The Industrial and Digital Revolution Essay


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This is an essay about the Digital and Industrial Revolution.

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The Industrial and Digital Revolution Essay

  1. 1. Mong Lau The Industrial and Digital Revolution The Effects on Which Revolution Had the Biggest Impact The task is to create an essay comparing and contrasting the industrial revolution and thedigital revolution. By comparing and contrasting, this will be able to help me determine whichrevolution would have the biggest impact between them. What is the Industrial Revolution? The Industrial revolution occurred during 1760 – 1840-60.It is a fundamental change in the way goods were produced from human labor to machinery. Itstarted in Britain and soon expanded to Western Europe and the United States. This developmentincluded changes from hand productions methods to chemical productions including steam powerand water efficiency. What is the Digital Revolution? The Digital Revolution also sometimes referred as the thirdindustrial revolution is the development of electronic technology to digital technology. It started in1980 and continues to this very day. Similarities and Differences? Some basic similarities are that they both had inventions whichmade people’s lives easier. A difference between them was the time period that they started in. TheIndustrial Revolution started in 1760. The Digital Revolution started in 1980. By knowing the following information above, I will be able to prove and come to aconclusion on which Revolution has the biggest impact than the other and how? Maybe you will alsofeel the same way I would later on in this essay. The Industrial Revolution had a very huge impact on the society. The Industrial Revolutionaffected the society in many ways. It had negative impacts but positive impacts as well. Indenturedlabor started to grow and replace slavery, the owners would start paying for foods on their trip andtheir housing and supplies while in return for labor. Life changing inventions such as the steamengine starting to be developed more. People moved from rural areas to cities so they could work.
  2. 2. Mong Lau The Industrial and Digital RevolutionWomen were asked to work because they were willing to do it for a lower wage, whilst other wasnot. It also affected the society by creating more products cheaper; the lower classes had moreaccess to goods and things they never had before. For example, it really helped the gun ownersbecause guns were able to be made from interchangeable parts. We did not need any moregunsmiths because we were able to buy parts and fix our own guns. This was a great deal for gunowners but not so much for gunsmiths. As you can see, with all these facts and information about Industrial Revolution, you willhave an immediate idea of what the Industrial Revolution is mainly about, it could give you someidea and thoughts on which Revolution is starting to have a bigger impact on. One of the area which has impacted the Digital Revolution would be the Technology area.When you think about digital revolution, first thing that comes to mind would be technology orcomputer or internet. But beyond that, there is much more that you did not know about it. Thedigital revolution also impacted the media and we have science to thank for this. In order to knowhow much the Digital Revolution impacted our lives and other people’s lives, simply think about thetechnology back then and how it was used and now look at the technology around you and how it isbeing used today. It’s very simple, what you have now did not exist or has not existed yet back then. How did all this happen? It is because of the Industrial Revolution. People developed newthings and by that, the result turned out to be good therefore they developed it even more and nowwe have the most reliable resources which we use in our daily lives. After one product was created,people thought it was a good invention so the inventor decided to create more products of the samething until one day it was getting old, so they decided to make a new generation of it. A perfectexample would be the iPhone. We now have five different generations of the iPhone and it is only2013. What happens when it is 2020?
  3. 3. Mong Lau The Industrial and Digital Revolution Now that you have an idea of what how Digital Revolution started and what DigitalRevolution is, you cans start to understand how these two revolutions are connected but if not, I willbe talking about the similarities and differences next therefore you can have a better understanding. The Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution have a lot in common, yet there aredifferences as well. Starting with differences, the Digital revolution started in 1980 and has not endyet. Meanwhile the Industrial revolution started from 1760 – 1820-40. It started in Britain. TheDigital was mainly on technology and how it had developed over the years until now. The Industrialwas about everything, transportation, communication, working styles (assembly lines), inventionsand etc. Moving onto similarities, the Industrial Revolution invented things to help make people’slives easier such as factories, machines and more. The Digital Revolution also invented things to helpmake people’s lives easier such as the e-mail, computer and more. All these inventions helpedpeople and each other in a different way. Not only were things invented but it helped the people who were using the inventions. Ithelped people that worked in factories because for example, the assembly line was createdtherefore work was brought to the worker. Now you have iPhones, you can access the internet onyour phone; you would not have to go to a computer to do so. The Industrial Revolution had a much bigger impact than the Digital Revolution. The digitalwould not have started without the Industrial Revolution. The Digital Revolution is also called theThird Industrial Revolution, which would mean it came after the Industrial Revolution. The IndustrialRevolution started everything, it developed transportation by changing ships from wood to steel, itdeveloped communication by inventing the telephone for people to hear human speech acrosscontinents, and it had radio so you could have messages sent across the world.
  4. 4. Mong Lau The Industrial and Digital Revolution Having the Industrial Revolution developing the communication area brings me to my nextpoint. Communication would and could not have been what it is today. We need technology in orderto have communication. Right now, everyone sends e-mails each other by the internet. If not e-mails,they would send text messages or have phone calls; hardly anyone still sends mail to each other bythe post office. They figure if they have access to internet, why would they need to go all the way tothe post office and send an envelope containing a piece of paper? It is because of things like this, wesometimes forget how this all started, we are too distracted by our surroundings; therefore weforget what made this all start. It is good in a way because it is very simple and easy, but on theother hand, we will get distracted. Yes, the Industrial Revolution has a bigger impact than the Digital Revolution but that doesnot mean that one is better or more advance than the other. It only means that there is anotherrevolution which is worth paying attention too as it grows and develops even further. Without theserevolutions, we would not be where and who we are today. It will not be easy for revolutions todevelop quickly as it already has but with help and time, it is to be of better quality in the upcomingyears. The main thing is to not forget whatever happened before our generation. When we use atechnology or equipment, it would be nice to take a second to think how and why was this invented?If so, who invented it?Bibliography"Akaris Blog." How Is the Industrial Revolution Similar to the Digital Revolution of the 21st Century?What Do You Think the next Revolution Will Be and Why? N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013."The Industrial Revolution: Past and Future - The Region - Publications & Papers | The FederalReserve Bank of Minneapolis." The Industrial Revolution: Past and Future - The Region - Publications& Papers | The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013."Digital Revolution." Techopedias.N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013."Industrial Revolution." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 25 Feb. 2013. Web. 26 Feb. 2013.
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