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Published in: Economy & Finance
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  1. 1. THE BEST WAY TO GET PAIDHi,This FREE REPORT has been written to be very brief and straight to the point. It covers on theeasiest form of payment solutions for all forms of businesses either as an author/writer or anyother form that requires you to receive money online.We authors have had it challenging receiving our royalties for our book sales and otherprojects.Problems such as delay in check being sent or check missing in action is no more news as itis a regular occurrence.Bob had a check of $13,700 he had been expecting all the while only to be told it had been sentto his address.On further follow up, it was discovered that the check actually was sent but did not reach him.MISSING IN ACTION.For international publishers facing this kind of problem, this is because there is only a positionfrom the salesplatforms to pay directly to bank account holders in the U.S or send a payment by check tocountries outside the U.SHowever there is a way through which we can cash in our royalties and withdraw our moneyinstantly through a master card fromany bank ATM worldwide.
  2. 2. This is what I use and the over 300 people who have written me to thank me on this report,that they are now receiving payments as easy as the U.S authors.No need for too long a story, let us go to the simple step by step approach to doing this rightnow.1. You will have to apply for the master card which looks like every other kind of bank card.2. Once they send the card to your address, you will have to activate it as you will be instructedwith guidelines by the providing company.3. Thereafter, write a letter through their support center on their website, that you need a U.Sbank account; this is called a virtual U.S bank accountbecause you are not a U.S citizen or resident.Note: You are considered to be given this bank account because you already applied and havetheir Master card with you.In about 5 working days the U.S bank account will be issued to you with which you can onlyreceive funds.Also note that before this is issued, you will be required for security reasons to forward throughemail an I.D and a screenshot of your royalty payment page to their email support.4. Once this is issued, inform your sales platform point e.g or any other to proceedpayments into the U.S new bank account number issued to you.Once there is a payment to that account, you will be notified and you can then transfer to loadthe amount into your Master card and instantly you can
  3. 3. proceed to any bank ATM to make withdrawal in your countrys local currency in its dollarequivalence.The company is well known, verified and secure. It is called Payoneer.To start receiving your monies today, go on by registering and signing up for totally FREEthrough Money can be funded and loaded unto your CARD and U.S account from every otherlegitimate sources also.If you find this report useful, please share it with others.Warmest regardsRev. BrianTo Your Success