in- views. parental service prior to Snacks involvement the first week of school Explain data Provide survey Library Campus Principal August 2010 Check for None from NCLB results and understanding of and AEIS research from PowerPoint presentation, M. Rath data presented Report and articles computer, projector, from AEIS and how it affects supporting handout of PowerPoint NCLB mandates decisions parental presentation for note made about involvement, taking parental NCLB Researched articles involvement mandates, and on campus. data showing NCLB Mandates how parental involvement AEIS Report increases student Pencils, pens achievement Snacks Provide Campus Campus Improvement Campus Principal August 2010 Check for None opportunity personnel will Plan (CIP) understanding of for campus have ample Campus Personnel data presented personnel to time to Action Template from AEIS and collaborate develop goals CIP and discuss and objectives Paper, pencils, pens parental for campus